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Wikicite/grant/Bibliography of post-independence Nigerian newspapers and publishing houses

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Project summary[edit]

Project Name

A 3-day event to create a bibliography for Nigerian Newspapers and its publishing houses since its independence in 1960 on Wikidata and link them with exiting Wikipedia articles to make them available to the public and researchers. s.

Start/End dates
... 20-27 October 2020
Amount requested (and the currency you wish to receive it in)
... USD 2310
Amount requested (in US$ equivalent)

The people[edit]

Contact person name/Wikimedia username
... Olaniyan Olushola/User:Olaniyan Olushola
Contact person e-mail address
... shola(_AT_)wikimedia.org.ng

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Organisation (optional)

If this grant is for an organisation (for example a Wikimedia Affiliate), name it here Wikimedia UserGroup Nigeria ( Wikimedia Nigeria Foundation Inc)

Project participants
Who is working on this project. For each member of the team, please describe any project-related skills, experience, or other background you have that might help contribute to making this idea a success.
  • User:Olaniyan Olushola-
  1. An experienced Wikimedian,
  2. He has participated and co-coordinator all the Wiki Loves contest in Nigeria, Visibility Project-East Africa and served as the Chair Local Organising Committee of Wikiindaba in 2019.
  • User:T Cell- He has participated and co-coordinated many projects in the movement including all the Wiki Loves contest. He is also the Project Manager of WPWP
  • User: Kaizenify: An experience Wikimedian, he is the regional ambassador of #1Lib1ref project in Africa.

The project[edit]


Describe the project or event.

A newspaper is a publication printed on paper and, issued regularly, usually daily or weekly. It serves as a platform for disseminating news, opinion, and current issues. Before the advent of social media, Newspaper served as one of the sources of information in Nigeria. The business started in the 19 century in Nigeria. Most of the media houses at the time focused on promoting religious ethics and correct social vices among community members in the country and were owned by Missionary. Between 1834 and 1937, only three newspapers were in circulation. After the Nigerian independence in 1960 up till now, the number has increased astronomically. As at the last count, there are over 100 newspapers published in the country (online and offline). However, the basic information about all the Newspapers published in the country since independence cannot be easily accessed. So, it’s a big challenge for researchers or users of Wikipedia and its sister project to refer them for their works, and the few available data are scattered across the internet and so make life unbearable for users of this information.


Why is this project needed? What will it solve or improve?


At the moment, only information about contemporary newspapers is available, while the majority of the newspapers established before the emergence of the internet in Nigeria are difficult to be found. Our task is to ensure information about all the published Newspapers in Nigeria since independence in1960 available for public consumption and research purposes.


We understand the difficulties that we might face in gathering data about some of the publishing houses that existed before the advent of the internet in Nigeria. We, therefore, plan to partner with stakeholders in the Media industry in the country to develop a comprehensive bibliography that can be integrated into Wikidata and link them to existing English Wikipedia articles.


Tell us how you'll carry out your project. What will you and other organizers spend your time doing? What will you have done at the end of your project?


  • Create a bibliography on English Wikipedia for all notable publishing houses in Nigeria since independence in 1960
  • Create Wikipedia articles on English Wikipedia for notable publishing houses in Nigeria since independence in 1960 that are not profiled on Wikipedia ( where applicable).
  • Create Wikidata items and link them to existing English Wikipedia articles where applicable.
  • Increase the quality of articles on English Wikipedia with citations by getting journalist and media practitioners to add citation on existing articles

Measures of success[edit]

What are criteria you will define success for your project, and how do you intend to measure for them? What are your targets for these measurements?

  • 25 journalist or Media practitioners will participate in our project
  • At least, Five(5) journalists after the event will continue to contribute to Wikipedia and its sister project
  • We will hold a 2-day training and 1 editathon that will focus on Wikipedia, Wikidata and Commons
  • We will organize an editathon for the use of gathered data on Wikipedia and its sister projects.
  • We will produce at least 100 Wikidata items and link at least 50 Wikidata items to Wikipedia.
  • We will ensure at least 2 months after the event 5 editors has gotten 50 edits each.
  • We will create a bibliography for at least 100 publishing houses in Nigeria since independence in 1960.


Who is your target audience for this project, and how will you ? How will you engage the community you’re aiming to serve at various points during your project?

  1. The target audience is Nigerian journalists and media practitioners.
  2. We plan to engage them by organizing a 3-day event on training and editathon..
  3. We plan to create WhatsApp group that will handle questions and queries that might arise before, during, and after the event.

The Budget[edit]

How you will use the funds you are requesting? List bullet points for each expense. (You can create a table or link to a separate (public) document if needed.

  1. Venue 350
  2. Internet 60
  3. Feeding 1500 ( (20*25)X3)
  4. Publicity and Banner 300
  5. Branded Protective Nose Mask 175 ( 7x25)
  6. Prize USD 250 see details below.
  7. Contingency 100
  8. Total 2735

COVID risk assessment (for in-person events)[edit]

If the project is for an in-person event, you must complete the risk assessment tool and checklist, and provide a link to copies of these documents here. Events must not include any international travel, and must follow all applicable local health guidelines.

Any other things[edit]

Gaps Analysis[edit]

Caption text
S/n Items Unit Sources/Link
1 Wikdata 9 items list of Newspapers published in Nigeria
2 Wikipedia ( category) 37 items Category:newspapers published in Nigeria
3 Internet ( External database) 95 nigeria finder
4 Wikipedia ( Mainpage) 48 List of Newspapers published in Nigeria

Adjusted Schedule Training Schedule[edit]

Caption text
S/n Description Date Remarks
1 Training 16th and 17th March 2021
2 Editathon 18 March The period between the training and the editathon will focus on gathering content for the editathon, and perfecting of knowledge accquired during the training.

Safety and Motivation of participants for quality contribution[edit]

I plan to add some gift items to motivate participants to create quality content during the edithathon. So, i plan to give a voucher gift of USD150 USD for 1st Winner, 1st Runner up USD100, and the 2nd runner up USD50.
To protect the life of the proposed participants during the training, i plan to introduce branded Nose masks for each participant.


Community notification[edit]

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Please provide links below to where relevant communities have been notified of your proposal, and to any other relevant community discussions.

  • ... We have notified the Nigeria Wikimedian community members about the importance of this project through our official mailing list and WhatsApp group for their collaboration and support during and after the training, and they have expressed their willingness to support the initiative.
  • ... We have initiated a discussion on the official platform for Nigerian journalists about relevance and their involvement in the event. Many of them have indicated an interest in participating in the event.


Optional: Community members are encouraged to endorse your proposal and leave a rationale here.


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