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Panel Session on the state of African language Wikipedia at Wiki Indaba 2019

African Language Wikipedias Working Group is a group of volunteers working on improving and promoting the growth and development of African Language Wikipedias. Members of this group are Africa community leaders and experienced Wikipedians who contribute to one or more African language Wikipedia. This working group is a fall-out of Wiki Indaba 2019 in Abuja, Nigeria.


The group objective includes the following;

  1. Promote African language Wikipedia
  2. Recruitment of volunteer native speakers for African language Wikipedia
  3. Develop strategies to retain and manage existing volunteers
  4. Promote the use of Africa language Wikipedia

General Overview[edit]

The stunted growth of African Language Wikipedias has been a major source of concern for quite a while in the movement. Even though the African Wikimedia Community is steadily expanding, the same can not be said of Wikipedias in African Languages. This is a major problem because a lot of Africans contribute to and read Wikipedia in non-indigenous languages; typically colonial languages.

There was a panel discussion about the state of African language Wikipedia, the challenges and how to mitigate this and promote the use of Wikipedia in African local languages.


If you are interested in African language Wikipedia, please feel free to sign up below

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