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Online Activities[edit]

S.No. Particular(s) Date(s) Impact on Act as Affiliate(s) Note(s)
1. Datathon Logo-English.png Data-a-thon 2015 1st April - 30th April 2015 Wikidata coordinator & participant Wikimedians of Nepal
2. विश्वसम्पदाथन लोगो.png Bishwa Sampadathon 15th June - 15th July 2015 Nepali Wikipedia participant Wikimedians of Nepal
3. विकिथन-१.svg Wiki-a-thon 2015 1st Oct. - 19th Nov. 2015 Maithili Wikipedia participant & volunteer
(Organizing Team)
4. Wiki Women-Nepal 2015.png Wiki Women Edit-a-thon Nepal 2016 8th Feb. - 8th March, 2016 Nepali Wikipedia organizer Wikimedians of Nepal
5. महिला सम्पादनथन २०१६ लोगो.png Women Edit-a-thon 2016 2nd Mar. - 8th March, 2016 Maithili Wikipedia lead coordinator MWUG
6. Datathon Logo-English.png Wikiproject Data-a-thon 2016 15th Apr. - 15th May, 2016 Wikidata lead coordinator Wikimedians of Nepal
7. विकिथन-२ final.svg Wiki-a-thon 2016 25th July - 20th Sept. 2016 Maithili Wikipedia volunteer
(Organizing Team)
8. Mission 10 Banner.png Mission 10 1st Dec. - 31st Dec. 2016 Maithili Wikipedia co-organizer MWUG
9. Mahila Sampadanthan 2017-mai.png Women Edit-a-thon 2017 6th - 8th March 2017 Maithili Wikipedia participant MWUG
10. WLE NEPAL logo.png Wiki Loves Earth 2017 in Nepal 1st May - 31st May 2017 Wikimedia Commons social media promoter MWUG
11. MediaWiki logo 2018.svg Mediawiki Awareness and Training in Indic Projects 11th Feb. – 18th Mar. 2018 MediaWiki volunteer & participant
(Resource person)
12. SVG Translation Campaign 2019 in India Final Logo.svg SVG Translation Campaign 2019 in India 21 Feb. - 31 Mar 2019 Wikimedia Commons community organizer Wikimedians of Nepal

Offline Activities[edit]

S.No. Particular(s) Date(s) Location Act as Affiliate(s) Note(s)
1. Maithili Wiki First Anniversary Celebration Cake 11-7-2015 (1).JPG Maithili Wikipedia 1st Anniversary 7th Nov. 2015 Rajbiraj participant MWUG Article by Saptari Jagaran
2. Wikipedia15 Animated Mark - English.gif Wikipedia 15 15th Jan. 2016 Rajbiraj participant MWUG
3. WLE NEPAL logo.png Wiki Loves Earth 2016 in Nepal Felicitation Program 9th July 2016 Masala Cottage, Kathmandu volunteer
(Organizing Team)
4. Wiki conference 2016 logo v2.png WikiConference India 2016 5th, 6th, & 7th Aug. 2016 Chandigarh attendee
(on full scholarship)
5. Wiki Loves Monuments Nepal Logo.png Wiki Loves Monuments 2016 in Janakpur 21st Sept. 2016 Janakpur participant MWUG
6. Logo fourth Wikidata Birthday.png Wikidata's 4th Birthday 1st Nov. 2016 Janakpur lead coordinator MWUG
7. Access To Knowledge, The Centre for Internet Society logo.png Train the Trainer 2018 26th – 28th Jan. 2018 Fortune JP Palace, Mysore attendee
(on full scholarship)
CIS-A2K Report
8. Promotion of Maithili Wikipedia 10 April - 10 July 2018 Rajbiraj, Nepal volunteer MWUG
9. WLE NEPAL logo.png Wiki Loves Earth 2018 in Nepal Felicitation Program 8th Sept. 2018 The Classic Bamboo, Thamel, Kathmandu attendee
(on full scholarship)
10. Maithili Wikipedia Fourth Anniversary Logo.svg Maithili Wikipedia 4th Anniversary 8th Nov. 2018 Rajbiraj, Nepal organizer MWUG Report
11. Wikicamp Nepal 2018 logo v1.0.svg Wikicamp Nepal 2018 22nd, 23rd & 24th Nov. 2018 Lahan, Nepal organizer MWUG & Wikimedians of Nepal Report
12. SVG Translation Workshop 2019 in Nepal Logo.svg SVG Translation Workshop 2019 in Nepal 16 March, 2019 Nepal organizer
13. Wikimedia hackathon mark horizontal.svg Wikimedia Hackathon 2019 17 - 19 May, 2019 Prague, Czech republic scholarship recipient WMCZ

Other Activities[edit]

None currently

Personal challenge(s)[edit]

S.No. Name Date(s) Impact on Report(s)
1. #100wikidays 18 March - 25 June 2017 Maithili Wikipedia #100wikidays Report
2. #7HumanRightsWikiDays 10 - 16 Dec, 2017 Nepali Wikipedia #7HumanRightsWikiDays Report

Other projects[edit]