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Bengali Wikipedia-an introspection about the relationship between Bangladesh and West Bengal, India

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Ananya Mondal User:Atudu [[User:Ananya Mondal User:Atudu|(Link)]]

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Talk (15-20 minutes)

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Bengali Wikipedia (and its other sister projects such as Bengali Wikisource, Bengali Wiktionary) are primarily contributed by the Wikipedians/Wikimedians of two countries- Bangladesh and India (mostly from the state West Bengal). This collaborative Wiki knowledge-building work is being done since 27 January 2004 on the common footing of same mother tongue, irrespective of diverse ethnic and other differences. My paper is regarding quality control method of Bengali Wikipedia (and Bengali Wikimedia projects).

Group photo of Bengali Wikipedia’s 10th anniversary in Kolkata in January 2015 that saw participation of editors from both Bangladesh and India

Till date a large number of articles and its other contributions have been registered in hand in hand basis; still some more refined introspection is essential in this respect with a view to materializing the rest terms development of Bn-Wiki community, steps should be taken to short out strategical methodology for generation of quality articles. These are some of the recent Wiki-events where editors from Bangladesh and India have worked collaboratively for the sake of their language community.

  • Good Article Edit-a-thon, in this 2 month edit-a-thon prevailing English good article were translated into Bengali some of which have been nominated as good Bengali article.
  • Asian Months Edit-a-thon, in this one month edit-a-thon editors were asked to create articles directly related to any Asian country
  • Bangla Wikipedia Photography Contest, this photography contest has contributed photo documentation about historical monuments and heritage sites of Bangladesh and India to Wikimedia Commons.

In the proposed paper I would like to present my studies, views and opinions about-

  • Strategic approach: my opinions about strategies Bengali Wikipedia can follow to improve further
  • Sharing of learnings and best practices: sharing of learning and best practices between the communities

I would also like to discuss my ideas to do effective collaborative works between the two countries in near future keeping our

  • Bengali Wikipedia’s own works and activities,
  • WMF strategic priorities,
  • Wikimedia and free knowledge movements’ vision in mind.


Discussion on local Wiki[edit]

We have discussed this proposal on Bengali Wikipedia’s Village Pump, please see it here.

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