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WikiMiniAtlas na ação
Pirâmides do Egito na modalidade satellite

WikiMiniAtlas é um Javascript plugin para indicar (Erioll world.svg-icon) um worldmap como GoogleMaps: draggable, zoomable, e clickable, geocoded dentro artigos de Wikipédia. O mapa contem as ligações a todas as outras geocoded artigos em Wikipédia e pode ser ampliado para baixo para aproximar a definição de 100m.

Data Sources[edit]

  • The textual labels on the map are generated from a database by de:User:Kolossos filled with data from de:User:Stefan Kühn combining coordinate data from several different language versions.
  • Thumbnails from commons are extracted perioidically from database dumps
  • The default base map is generated from VMAP0 rendered using the Mapnik toolkit. The folowing VMAP0 layers are plotted
    • grounda (landmass)
    • oceansea (ocean)
    • seaicea (shelf ice Wma legend shelfice.png, drift ice)
    • coastl (coastlines)
    • grassa (grassland Wma legend grass.png)
    • treesa (trees )
    • inwatera (lakes Wma legend lake.png)
    • landicea (landice Wma legend landice.png)
    • builtupa (built-up areas (all settlements Wma legend urban.png))
    • watrcrsl (rivers Wma legend river.png, intermittent rivers Wma legend iriver.png)
    • polbndl (country borders Wma legend countryborder.png, regional borders Wma legend regionalborder.png)
    • aquecanl (canals Wma legend canal.png)
    • railrdl (railroads Wma legend rail.png)
    • roadl (roads with median Wma legend median.png, roads without median Wma legend nomedian.png)
  • As a big fan of the NPS I also added all US National Parks and Monuments to the VMAP0 base map (thanks for the freely available Geodata!)
  • The reduced bandwith map (coastline) is based on GSHHS Coastline Data (public domain)
  • The Landsat7, daily aqua, and daily terra satellite modes use data by the National Air and Space Administration