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This is a list of my pages on Wikimedia sites, based distantly on Kylu's.
Host Wiki User Page • User talk Contribs Permissions
Wikimedia Foundation
Wikimedia Foundation Sjtalk Contribs Editor
Wikimedia Meta-Wiki Sjtalk Contribs Admin, Bur, Steward
Wikimedia Commons Sjtalk Contribs Editor
Wikispecies wikispecies:User:Sjwikispecies:User talk:Sj Contribs Editor
MediaWiki mw:User:Sjmw:User talk:Sj Contribs Editor
Wikimedia Incubator incubator:User:Sjincubator:User talk:Sj Contribs Editor
Wikimedia OTRS wiki Sjtalk Contribs Editor
Wikimania 2005 wm2005:User:Sjwm2005:User talk:Sj Contribs Editor, Admin
Wikimania 2006 wm2006:User:Sjwm2006:User talk:Sj Contribs Admin
Wikimania 2007 wm2007:User:Sjwm2007:User talk:Sj Contribs Editor
Wikimania 2008 wm2008:User:Sjwm2008:User talk:Sj Contribs Editor
Wikimania 2009 wm2009:User:Sjwm2009:User talk:Sj Contribs Editor
English Wikipedia en:User:Sjen:User talk:Sj Contribs Admin
Swahili Wikipedia sw:User:Sjsw:User talk:Sj Contribs Admin
Nahuatl Wikipedia nah:User:Sjnah:User talk:Sj Contribs Admin
Spanish Wikipedia es:Usuario:Sjes:Usuario Discusión:Sj Contribs Editor
French Wikipedia fr:Utilisateur:Sjfr:Discussion Utilisateur:Sj Contribs Editor
Simple English Wikipedia simple:User:Sjsimple:User talk:Sj Contribs Editor
German Wikipedia de:Benutzer:Sjde:Benutzer Diskussion:Sj Contribs Editor
Italian Wikipedia it:Utente:Sjit:Discussioni utente:Sj Contribs Editor
Test Wikipedia testwiki:User:Sjtestwiki:User talk:Sj Contribs Tester
English Wikinews wikinews:User:Sjwikinews:User talk:Sj Contribs Editor, Accredited
English Wiktionary wikt:User:Sjwikt:User talk:Sj Contribs Editor
English Wikiquote wikiquote:User:Sjwikiquote:User talk:Sj Contribs
Spanish Wikiquote q:es:Usuario:Sjq:es:Usuario Discusión:Sj Contribs Editor
French Wikiquote q:fr:Utilisateur:Sjq:fr:Discussion Utilisateur:Sj Contribs Editor
German Wikiquote q:de:Benutzer:Sjq:de:Benutzer Diskussion:Sj Contribs Editor
Old Multilingual Wikisource oldwikisource:User:Sjoldwikisource:User talk:Sj Contribs Editor
English Wikisource wikisource:User:Sjwikisource:User talk:Sj Contribs Editor
English Wikibooks b:User:Sjb:User talk:Sj Contribs Editor
English Wikiversity v:User:Sjv:User talk:Sj Contribs Editor