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Teal organisations[edit]

User:KuboF Hromoslav
Esperanto and Free Knowledge, Leader of the Preparatory Committee
Foreseeing the Future. Same as human societies and consciousness evolve, organisational structures do as well. Teal organisation is a next generation model inspired by developmental psychology with promise for more empowerment and dealing with higher degree of complexity. graves of notable people visualized[edit]

Yarl / Paweł Marynowski
Wikimedia Polska
All Saints' Day is coming, maybe it's a good time to add more information to Wikidata and visualize it via It uses grave photo / coordinates information and display it on the map using SPARQL query.

Selet WikiSchool[edit]

Wikimedia Russia, Wikimedia Languages of Russia Community User Group (format changes before filing application), Tatar language Wikimedia Community User Group (application filed)
Selet WikiSchool - is an activity of Tatar language Wikimedians, organized & run by high school & university students for other youth. It's a mix of a WikiClub and a Wikipedia Education Program, that is advancing with support of the Republic of Tatarstan Selet Youth Educational movement (Selet Clubs network) & Wikimedia Russia.

Lessons from Wikimedian of the Year 2018 announcement[edit]

Wikimedia Russia, Wikimedia Languages of Russia Community User Group (format changes before filing application), Tatar language Wikimedia Community User Group (application filed)
Wikimedian of the Year — is an annual award established in 2011 by Wikipedia's founder Jimmy Wales, traditionally presented at Wikimania to highlight major achievements within the Wikimedia movement. It was very much unexpected and somewhat life-changing experience for me, so I intend to share the milestones of my crisis management and emergency measures to steer related media attention to the benefit of the Wikimedia movement popularity in Russia. Some preliminary materials in English are available from fallout from 2018 Wikimedian of the Year announcement

Wikimedia Conference Russia 2018 Report[edit]

Wikimedia Russia, Wikimedia Languages of Russia Community User Group (format changes before filing application), Tatar language Wikimedia Community User Group (application filed)
Wikimedia Conference Russia 2018 — is the Twelfth Annual International Forum dedicated to developing Wikimedia projects in the languages of Russia, as well as challenges of free knowledge creation and dissemination overall. The event is being organized by «Wikimedia RU» Non-profit Partnership since 2007. Working language of the conference is Russian.

How Our Governance Structres Could and Should Foster Diversity and Inclusion[edit]

Executive Director Wikimedia Österreich
Over the last year WMAT reformed it's governance structures, one main aim was to build a framework that fosters diversity and inclusion. As a result we passed some substantial changes to our bylaws during the last general assembly. These include inclusive, gender-neutral language in the bylaws and a link to our friendly space policy, so these two documents conflict as little as possible.

Become an affiliate[edit]

Afiliations Committee, Treasurer
Need help to become an affiliate? The Affiliations Committee helps Wikimedians from whole world to self-organise into user groups, thematic organisations or chapters and makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees on their recognition by the Wikimedia Foundation. Slides.

WikiDonne's engagement in Wikimedia movement[edit]

Affiliate, co-founder
WikiDonne is an User Group recognized on November 7th as Affiliate to the Wikimedia movement. The UG acts almost in Italian Wikimedia projects and in these almost 2 years was engaged with the international community on the front of filling the gender gap and increase the diversity (organizing editathons, contest, collaborations with other groups, participations in campaignes to reduce the gender gap). Slides.

Wiktionary and Lexemes[edit]

WMAT community member
Lexeme lightning talk - CEE Meeting 2018.pdf
Wikidata now allows you to store data about words. Each word in each language can have a Lexeme page on Wikidata. How does this compare to Wiktionary? How can Wiktionary benefit from Lexemes? (This is a shorter session to advertise Wikimedia_CEE_Meeting_2018/Programme/Submission/Lexeme_editing_session)

Improving templates and infoboxes with new methods[edit]

WMAT community member
Lua templates lightning talk - CEE Meeting 2018.pdf
Mediawiki has had the ability to make reusable text blocks that can be used on millions of pages: templates. Since a few years these templates can be filled with information from Wikidata and have become easier to write. We will look at one traditional and one modern example to wake your interest. (This is a shorter session to advertise Wikimedia_CEE_Meeting_2018/Programme/Submission/Create_your_first_Wikidata_Lua_infobox)

Let's Testament[edit]

User:KuboF Hromoslav
Esperanto and Free Knowledge, Leader of the Preparatory Committee
Wikipedia, as a libre education project, can thrive in non-libre world because it stands on the principle of non-copyrightability of idea. But another projects, like Commons and Wikisource, require explicit free license. Experience shows that many people are willing to free their work, but they do not do because of lack of law understanding of both the licenses themself and the process of freeing. So, let's help them by providing an appropriate tool. (session to invite you for feedback and ideas after the session)help

Wikipedia & Education User Group[edit]

User:Dungodung / Filip Maljković
Wikimedia Serbia / Wikipedia & Education User Group
Introducing Wikipedia & Education User Group. It's a new user group related to education in the Wikimedia world. Its aim is to coordinate efforts on a global scale, share information, resources and experiences, advocate for common goals, offer mentorships to communities that need it etc.

Wikimedia Hackathon 2019 in Prague[edit]

Jan Groh
Wikimedia Czech Republic, Board Member & Project Manager
Wikimedia Czech Republic is going to organise a Wikimedia Hackathon. Short invitation to Prague and brief informations what can Hackathon to you and your tech Community.
presentation not free, can't be uploaded to commons :(

Green links in Swedish Wiktionary[edit]

Lars Aronsson, User:LA2
Wikimedia Sverige, volunteer
Showing how easy it is to contribute to Swedish Wiktionary without knowing the Swedish language

Is the CEE Newsletter a dead horse?[edit]

Vassia / Spiritia
Bulgarian Wikipedia / CEE Newsletter Editorial team
Is the CEE Newsletter a dead horse?
  • If yes, the best strategy is to dismount it.
  • If no, what should we do to keep it alive?
Slides (with fairuse)

Call for the Ombuds Commission[edit]

Christel, CSteigenberger (WMF)
Trust&Safety team member, WMF
Do you know the Ombudscommission? Want to be part of it? Please talk to me!

Bashkir Wiki-grandmas promoting own region[edit]

Reverse user gender gap environment on bawiki
Mrs. Zaytuna Nigamatyanova
Wikimedians of Bashkortostan User Group
Bashkortostan 100 marathon

Wikimedia Summit[edit]

Cornelius Kibelka (WMDE) (talk)
Wikimedia Deutschland
The future of the Wikimedia Conference is called Wikimedia Summit (Presentation)