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Wikimedia Conference 2016/Documentation and Follow-Up

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This page provides an overview of the documentation of all sessions held at the Wikimedia Conference 2016 and lists follow-ups and next steps for the main conference topics.


For each session, you will either find self-explanatory slides or a summary of the session contents. Contributions to the Q&A and discussions have also been summarised and added.

Session notes were mainly taken by volunteers Robin Krahl, WS ReNu, and Martin Rulsch (thank you!) and corrected/improved by Teele Vaalma and Kaya Thompson. The Program and Engagement Coordinator, Cornelius Kibelka, wrote the summaries based on these notes and asked speakers to check, revise, and approve their respective summaries. The “How to move forward” box on the right lists next steps that were announced at the conference as well as a contact person who is championing the topic.

These pages are not meant to be read-only: It’s a wiki, and of course everyone interested is invited to either add to or build upon these information or start a conversation on the talk page. This is a platform for collaboration and continuous engagement. It will be updated regularly, so make sure to add it to your watch lists.

You can always reach out to Cornelius Kibelka if you have questions or feedback.

Session Documentations[edit]

Track 1: How to move forward[edit]

Track 2: Movement Impact[edit]

Track 3: Capacity Building & Learning[edit]

Further sessions[edit]


Please see Wikimedia Conference/Follow-Up.