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This is a project page for the informal community group that supports Wikimania.

Proposal: organize a standing Wikimania committee, to preserve institutional knowledge about running Wikimanias, help new bid teams get up and running when they start, and run an effective triage after they are done.



Past organizers

  • People to draw on for expertise, insight, and scribbled margin-notes about how to do things better 'next time'.

list yourself if you've worked on Wikimania in the past, and what your areas of expertise are

  • James F. (talk) - Organiser/Assistant 2005-2010. Jury moderator 2007, 2008, 2010. Programme judge 2007, 2008. Scholarships judge 2009. Speaker 2005-2010.
  • Phoebe - 2006 program organizer; helped with programs, scholarships, misc. organization for the following years. Bid jury moderator 2008-2010. Have spoken or otherwise participated in all Wikimanias to date. Gadfly. Documentor of Wikimania. Supporter of events. I can probably answer your questions.
  • Samuel Klein = 2005 program co-organizer, scholarships reviewer. 2006 (Boston) bid lead & co-organizer. Juror 2007-2009. Misc. involvement since 2007; speaker and booth organizer.
  • Cbrown1023 talk - helped out with online planning for Wikimanias 2008, 2009, and 2010, including program committee, website management, and translations.
  • Angela - attendee (05-09, 11), speaker (06,08,09), jury (06-09), program committee (05-08), scholarship committee (09,10, 11)
  • Fuzheado - Attended all Wikimanias. Proceedings editing (2005), organizing and moderation (2006), board Q&A moderator (2006-2009), board-chapter liaison (2007), Wikimania jury (2006-2007), Wikipedia Weekly podcast (2007-present). Presented or led sessions in most years.
  • User:Aphaia
  • User:Austin
  • User:Barcex
  • User:Cathyma
  • User:JeLuF
  • User:KaurJmeb
  • User:Mido
  • User:Moushira
  • User:Notafish
  • User:Patricio.lorente
  • User:R.O.C
  • User:Theodoranian
  • User:Zuirdj
  • User:Juliana
  • Peteforsyth More of a RCC organizer than WM organizer, but I'd imagine some skills transfer =) presented at WM 2010, and have been involved in planning two RCC's and similar events.
  • Kudpung Attended 4 Wikimanias. Scholarships Committee 2013, 2014. WMUK Booth management 2014. Co-organiser of many non-Wiki international academic conferences. Main focus: Communication requirements & Linguistics.
  • Jakob Voß program committee (2005, 2007, and 2008) and one of the first doing Wikipedia research
  • iopensa / Iolanda Pensa, organised Wikimania Esino Lario 2016



List yourself if you're interested in supporting Wikimania planning

Arop Mathew Daniel Country South Sudan

Wikimania Book


A conference book should describe: what does the perfect runup to a conference look like? See: Wikimania/Handbook

Other Projects

  • add your topic here. be bold!
  • A to-do list of ongoing projects related to Wikimania can be found at Wikimania/community/projects
  • discussion: how to best organize the bidding process (rotation, choosing +1 year in advance, etc.).
  • working on better documentation of the wikimania process

Community Calendar


Separate from the implementation calendar, there are community events that tie into Wikimania. This calendar can be used to ensure that the org team and the various chapter, foundation, and community groups that organize themselves around Wikimania, stay in synch with one another.

General information

  • A list of past conferences can be found at Wikimania
  • The current conference (2024) is being organized by the local team that got the bid
  • Links to past bid juries can be found at Wikimania