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Wiki Loves Pride/History month

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Started in 1994 in Missouri by high-school history teacher Rodney Wilson [1], LGBT+ history month is now celebrated in many countries and cities around the world. Currently, this month is celebrated in:

This page is to centralize all the initiatives related to LGBT+ history month across the world.


For more information on events in 2023, check here.


Francophone Wikipedia[edit]

Mois de l'histoire LGBTQ+
Mois de l'histoire LGBTQ+

Mois de l'histoire LGBTQ+ 2022 will be held with Mois des fiertés 2022 in June.

Lusophone Wikipedia[edit]

Mais LGBTQIAP+ em Teoria da História na Wiki will be held in June 2022 and is an initiative of wikimedians from Brazil. The purpose of the event is to encourage the editing of marginalized themes in the Theory of History related to the LGBTQIAP+ community, as well as to train researchers and activists for editing in four Wikimedia projects: Wikiquote, Wikipedia, Commons and Wikidata.


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