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Wikimedia CEE Hub/Internal Governance

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Regional hub covering Central and Eastern Europe

Organisational chart CEE Hub

The Internal Governance explains the roles within the CEE Hub and what kind of obligations the hub has towards the CEE communities. This is by no means a final version, but should be used as the document on which further discussions about the various relationships within the CEE region are based.

This document was largely based on the Geschäftsordnung (internal regulations) written by User:Claudia.Garad and others, so thanks for the work that was a precursor to this document.

Steering Committee (SC)[edit]

The Steering Committee is the equivalent to the board of an organisation, but since the CEE Hub is not incorporated it does not have the same legal status as a board.

Tasks of the Steering Committee (SC)[edit]

  • The SC votes on decisions pertaining to the hub
  • The SC proposes the strategic direction of the CEE Hub at the annual CEE Meeting, which is then agreed upon by the community representatives
  • The SC works on the yearly hub budget together with the Coordinator and acts as the body responsible for monitoring and ensuring that the yearly goals of the hub are reached
  • The SC approves all payments above 5000 PLN (approximately 1,100.00 Euro)
  • The SC designates in its midst members who are responsible for financial oversight of the Hub’s operations. The committee members responsible for financial controlling are granted read access to the bank accounts held by the fiscal sponsor
  • The SC signs off on Annual Financial reports, which are finalised together with the Coordinator
  • The SC is responsible for comparing and adjusting ongoing budget expenditures and allocations at least twice a year, in partnership with the Coordinator
  • The SC is responsible for communicating the progress and current situation of the hub to the communities and individual members in regular intervals
  • The SC is in charge of hiring and defining the competencies of the Coordinator and other staff within the hub
    • The legal aspects of HR concerning staff lie with the fiscal sponsor or the Wikimedia affiliate that hired the staff in question
    • Any other HR aspects concerning the position of Coordinator pertaining to logistics or planning lie with at least one SC member designated by the SC and accepted by the Coordinator
  • The SC can delegate its duties to the Coordinator or other staff members as long as the fulfilment of the SC’s responsibilities can be guaranteed
  • The SC aims to meet for a longer, strategy-focused session at least twice a year (those meetings also include the Coordinator) in order to guarantee the functioning of the committee and to guarantee close collaboration with the Coordinator
  • The SC represents the hub and coordinates the internal and external communication strategy together with the Coordinator
    • When representing the SC the interests of the hub and its communities should take precedence over other possible interests of a committee member and/or their affiliation
  • The SC decides who the fiscal sponsor for the CEE Hub project is

CEE Hub Regional Coordinator[edit]

The Coordinator runs the operative side of the hub and ensures the achievement of the goals set out in accordance with the SC. The Coordinator sets the priorities for achieving these goals.

Tasks of the Coordinator[edit]

  • The Coordinator coordinates and executes the implementation of the strategy
  • At least twice a year the Coordinator provides the SC with a complete overview of the current financial and operative situation
  • At least twice a year, the Coordinator provides a projection of the expected results at the end of the financial year
  • The coordinator approves and conducts payments up to 5000 PLN (approximately 1,100.00 Euro) as long as it is in alignment with the stated yearly goals and fits within the approved budget
  • The Coordinator is responsible for due diligence checks when conducting payments above 5000 PLN
  • The Coordinator is responsible for the day-to-day accuracy of the budget
  • The Coordinator ensures the legal conduct of the hub in accordance with the fiscal sponsor
  • The Coordinator designs the annual plan based on the strategy set out by the SC
  • The Coordinator is responsible for directing the other staff members and executing the annual plan
  • The legal aspects of HR/contractual relationship concerning staff and contractors lie with the fiscal sponsor or the Wikimedia affiliate that hired the staff in question
  • Any other HR/contractual aspects concerning staff and contractors pertaining to logistics or planning lie with the Coordinator
  • The Coordinator manages staff resources, including assigning staff members to specific projects or tasks
  • The Coordinator is responsible for developing international partnerships and collaborations, including other hub projects
  • The Coordinator is responsible for preparing the annual records and reports them to the SC

Relationship between the Steering Committee (SC) and the Coordinator[edit]

  • The Coordinator reports to the SC in regular intervals as agreed upon by both sides, normally in the form of a short, written, and public summary and online calls
  • The Coordinator prepares the meetings with the SC and contributes to the agenda of the SC meetings
  • The Coordinator supports the SC in its decision-making processes and implements the decisions made by the SC
  • The Coordinator takes part in the SC meetings as a consulting party
  • In the absence of the Coordinator another staff member nominated by the Coordinator can take their place
  • The work of the Coordinator is reviewed annually in a meeting with the committee member designated by the SC and accepted by the Coordinator to manage their HR matters