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Wikidata weekly summary #413

Wikidata weekly summary #414

This Month in Education: April 2020

This Month in Education

Volume 9 • Issue 4 • April 2020


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Wikidata weekly summary #415

This Month in GLAM: April 2020

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  • Brazil report: GLAMce at Museu Paulista: making things machine-readable
  • Czech Republic report: WikiGap 2020 in Czech Republic; International event; support for Wikimedia community; edit-a-thon run with the US embassy and the Swedish Embassy
  • France report: Association des Archivistes Francais; Palladia, a museum collection portal based on Wikimedia resources
  • Indonesia report: Wikisource Competition 2020
  • Ireland report: Hunt Museum image donation; Livesteaming and video demonstrations
  • Italy report: Archivio Ricordi, webinars and videos
  • Kosovo report: One Village, One Article for each village in Albania and Kosovo
  • Netherlands report: Photo collections Afrika-Studiecentrum Leiden; meetup and media donations for Wiki goes Caribbean; first online WikiFriday
  • Sweden report: Skrivstuga (edit-a-thon) online – Wikipedia in libraries
  • Switzerland report: More women on Wikipedia
  • UK report: Japanese silk and Spanish iron
  • USA report: Earth Day
  • Wikidata report: Seven Million People Can't Be Wrong
  • Calendar: May's GLAM events
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Tech News: 2020-20

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Wikidata weekly summary #416

Tech News: 2020-21

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Tech News: 2020-22

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Wikidata weekly summary #417