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WikiJournal User Group/Meetings/2019-04-29

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WikiJournal User Group
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WikiJournal User Group is a publishing group of open-access, free-to-publish, Wikipedia-integrated academic journals. <seo title=" WJM, WikiJMed, Wiki.J.Med., WikiJMed, Wikiversity Journal User Group, WikiJournal WikiMed, Free to publish, Open access, Open-access, Non-profit, online journal, Public peer review "/>

Minutes originally drafted in Google doc and copied here after 48 hours


Date:  6pm EST 29 April 2019



  • Monthly Newsletter - draft created (Kelee & Gwinyai & Sarah)
    • Newsletter, monthly initially including the summary items from the meeting
    • Draft has nice layout
    • Rotate compilation between Kelee and Gwinyai (to discuss separately)
    • Internal or external?
      • Consensus = External newsletter better
      • Transparency
      • Bringing in project watchers
      • These meeting notes already made public, so confidentiality not an issue
  • Post criteria for PMC and SCOPUS
    • WikiJSci and WikiJMed now eligible. If anyone has anything to suggest/edit the Scopus/PubMed Central applications please do assist. A radical transparent process advocated.
    • Currently drafted for WikiJMed, but easily adapted for WikJSci
    • WikiJSci would be good to apply now (good publication rate)
    • WikiJMed has several articles close to publication so best to wait
  • Statistical review and tweeting
    • Eric Youngstrom volunteers to assist
    • Also suggests he can find colleagues for one-off (specialist peer review)
    • A tweet will still go out.
  • Code of conduct
    • Positive, Negative or Neutral framing
    • If anyone has further changes before going live will be put on-wiki on 1 May.
  • Cochrane update
    • Jack Nunn - joined Cochrane Advocacy group, selected to be strategy liaison for WikiJournal User Group. An opportunity for a formal relationship.
    • Exploring co-publication?
    • Ways of increasing use of Cochrane citation rates on Wiki pages
    • Eric Youngstrom volunteered to assist (“copilot”)
    • Campbell Collaboration previously contacted but email thread fizzled. Jack Nunn agreed to re-start.
  • Social media posting
    • Currently tweets are collaboratively written and edited by soc media team
      • No problems with tweets that have so far been put out so trust soc. media teams to act independently
      • new members maybe run their ideas past experienced member first
    • How to improve collaboration (diffusion of responsibility)?
    • Prev WikiJHum soc media admins (Penny Richards & Jackie Koerner) need to hand over passwords to new WikiJHum volunteers (Jeffrey Keefer, Jack Nunn, Sarah Vital)
    • Need to create new mailing list for soc media teams (Thomas Shafee to create)
  • Wikimedia Strategy 2030
    • Thomas attended Berlin summit (summary)
      • High energy meeting
      • Considerable interest in WikiJournals by user groups and by WMF staff
      • WikiJournals could to becoming important part of strategy over next few decades
    • Jack Nunn is the user group’s Strategy Liaison
      • Will be point of contact with the strategy working groups
      • Contact him with ideas and opinions
      • Others welcome to assist
  • Sister Project application
    • Sounds ambitious but worth doing
    • Would be the first new sister project since WikiData
    • Things to do:
      • Stats to support that project has reached critical contributor mass (authors+reviewers+editors+participants)
      • Do we want to try to purchase wikijournal.org?
      • Many any application proposal updates
      • Send updated proposal around more widely (Wikiprojects? RfC? Mailing lists? Others?)
      • Contact WMF board of trustees
  • Thematic organisation application
    • Requested bylaws updates by Wikimedia foundation ‘Affcom’:
      • Ensure that votes involve widest relevant membership wherever possible
      • Ensure that no single member is crucial to bylaws functioning, or bylaws could become non-functional if participation reduces below quorum threshold.
    • The bylaws should ensure that the organization will be "open" and "democratic" in a broad sense; in other words, the membership of the organization should generally be open to the community, and the leadership of the organization should be elected by and responsible to its members.
      • E.g. current bylaw updates are by editorial board vote
      • Could instead be by authors + reviewers + editorial boards + assoc editors + members with >30 contribs to any WikiJournal space
    • The bylaws should protect against situations when the organization becomes unable to legally function because a specific individual is no longer involved or there are not enough members to meet the requirements for a decision.
      • They suggest quorum = 20 members or 20% of eligible voters, whichever is fewer
      • however we would expect low turnout from e.g. previous peer reviewers, so perhaps 20 members or 20% of editorial board membership, whichever is fewer (also easier to calculate).
  • Template:Article infobox
    • Current Template:Article info is very messy behind the scenes
    • Thomas Shafee commits to work on Template:Article infobox
    • Aim to keep visual elements the same initially, and can discuss visual redesigns later
  • Editors encouraged to invite submissions
    • Especially on topics poorly covered by wikipedia
    • Please contribute to ideas list (either suggesting topics or contact people)
    • How do we typically pitch WikiJournal to academics?
      • Focus on article pageviews via Wikipedia
      • WikiJMed in DOAJ (WikiJSci in consideration)
      • Now applying for SCOPUS and PMC
      • Probably apply to web of science late 2019/2020 to assign impact factor - expected to be high (mainly review articles)
    • We have tracking categories for articles integrated into Wikipedia

Action items[edit]

  • Create fist monthly Newsletter (Kelee & Gwinyai & Sarah)
  • Tweet about research methodology & statistics specialist (Kelee)
  • Act as internal methodology & statistics specialist (Eric)
    • Able to check 1 article per month or invite colleagues to check
  • Set up mailing list for social media teams to coordinate (Thomas)
  • Endorse 2 nominees in ASBS election if possible (Mikael Haggstrom)
  • Draft bylaw edits based on Affcom recommendations (Thomas)
  • Make unified location for all editorial board and associate editor applications (Thomas)
  • Post code of conduct to wiki and email to invite community feedback (Thomas)
  • Push development of the Template:Article infobox (Thomas & Felipe Schenone)
  • Share these minutes to metawiki with any confidential info redacted
    • This Google Doc will be emailed to the boards immediately (Thomas Shafee)
    • Its contents will be posted to a public wiki page after 48 hours to give time for any additional notes to be added, and any private info redacted (Thomas)
  • Organise next meeting - doodle poll share do 4th/5th Poll to decide times for mid-late April (Kelee)