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The Wikimedia Asia Project is an effort by chapters in Asia to coordinate in sharing knowledge, pooling resources, hosting events and promoting Wikimedia projects. The project, originally proposed by Wikimedia Hong Kong, was first discussed during the 2010 chapters meeting in Berlin, and established in July 2010 during Wikimania 2010 in Gdańsk.


The following chapters and organizations are currently represented in Wikimedia Asia's mailing list. edit table

Country Chapter/Group Category(*) Founding date Language Contact person Website
Icons-flag-au.png AU Wikimedia Australia C 2008-08-06 English
Icons-flag-bd.png BD Wikimedia Bangladesh AC - Bengali, Bishnupriya Manipuri
Icons-flag-hk.png HK Wikimedia Hong Kong C 2007-07-14 Chinese, English Tango Chan
Icons-flag-id.png ID Wikimedia Indonesia C 2008-09-05 Indonesian
Icons-flag-il.png IL Wikimedia Israel C 2007-07-15 Hebrew
Icons-flag-in.png IN Wikimedia India C 2011-01-03 Indic Languages, English Anirudh Bhati,naveenpf
Icons-flag-jp.png JP Wikimedia Japan PC - Japanese
Icons-flag-jp.png JP-K Wikimedians in Kansai WG - Japanese
Icons-flag-kh.png KH Wikimedia Cambodia WG - Khmer, English វ័ណថារិទ្ធ (Vantharith)
Icons-flag-kr.png KR Wikimedians of Korea WG - Korean, English User:Ryuch
Icons-flag-mo.png MO Wikimedia Macau C 2009-04-09 Chinese
Icons-flag-np.png NP Wikimedia Nepal WG - Nepali, Newari, Bhojpuri, Sanskrit, Pali Ganesh Paudel Wikimedia Nepal
Icons-flag-ph.png PH Wikimedia Philippines C 2010-04-12 English, Filipino Josh Lim, Eugene Villar
Icons-flag-tw.png TW Wikimedia Taiwan C 2007-02-11 Chinese, English Ted Chien
(*) C = chapter; AC = approved chapter; PC = proposed chapter; WG = working group; G = guest

How to join[edit]

All existing and proposed chapters, working groups and aligned organizations in Asia (including the Middle East, the Caucasus and Central Asia) are included as a part of the Wikimedia Asia Project, as well as chapters and groups in Australia and Oceania. No application is required to participate.

Please subscribe to the Asian Chapters mailing list, all the discussion and notification will be sent to the mailing list. The mailing list is not only for internal members.

Using the talk page to communicate with other Asian members is also welcome, but use of the mailing list is preferred for a faster response.

You can check out the full original proposal of Wikimedia Asia Project to get a general idea.

If you have any query about the project, please contact one of the chapter contact-persons in the table above, or any admin of the Wikimedia Asia mailing list: Yuyu, Htchien, Deryck Chan, Aphaia and Sky Harbor.

On-going Projects/Future Plans[edit]

Helping the potentials chapters[edit]

If your country is a part of Asia and your community is going to set up a chapters, our existing Asian chapters and Asian Chapters Committees would like to give you a hand. Join the mailing list and get into contact with the existing chapters in Asia, we'll be happy to share our experience and offer the necessary expertise.

Wikimedia Asia Meeting[edit]

Please see the details here: Asian Chapters Meeting

Wikimania 2013[edit]

Wikimania 2013 was held in Hong Kong. See wm2013: for more details.

Cultural Content Exchange[edit]

The Cultural Content Exchange is a project to encourage translation of articles into as many Asian languages as possible.

Wikimania 2015[edit]

Wikimania 2015 was held in Mexico City. See wm2015: for more details.

Wikipedia Asian Month[edit]


Wikipedia Asian Month is an online Edit-a-thon aimed at enhancing the understanding among Asian Wikipedia communities. The Wikipedia Asian Month plans to take place in November 2015, each of the participating communities will run a local Wikipedia Edit-a-thon on their own language Wikipedias, which promote editors create or improve the Wikipedia content about Asia except their own country. Although this is an Asian Month, the participating community is not limited in Asia.

Activities History[edit]

Asia Meetup, Hong Kong, 2013

September 2007, the idea of a Wikimedia Asia project was first coined and discussed by Anirudh Bhati, Cary Bass, THD and Jeromy Chan.

November 2009, Wikimedia Hong Kong started the discussion of Wikimedia Asia Project through e-mail. After the discussion between most of the Asian chapters, they decided to apply a mailing list to Wikimedia Foundation for Asian Chapters.

December 2009, Wikimedia Foundation approved the mailing list application of Asian chapters.

February 2010, the first draft of Wikimedia Asia Project was published.

April 2010, the first Asian Chapters Meet Up was held in the Chapter Meeting 2010 in Berlin.

July 2010, the panel of Wikimedia Asia and the second Asian Chapters Meet Up were held in Wikimania 2010, Gdańsk.

August 2011, an informal Asian Wikimedians' lunch was held in Wikimania 2011, Haifa.

July 2012, a Wikimedia Asia lunch meetup was held in Wikimania 2012 in Washington DC. During the meetup we celebrated the 500,000th article on the Chinese Wikipedia.

April 2013, an Asian chapters meeting was held at the Wikimedia Chapters Conference 2013, Milan.

August 2013, an Wikimedia Asia meeting was held at Wikimania 2013, Hong Kong.

July 2015, an Wikimedia Asia meetup was held in Wikimania 2015 in Mexico City.


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