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Grants Stuff[edit]

Preloaded pages[edit]

These generate the probox and headers needed in a manner that does not require FormWizard (which would not work if javascript is disabled), but instead uses a preload Template with all the structure already laid out. Instructions are provided through comments: <!-- -->.

IdeaLab / Inspire[edit]

Rapid Grants[edit]

Project Grants[edit]

Conference Grants[edit]

Ye Olde Grants[edit]

Configuration pages[edit]

Config files define the kinds of input FormWizard requests when someone creates a proposal or expands it into one from IdeaLab. These are written in en:JSON. Translation tags are also permitted, and due to a bug, config files must be marked for translation in order to function. Edits will only result in changes when the page is marked for translation by an admin or translation admin. These pages (and new translations in general) are updated by User:FuzzyBot.

Meta:FormWizard/Config/IdeaLab_profile - Meta:FormWizard profile-creation config (not currently in use)
Meta:FormWizard/Config/IdeaLab - Meta:FormWizard idea-creation config for standard idealab submissions.
Meta:FormWizard/Config/Inspire - idea-creation config for Inspire Campaigns.
Meta:FormWizard/Config/IEG - IEG config
Meta:FormWizard/Config/PEG - PEG config
Meta:FormWizard/Config/Rapid - Rapid Grants config
Meta:FormWizard/Config/Project - Project Grants config
Meta:FormWizard/Config/Conference - Conference & Event Grants config

Probox Modules[edit]

Module pages correspond to the Probox parameters included for a given page for a grant proposal, an idea coming from IdeaLab, or an Inspire Campaign. Proboxes provide a summary of what the proposal is about and who is involved with it.

IdeaLab / Inspire[edit]

Module:Probox/Idealab - Module for general ideas in IdeaLab.
Module:Probox/Inspire - First Inspire Campaign Meta:Probox
Module:Probox/Inspire Campaign - Second Inspire Campaign
Module:Probox/Inspire Campaign/Addressing harassment - Third Inspire Campaign; will use this naming system to organize Proboxes by theme.
Module:Probox/Inspire Campaign/Knowledge networks - Fourth Inspire Campaign
Module:Probox/Inspire Campaign/New readers - Fifth Inspire Campaign
Module:Probox/Inspire Campaign/Measuring community health - Sixth Inspire Campaign

Current Grants[edit]

Module:Probox/Rapid - Rapid Grant proposals
Module:Probox/Project - Project Grant proposals
Module:Probox/Conference - Conference Grant proposals
Module:Probox/Flash - Flash Funding proposals

Ye Olde Grants[edit]

Module:Probox/IEG - Individual Engagement Grant proposals
Module:Probox/PEG - Project & Event Grant proposals

Translatable Content Template pages[edit]

These are centralized pages that have phrases or words that are commonly used across grant pages, so that the same stuff doesn't need to be translated across several pages.. Folks who have set a default non-English language in their settings will automatically be shown the appropriate language content for these materials, assuming they are translated.

IdeaLab / Inspire[edit]

Grants:IdeaLab/Content - lots of interface text for the IdeaLab and its various templates
Template:Probox/Inspire/Content - interface text for Inspire probox
Template:Probox/Idealab/Content - interface text for IdeaLab probox

Current Grants[edit]

Template:Probox/Rapid/Content - interface text for Rapid Grants probox
Template:Probox/Project/Content - interface text for Project Grants probox
Template:Probox/Conference/Content - interface text for Conference Grants probox
Template:Probox/Flash/Content - interface text for Flash Funding probox

Ye Olde Grants[edit]

Template:Probox/IEG/Content - interface text for IEG probox
Template:Probox/PEG/Content - interface text for PEG probox

Other stuff[edit]



Project Grants - Tabs and Buttons[edit]

Grants Navbar[edit]

These are the templates and pages that feed into the navigation bar shown at the top of the page on most informational pages related to WMF Grants.

Testing stuff[edit]

Files from Inspire[edit]

Drafting Pages to mess with look/feel stuff[edit]

User:I JethroBT_(WMF)/ILCampaign
User:I_JethroBT_(WMF)/ILCampaign-Team match
User:I JethroBT (WMF)/ILCampaign/FAQ

Test Templates for Inspire[edit]

Template:Inspire/Activity/Entry (appears to be nearly the same as above. existing description at Grants:IdeaLab/Build/Inspire_2015: different types of events for Inspire feed

Templated colors available[edit]

These help avoid having to type out a hex codes and such for color parameters.

Other images[edit]

File:NounProject_Leaves.png - Branch/leaves for addressing harassment theme