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WikiAfrica Education/Afrocuration December 2020

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Flyer for AfroCuration December 2020 event, showing brief description and collaborating parties.

Dagbani Wikimedians are collaborating with Moleskine Foundation to gather 50 young people to create articles in Wikipedia relating to the coronavirus pandemic.

AfroCuration events contain moments of creativity, knowledge and activism whilst participants produce knowledge in African languages on the world’s largest online encyclopaedia: Wikipedia.

Event format[edit]

We plan to hold a 5-day editing competition from December 7th to December 11th, with a training event for participants on the Saturday of the weekend beforehand. Participants will be allowed to choose articles. Prize categories are: best quality article and most number of edits. Winners will receive recognition of a dedicated post displaying a short story about them and their achievement across Moleskine Foundation social media channels as part of the global campaign.

Moleskine Foundation agrees to support participants from the Dagbani community with cost of internet connection.


The aim is to gather 50 young people to create 50 articles on Wikipedia relating to the coronavirus pandemic, in at least 3 or more African languages.


  • December 5th Training event, 4-5pm UTC
  • December 7th Launch event, 10-11am UTC
  • December 11th Closing event, 10-11am UTC


The aim is to edit in as many African languages as possible.

Contest Landing page[edit]

Ready to compete? Click here to participate

Dashboard statistics[edit]

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