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Wikimedia Chapters Association/Meetings/2013-07/Agenda

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Location and Date[edit]

  1. Saturday, February 16th
  2. Sunday, February 17th
  • If you have any questions about the location or facilities, Richard Nevell would be happy to advise, and will be helping with logistics during the weekend.


Holiday Inn Express "London City" on Old Street, 80 GBP / night incl. VAT and Breakfast

Confirmed attendees / Travel Coordination[edit]

Participant Chapter Travel by / via Arrival Accommodation Departure
Manuel WMAT EasyJet BSL - LGW Fri, 17:15 Holiday Inn Ex. Sun, 17:45
Laurentius WMI Pisa - STN Friday Holiday Inn Ex. Sun, 20:35
Markus WMDE EasyJet MUC - LGW Fri, 18:00 Holiday Inn Ex. Sun, 18:30
WMUK local train Friday, 18:00 - Sun, 18:00
Z. WMNL plane AMS - LCY Fri,~12:00 Tavistock Hotel Sun, 18:05 (Gatwick)
Aegis Maelstrom WMPL Ryanair WAW - STN Fri, noon Holiday Inn Ex. Mon,
Alice Wiegand WMF plane Fri, afternoon Holiday Inn Ex. Sat, 15:30
Deryck Chan WMHK local train from Cambridge Sat - Sat, 17:00
Jan-Bart de Vreede WMF plane - LGW Sat,~10:45 - Sat, 17:00
Nicole Ebber WMDE plane - LGW Fri, 19:10 Holiday Inn Ex. Sun, 18:15
  • For those arriving Friday afternoon - there is desk space and loaner laptops for anyone that wants to find the UK offices and benefit from the wifi access.
  • Free wifi? Buy a coffee at the ShoreDitchGrind, exit 8 at Old Street tube station, handy when heading to/from the Holiday Inn and open until 1am! Map
    • I can also set up my phone as a mobile access point, it is slow but good enough to pick up email. Let me know if you would like it switched on if we are away from the office wifi. (talk)
    • If you are student/academic with Eduroam access, you may be able to get a weak signal to use free wifi from inside the Holiday Inn using the nearby University of Westminster.
  • Saturday 19:00 a table for 7 is booked at Cay Tre, close to the Holiday Inn.
Alternative social spaces
  • The Book Club funky venue to drink or eat, handy from the office, free wifi.
    • An email back from the Book Club says they only have unreserved tables for Saturday, but we should be okay if we set up camp before 6pm as there is normally plenty of space. It's only a short walk from Development House, so we may want to send some advance scouts. (talk)
  • Princess of Shoreditch @76 Paul Street, EC2A 4NE, Website Good choice for a pub near the offices and on the way back to the Holiday Inn.

Virtual attendees[edit]

Thanks for adding your names above. Let's sort out our links for the virtual meeting: --

  1. Please join the meeting on Google Hangout (Sunday)
    I am happy to bring a DV camera with a stand, microphone and speakers with me to handle the virtual meeting. --Manuel Schneider(bla) (+/-) 21:16, 6 February 2013 (UTC)[reply]
  2. We can use the etherpad address used previously to maintain notes live: http://etherpad.wikimedia.org/WCA
  3. A few folks should keep an eye on IRC, some like to use it to ask questions when travelling: #wikimedia-chaptersconnect
Fall-back methods
  1. WMUK has an international free phone telecon line (it costs the chapter to use it), if there is demand, (talk) will contact the UK office to arrange a time slot.
  2. If Google Hangout fails, I suggest we revert to Skype and coordinate by email. If someone taking part has an account for multiple video that could be used, please drop (talk) an email.
    As a matter of fact I just get a free premium account for a month, I will be happy to share it. --Charles Andrès (WMCH) 14:52, 8 February 2013 (UTC)[reply]

Non-council members attending[edit]

The coordination meeting is open, however there are limitations on the room space available. If you intend to physically join the meeting as a non-Council member over the weekend, please add your contact information below to help us avoid logistical problems. Please note the meeting conduct defined below, there may be times when the meeting is in-camera and will be cleared of non-Council Members.

Travel Notes[edit]

  • London's Wikivoyage entry
  • The nearest Tube (metro) station for both venue and the Holiday Inn is Old Street. See link for detailed walking directions from the Tube station, it is less than an easy 2 minute walk.
  • If you are arriving at Heathrow airport, then there are two options:
    1. take the Piccadilly line underground service to King's Cross, where you should change to Northern Line heading south to Old Street
    2. take the Heathrow Link (more expensive than the underground but faster) or the Heathrow Express (even more expensive and even faster) to Paddington, and then the Hammersmith and City line or the Circle line from Paddington to Moorgate. Then change to the Northern Line heading north to Old Street.
  • From Stanstead Airport, trains come to Liverpool Street station which is about 15 minutes walk, or you can take the Circle or Hammersmith & City Lines Westbound from Liverpool Street to Moorgate, and then change on the Northern Line going north to Old Street
  • From Gatwick Airport the trains run to Victoria and to London Bridge/St Pancras. Get a train to London Bridge and the Northern Line from there to Old Street station.


Leading question

This is the question that should lead our discussion:


trying to set a logical order by priorities / natural order

  1. Workshop on Mission and Goals -> Results:
    1. Mission Statement
    2. Set of Goals until 2016
    3. Draft Strategy / Task list
  2. Bylaw Changes / "Board"
  3. Intermediate Budget --Mglaser (talk) 23:07, 24 January 2013 (UTC)[reply]
  4. Standing Orders
  5. Future roles within the WCA
  6. Wikimedia Conference, Milan
  1. SG Recruiting postponed --Manuel Schneider(bla) (+/-) 21:30, 6 February 2013 (UTC)[reply]
  2. Introduction and working plan for the Secretary General postponed --Manuel Schneider(bla) (+/-) 21:30, 6 February 2013 (UTC)[reply]
  3. Recognition by the AffCom --Mglaser (talk) 23:07, 24 January 2013 (UTC) not relevant anymore, at this time, at least for now? --Manuel Schneider(bla) (+/-) 21:30, 6 February 2013 (UTC)[reply]
  4. 'Entities in an international movement', Ziko's presentation with scenario's for the WM movement
  5. WCA and the new affilations


This meeting will default to being an open session and observers are welcome. If a non-Council Member wishes to raise a question or address the Council, then they should do so through the Member representing their home Chapter, or by arrangement through the Chair. As time will be limited, please consider raising any questions in advance of the meeting in order for them to have a higher chance of being accepted for the Agenda. (Hint, we are likely to have a full Agenda, try to get anything of significant concern noted on the agreed Agenda in advance.)

At any point in the meeting a Council Member may request a closed discussion through the Chair and observers will be required to leave and we may mute or close virtual channels at the discretion of the Members present. The Members attending will reach a consensus on whether any minutes of closed discussions should be released publicly or not. Ideally a necessary closed discussion should be planned and indicated as such on the Agenda below.

All draft resolutions for discussion, or a vote, should be through Council Members.


Clustering results during Session 3. This summary will help drive the Sunday workshop.

Theme: Strategy and priority setting

09:30 Arrival, logistics including setting up Google Hangout.
10:00 Start
  • Fae - Council Chair's welcome, update and summary of expectations for the weekend.
  • Agreement on final changes to the day's agenda.
10:30 Session 1
12:30 Break for lunch
  • A selection of sandwiches are being provided courtesy of WMUK
  • A kitchen with coffee, tea, fridge and a microwave is available; a supermarket (open 7pm to midnight all weekend) and cafés are less than a minute's walk away
13:30 Session 2
  • Setting expectations and outcomes for the top priorities
  • Scenarios and timelines
14:50 Break
15:00 Session 3
  • Commitments, actions
  • Community Engagement
16:45 Summary Session
  • Review agenda for Sunday
  • Review actions
  • Other business
17:00 Close
  • Retire to a local pub and agree a venue to meet for dinner, wind-down discussions continue


Top themes.
Breakdown of actions.

Theme: Creating necessary resolutions and standing orders

09:30 Arrivals, logistics
09:45 Start
  • Specific projects which may benefit from WCA support
    • GLAM fellows, Wikimania 2014, Wikimedia LGBT, Chapter sponsored GLAMtoolset project
  • Next steps to demonstrate the value of the umbrella network
12:00 Break for lunch / sandwich run
12:30 Restructuring to deliver the priority tasks
  • Necessary functionaries
  • Committees
  • Beyond Committees
15:40 Review of actions
  • Future meeting schedule
  • Other business
15:55 Council Chair's summary and thanks
16:00 Formal meeting close
  • Informal period for final wind-down discussion and arrangements
16:30 Venue close
  • Retire to a local pub for discussion and bar-food for anyone with later travel arrangements