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Wikimedians of India technical user group

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Wikimedians of India technical user group


Wikimedians India Technical User Group of wikimedians which work on various Wikimedia projects, Application and Community request. The group is also working with Indic communities to collect their problems/requests and try to fix an issue. Anyone can become a member of this group.


  • Spreading the ideas of Wikimedia projects.
  • Introducing Wikipedia technologies to volunteers/members.
  • Encouraging people to become contributors.
  • Maintaining the community and obtaining more community members.
  • Helping on cooperation with other communities or institutions.
  • Helping to other community if they have any technical problem.

Plans for activities[edit]

  • Conducting Hackathon/Workshops and Meetups.
  • Promotion of Wikimedia projects and Free content in general. To encourage the use of Wikimedia resources in education
  • Organize workshops of Wikimedia technology for a community member/College student.
  • Develop new student technical group.
  • Will organize more outreach program to increase awareness about the Wikimedia technical education.



The main goal of this hackathon is to create awareness about Wikipedia, MediaWiki and Wikidata. In a short span of 9 hours, participants had to develop applications based on Wiki Tools and APIs. In the beginning, participants had an opportunity to interact with Kartik Mistry. There were five different problem statements given to five groups of participants. These problem statements cover various aspects of Wikipedia, MediaWiki and Wikidata, and technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, JQuery.


happened on june 28 2014 at the IIT Bombay in Mumbai. It was a one day, 8-hour event focusing on getting people together to hack on stuff related to all Wikimedia projects.

Please check report : IIT Bombay Hackathon 2015


We have mentioned in our goal that we wanted to involve students in this Hackathon. This helped us to create new volunteers for Wikipedia. These students are now having knowledge of Wikimedia technologies

Please check report : IIT Bombay Hackathon 2016

WikiConference India 2016[edit]

A hackathon is a gathering where programmers collaboratively code in an extreme manner over a short period of time. Hackathons are at least a few days. This coding event happening concurrently with the WikiConference India 2016. We are welcoming all Technical/Programmer participant in a hackathon. The hackathon's 35 participants made substantial progress with the following projects:

  • WikiSpeak with native language (web and Android): Speaking the text of Wikipedia articles
  • Edit Tamil Wiktionary (Android)
  • Audio file upload to Wikidata (Android): Assists users in uploading small files that demonstrate the pronunciation of lexical items
  • A layer that shows local Wikipedia articles on a Google Map
  • Optical character recognition for Hindi and Malayalam
  • Communication platform [WebRTC] (Web Application): Santosh wrote this app himself; hackathon participants used it to communicate
  • Notifications: browser notifications for Wikipedia functions such as recent changes
Please check report : Wikipedia signpost report

Open source contributions[edit]

Firefox OS hackathon[edit]

We have experiences to attend Hackathon, but it was the first time to organize Hackathon at our place. Since the duration of organizing was pretty less, decisions had to be taken quickly and accurately. Soumya and Kaustav, helped me get through all the pre-event activities like Swags Request, Budget Request, etc. Hackathon began with introductory sessions by Frédéric Harper, Sr. Technical Evangelist at Mozilla.

Please check report : Firefox OS hackathon report

Upcoming Meetups[edit]


  • The bylaws of the organisation are available here.

Contact information[edit]

You can connect with us in the talk page of this page, or by email to the sysops at indiatechnicalgroup@gmail.com. We are also active on Twitter and Facebook group and page. During our IRC office hours, you can catch up in the IRC channel #India-Technical-Group.

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