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Schools & Wikipedia[edit]

Why for Wikipedia ?[edit]

Wiki the Government run schools in India[edit]

Barter Learning[edit]

Knowledge is power, find it here[edit]

Reading is the best tool to elevate your life[edit]

African Fashion[edit]

Bring local places, causes, cultures on Wikipedia[edit]

jaysing Rajput[edit]


Youtube channel[edit]

My Idea of promoting Wikipedia to inspire the new users by Kranti Gaurav[edit]

{{IdeaLab/Idea/Summary | time= 18 January 2018 | idea= My Idea of promoting Wikipedia to inspire the new users by Kranti Gaurav | idea link= Grants:IdeaLab/My Idea of promoting Wikipedia to inspire the new users by Kranti Gaurav | summary= There are thousands of ways you can promote your small business. With the right mix of activities, you can identify and focus on the most effective marketing tactics for your small business. Here is a list of 101 small business marketing ideas to get you thinking about all of the different ways you can promote your business.... | creator= User:Krantigaurav | image = [[File:Krantigaurav.jpg }}

Increasing awareness of Wikipedia among students in Punjab[edit]

قترح ان تقوموا بانشاء قناة على تلفاز باسم ويكيبيدياا تضم مجموعة من المواضيع[edit]

FAQ or Q&A section[edit]

The Student Solution[edit]

Wiki Reader[edit]


Wikipedia for My Country[edit]

Wikipedia a los colegios[edit]

Target on the other mediums of marketing[edit]

this app must be cheap&easy for global villages communications[edit]

kurdish day in wikipidia[edit]

More languages[edit]

spreading wikipedia awareness in brazil[edit]

Social Apperance[edit]

Anuncios en las calles: es la única forma de que algunas personas conozcan Wikipedia[edit]

Group projects[edit]

Online Interaction private Chat rooms[edit]

A Wikipedia Language renaissance[edit]

I have a great idea[edit]

i think so it may be because many people in our country dosenot knew about wikipedia[edit]


Inspire the students to contribute[edit]

Consolidating search results when query text is in Khmer[edit]

100 Greatest Series[edit]

Short Movies and Advertisement[edit]

Basic training with games[edit]

Bienvenido a Wikipedia!![edit]

DYK Posters[edit]


Print on paper and distribute on streets[edit]

Permoting to use wikipedia[edit]

The rising of Wikipedia among the Mizo's[edit]

Involve local people for topics related to their country[edit]

Raising Awareness among students of Punjabi literature[edit]

DVD Wikipedia Now[edit]

First, help us to solve the internet problem, not every Chinese has VPN.[edit]

نشر موقع ويكيبيديا على مواقع التواصل الإجتماعي الأكثر شعبية والتعريف بكيفية استخدامها[edit]

portal deny news[edit]

Create a Page to submit literature in local language and promote via Wiki[edit]

location info[edit]

فكرتي هي إخبار متصفحي بلدي أن موقع ويكيبيديا مجانا لدى إحدى شركات الاتصالات[edit]

Wikipedia for the people from the people[edit]

Online Classroom Materials[edit]

Wikipedia on Amazon Kindle[edit]

Share the articles in the social media sites[edit]

Identify yourself[edit]

Put Your Logo in the common places[edit]

Best content[edit]

مسابقة نشر المعرفة[edit]

تطبيق هاتف ذكي يكون مجاني[edit]

Promotion of Wikipedia[edit]

knowledge increaser[edit]


وكيبيديا كأس العالم[edit]

Translate more existing articles[edit]

Rediscover Knowledge with Wikipedia[edit]

Telejornalismo Nacional[edit]

Involve and inspiring with wikipedia local community[edit]


wod highlighter[edit]




Internet free[edit]

Target Young Audience[edit]

ma interactividad vale[edit]

Introduce new perspective of Wikipedia to people[edit]

Wikiship: Partnership Collaboration[edit]

Incentivo da wikipedia nas escolas[edit]

Better Search engine optimization technique for wikipedia.[edit]

ISRO in poetry[edit]

Make Lucrative article.[edit]

Share button on Wikipedia[edit]

Negrão Muzik[edit]

Wikipedia Awareness for Indian netizens[edit]

Wikipedia Outreach (Botswana)[edit]

Give a task[edit]

Partenariats d'échange avec les universités et autres institutions éducative officielles[edit]

Country Specific Historical Data[edit]

إدراج ويكيبيديا في أحتفالات البلد المهمة[edit]

Creating Bak link to Wikipedia article page[edit]

Sumit singh[edit]


Improve the language in writing article[edit]

Sharing Wikipedia documents not just on the browser[edit]

كتابة عناوين تجدب انتباه القارئ[edit]


Wikipedia Entrepreneur's hangout.[edit]


possibility to edit or write an article while using vpn when someone is in a country where wikipedia is blocked, Turkey is one example.[edit]

الي يسأل ميتوهش[edit]

Wikipedia text book[edit]

Visually more Interactive + Youtube Channels[edit]

Textbook Integration[edit]

Sharing and Promoting Wikipedia through Social Media[edit]

please make some advertisement by famous person[edit]

Multi Prong strategy to popularize wiki for new users[edit]

Journey from 0[edit]

Lets create awareness[edit]

Going to places unaware of Wikipedia to use it more often for day-to-day search queries[edit]

Go 'Search'[edit]

form social camp and advertise short videos on wiki utility for children and others[edit]

Divulgar dados curiosos através do Facebook[edit]

learning languages[edit]

First awareness in schools[edit]

publishing and add trust source[edit]

نشر الاعلانات علي الانترنات[edit]

Simplicity & Graphically[edit]


Social media, Campaign and Wikipedia user should talk to Wikipedia other people[edit]

Awareness of AIDS[edit]

Wikipedia in Schools[edit]

Promotion of site in terms of having people promote the site.[edit]

Educar con WikiPodCast[edit]

adveritise in facebook[edit]

Connection beyond gender and age[edit]

Credibilidade comprovada[edit]

Street Signs[edit]

Fun activity in school[edit]


Make Wikipedia more modern[edit]


Wiki India[edit]

Social media and campaigns[edit]

जागो रे[edit]

Expand the touch range and reach[edit]

make artical more user friendly[edit]

Wiki Awareness Campaign[edit]

Get the knowledge here[edit]

Nada que hacer[edit]


Agree with Google[edit]

Internet user Awarness[edit]

Checked and approved articles[edit]

facebook add[edit]

Youtube shoutout[edit]

Debajit Dan[edit]

Go wiki for all your questions[edit]

Social Media[edit]

give them a device and free internet because access to internet is paneer. Vipul Kataria[edit]

Wikipedia para ler off-line[edit]



change the thinking[edit]

Dar diner como youtube por aportar datos nuevos a la enciclopedia y crear perfiles para seguir a los mejores escritores[edit]

Weekly Contest[edit]

Astonished, but true, I rely on wiki, next to none[edit]

Reliable information on All Subjects through IT[edit]

Knowledge source in your hand as per your requirement at anytime , anywhere with free of cost .[edit]

Create a slogan that attracts people to use Wikipedia[edit]

School Projects[edit]

expose facebook[edit]

Reliable information in wikipedia[edit]

Wikipedia with Reference Manager[edit]

Fun Facts[edit]

about Chinese user[edit]

Brand name popularization[edit]

Make WP scientific[edit]

Awareness through Education[edit]

Short Video Advertisements[edit]

smart assistance with video link or video[edit]

Quoting wikipedia in lectures[edit]

"wiki as free knowledge social media network" campaign on other social media platforms[edit]

นายครูกิติศักดิ์ บุญขำ[edit]



Your Choice[edit]

Appealing Format[edit]

wiki bot[edit]

Picture = 1000 words[edit]

Draft Your Parents[edit]


Trustworthy information[edit]

wiki sab jaanta hai.[edit]

Knowledge Capsule[edit]

Wiki activity in schools[edit]


Encourage education website to link Wikipedia[edit]

prestigio universitario[edit]

Mary American Corner is the best place ever[edit]


Go to School[edit]

The old idea[edit]

go wiki you will get lovely[edit]

QR Codes[edit]

Social medias for you[edit]


Context Iniciative[edit]

Compartir un link atractivo dentro de Facebook y otras redes sociales[edit]

Campaign read wikipedia[edit]

Reinspire Umudike[edit]


wikipedia debia ser una campaña mundial donde se invitara al usuario a romper la barrera de la informacion que se nos limita[edit]

Wikipedia Street Take Over[edit]