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Timelapse of part of Saturday's Movement Strategy sessions

Information and preparation[edit]

Strategy Questions word clouds created based on the Registration form answers.

All strategy track participants are encouraged to make themselves familiar with the information on the strategy portal. Before you attend the Berlin conference, please make yourself familiar with the pre-reading material which provides a high-level overview of what we know about the future and about our movement today.

Strategy track objectives[edit]

  • Excite and inspire participants to (1) increase engagement in discussions on movement strategy at and after the conference and (2) enrich the quality of discussion on possibilities for the movement in 2030.
  • Explore possibilities for what the movement could look like in 2030. Encourage organized groups and community to think big and beyond the limitations of where we are today. Disrupt our assumptions about the future and what is possible.
  • Build trust and connection among the participants (and their communities). Enable people to build relationships with each other to foster greater collaboration between various communities and a culture of shared power and acceptance of others.
  • Deliver findings that the core team can use to develop a clear and concise report of the top themes, a deeper understanding of the context and drivers for change.

Invitation Information[edit]

In preparation for a movement strategy conversation in Berlin, we have extended additional invitations to different community groups:

  • Eligible affiliates [1] who would otherwise have only one representative in Berlin
  • Individual community members who come from underrepresented communities and who have demonstrated project or community leadership
  • Community Stewards

For affiliates we have asked those receiving an additional invitation to identify who will participate in the Strategy track and who will participate in the capacity development and movement partnerships tracks in order to ensure participation across tracks. We ask that chapters and allied organizations that will be in attendance also take the opportunity to determine who will be the identified participant to the strategy track vs the other two tracks to ensure adequate participation across tracks.

Importantly, invitations have also been extended to those who have demonstrated community or project leadership and/or domain expertise important to Wikimedia efforts with criteria used to prioritize nominees including that they:

  • represent an important Wikimedia project or stakeholder community
  • will prepare for and are likely to share back in their home wiki or community what they learn
  • have implemented one or more different types of programmatic or engagement leadership in the last 12 months in your community
  • have engaged in learning and/or evaluation practices in order to learn and share about activities and program work.
For non-affiliate, non-program nominations, candidates were to represent:
  • A perspective/context/wiki not otherwise well represented
  • A geography not otherwise well represented
  • An added value to the strategy process and provide meaningful inputs
  • are working to develop and/or lead strategic efforts in their community (e.g., communications, volunteer engagement, skills development for community engagement, community health, program design and evaluation).

During the Strategy track, we will be discussing the future of the movement and the best ways to fulfil our vision: that every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions[edit]

As we have been asked a number of repeated questions already we have put together a basic FAQ to share answers to those common questions:

What if I registered as the representative to the main conference, but I am the selected representative for the strategy track now?[edit]

To change your designated track after you have registered, please let Jaime Anstee know at janstee(_AT_) We will switch this in the system for you.

Will I be able to match my travel and accommodations with the other person attending from my affiliate group?[edit]

We will do our best to accommodate this, but it is not guaranteed. In the strategy registration form, you will have the opportunity to indicate your preferred roommate. Depending on travel booking time and flight available, you may be able to work with the travel team to get booked on the same flights. However, there is no guarantee this will be possible as booking flights has many dependencies.

What if I would like to extend my trip before, or after, the conference travel days for personal vacation?[edit]

If you are planning a stay that extends beyond the conference hotel dates, you may need to book your own travel depending on your travel plans (which you will be reimbursed for).

Before booking your travel, you must contact the travel office at Wikigroup(_AT_) for Benchmark pricing of what portion of your travel will be reimbursed for the conference participation. This MUST be done beforehand in order to process your reimbursement. Note that if you book your own flight but would like to stay at the conference hotels during the 4 conference nights, you will need to contact WMDE (wmcon(_AT_) to confirm arrival and departure dates.

If you choose to book your own hotel and be reimbursed, you will receive up to the Benchmark hotel expense as reimbursement (but not more than you actually paid). The official dates that travel will be covered are Thursday March 30 through Monday April 3, 2017. This includes 4 nights hotel (including Sunday night).

What if I am an invitee for the Strategy Track of the Wikimedia Conference. Can I also participate in the pre-conference?[edit]

The seat in the Learning Days are very limited and nearly at capacity. We do have a waiting list going at this time, if you have a strong interest and would like to be added to the waiting list, please send a message to eval(_AT_) to express your interest and learn more.

Ok, I have registered, what do I do to proceed with steps for acquiring a travel visa?[edit]

Once you have registered, the WMDE organizers will work with you to proceed with your visa needs. For questions about this process, you can message Daniela Gentner at: wmcon(_AT_)

What if I would like to bring someone else with me to Berlin, or an additional representative to the conference?[edit]

Unfortunately, representatives to the conference are strictly by invitation only. No invitees are allowed to bring additional folks to the conference itself, regardless of the source of funding. However, if you simply mean to have someone join you in Berlin, at your own expense, outside of the conference sessions, that may be acceptable depending on room availability, or your booking alternative accommodations. (See above related to personal travel beyond the conference.)


  1. all user groups and chapters up-to-date with their reporting as of December 1, 2017 who were recognized before January 31, 2016