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We become what we think about. –Earl Nightingale

Dr. Manavpreet Kaur
Dr. Manavpreet Kaur

About me

Hi! I am Manavpreet Kaur from Punjab, India. I am a Ph.D., PDF in Forensic Science. My academic specializations are- Forensic Anthropology, Forensic Biology, Forensic Medicine with specialization in Facial identification. My areas of interest are Human rights, global DE&I policies and access to knowledge. I am a free knowledge enthusiast and I believe education is for enlightenment. I design and facilitate programs to build stronger communities and my focus is more on bringing women in leadership roles.

Newspaper Articles and Blogs

Programs Organized/Co-Organized:WikiWomenCamp 2023, WikiConference India 2016, Wiki Women for Women Wellbeing 2018, TWLCon (2019 India), Wiki4Women edit-a-thon at UNESCO, New Delhi, Women TTT 2019, Starting a Wiki Club,Mini TTT Punjab 2019, Health Awareness Activity


Web Session: Women in the Wikimedia movement: #BalanceForBetter, WikiAfrica Hour #28: The state of diversity, equity & inclusion, Episode #34: Celebrate WikiWomen!

Panel: NGI4EU Panel January 2024, UN-CSW68 Side event: Panel on DPI- A tool for Gender equality

Blogs: Diff Blogs

My work

In addition to my contributions in content creation, I've had the privilege of conducting workshops, trainings, and strategic discussions across India, where I introduced new editors to the realms of Hindi and Punjabi Wikipedia, fostering growth and diversity.

I am a South Asia representative on the Movement Charter Drafting Committee. This is a significant milestone in my journey within the Wikimedia movement and a responsibility I hold with great honor and dedication.

As an MCDC member, I'm part of a team entrusted with the vital task of shaping the future of the Wikimedia movement through the drafting of a comprehensive Movement Charter. This Charter will serve as a guiding document, reflecting the collective aspirations, values, and principles of Wikimedia communities worldwide.

I was also a Co-Lead for the Wiki Women Camp 2023, a platform dedicated to plan the necessary actions and support required to expand the ongoing initiatives for empowering women editors. As a leader and organizer, I facilitated designing the program and sessions aimed at amplifying the voices of women within Wikimedia.

My commitment extends globally, as I co-founded the steering committee for the advancement of the Wiki Women Camp Declaration. Together, we work towards fostering gender equity and inclusion throughout the Wikimedia movement.

Currently, I am excited to be involved in shaping the Wiki Women Summit 2024, collaborating with fellow Wikimedians to design an impactful event that celebrates and elevates the contributions of women editors worldwide.

Contact me

Manavpreet Kaur at the Closing Ceremony of Wiki Conference India 2016
Affiliations Committee members at Wikimania 2019
MCDC in Berlin
MCDC members in NY
WikiWomen Camp session at Wikimania
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