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WIKIMEDIA ASIA MEETING August 10, 2013 17:45 - 19:10



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  • Tanvir Rahman User:Wikitanvir // Secretary, Wikimedia Bangladesh, Affiliations Committee

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  • First organized by WMHK in 2010
    • Founding members: see the list
    • Discussed in Berlin, and founded in Gda?sk in 2010
  • Page on Meta
  • Nothing has really happened since then


  • Asaf's comments on Wikimedia Asia: Do something !

Francis (HK): Chinese Wikipedia conference [WMHK, WMTW, Chinese Wikipedians?] Josh (PH): Conference is good. But need to set up some goals for the conference. What should we get from the conference? John (AU): Chinese representation should add up Francis (HK): Foundation focused on India, bring users up will be least controversial. Butch (PH): Start from simple thing. I am interest in articles of creating Chinese provinces, or major roads. Make those into different language. Database establishing programs. Craig (AU): Agree. Start from easy tasks, sth. easy and achievable. Then we can tackle something more difficult. Josh (PH): What does we want from this? Francis(:Non political, but easy said then done really. Josh (PH): Agree topics on non-political

What do we want to achieve?[edit]

  • Non-political
  • Shangkuanlc(TW): Cultural heritage (accumulation of free knowledge; WLM/Wiki Loves Art)
    • Asian cultures
  • Best practices for projects
  • Conan (HK): Books of asian countries in public domain into Wikisource. e.g. Vietnamese books into Chinese Wikisource. China & India's books.
    • John (AU): Texts every Wikisource should have
  • Shangkuanlc (TW): Open data in goverment of each countries.
  • Maung (MM): Make it easier to contribute.
  • Ganesh (NE): Tried to contribute an article in the English Wikipedia about a famous but deceased person using old books. [Notability]
  • Vantharith (KH): A central calendar of events (BarCamp, conferences, etc.) and a list of skills
  • Wikipedia Roadshow
    • Technical challenge: difficult to translate into other languages.

Most of Asian countries have their own characters. Sometimes have difficulties: e.g. VisualEditor does not work properly; the PDF book creator does not work properly

    • push foundation to do sth. about this.
      • Jack (SG): VisualEditor is still in Beta. Just a time problem.
        • Craig (AU): Help the foundation about Visual Editor.
        • Conan (HK): translation of VE for zh-hans/jp have been done. Such problems (with relations with compatibility of Asian script fonts) can be overcomed under our solidarity.
        • Francis(HK):We should show solidarity
        • Jack: Francis said "pressure group" with the Foundation. The group can serve as an intermediary in content disputes.
  • Cheol (KR): Rendering; beta testing team for Asian languages
  • Deror (IL): Bug Amir Aharoni (bald guy with a big beard) for interface issues
  • Vishnu (IN): It is important that we first compile a list and do priority grading of the issues. I do not think bugging a single person will help. There are clear steps listed out to resolve bugs on Meta.
  • Tanvir (BD): Contact Tomasz about PDF book creator
  • Vishnu (IN): Is there a link to the filed bug about this issue? Would be useful to have it.

Shangkuanlc (TW): We should broaden the discussion: not just the features, but what functions of Wikipedia can do.

  • We want more users
  • Friendlier environment for editors
  • Training documents (i.e. Education Program)
  • Teahouse
  • Maung (MM): Mobile editing difficult to contribute on Mobile phones.
  • Gawainus (CN): In a Guangzhou meeting only 1 girl showed up (gender gap)

Broad things that we want[edit]

  • Jack (SG): Advocacy, sharing of best practices
  • Chris (ID): Commons (we have been focusing on issues about text)
  • Francis (HK): Wikimedia Asia "website", data/status sheet, Asian advisory board (no competition)
  • Vishnu (IN): What can we do collectively? (government funding, advocacy networks, etc.)
    • Visdaviva:cultural level, educational level...
    • Visdaviva:finances, resources, projects on Wikipedia...that could be multilingual
    • Visdaviva:How to tap into these resources? Rather than technical issues.
  • Asaf: We don't meet between Wikimania and the Wikimedia Conference (Chapter Conference) sharing resources, sharing programs
  • Butch (PH): We have social media
  • Conan (HK): Manpower -> let's start small
  • Eugene (PH): An "Asian" Wikipedia Signpost (newsletter) -> monthly? quarterly?
    • Tanvir: can we sustain this?
  • Asaf: most of us don't share best practices -> we should do common projects (an Asian content exchange program?)

3 items we are going to do in the following 3 months[edit]

  • Content exchange,
    • Randomizer/lottery challenge of certain article.
  • Visual Editor,
    • Cheol(KR): report on asian languages. the testing pool.
    • Tanvir(BD): It's already there. Find the box and the link there.
    • Cherol(KR): Bankpool & test group for visual editor? Spreadsheet for bug input.
    • Craig(AU): Doing the testing with the team.
    • Asaf: People complaing on Wiki needs to be translated for WMF to hear. BugZilla link.
  • Chapter exchange,
    • Asaf wants to see the translation! People only speak in English will help other language to paste.
    • Piotrus(Poland/KR) want to volunteer. Get people onto front page.

Keep in Touch[edit]

Craig (AU): Rename the mailing list to remove the word "chapters"?

    • ??(??):Rename the mailing list / Open the archive but close the mailing list.
  • Francis(HK):Every country a Go To Person

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