Wikimedia Diversity Conference 2017/Program

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    Starting on Friday 3 November at 16:00 and ending Sunday 5 November at 16:00 are confirmed opening and closing times for the program.

Friday 3 November[edit]

Time Evening Social event at the Royal Armory Museum
16:00-16:30 Meet in lobby for organized city walk (15 minutes) from Sheraton to the Royal Palace.
16:30-21:00 Conference opening

The venue for the opening event is the Royal Armory Museum located in the Royal Palace, a regular host to many Wikipedia events.

Conference registration

Interactive group activity

Introductions from the organizer

Welcome speech by the Museum

From 18.30 buffet dinner is available at 90 SEK per person (the price is subsidized, payment at venue, included in scholarship 3)

Saturday 4 November[edit]

Time Main Hall (Drottningholm Room B)
08:00-09:00 ramlös Registration is open at help desk and the venue is open for participants
09:00-09:15 Welcome address
09:15-09:45 Opening speech (Questions)

by Katherine Maher, ED Wikimedia Foundation
YouTube stream

09:45-10:30 Transfer in activity
10:30-10:55 A friendly space

Inclusive policies

by Venus Lui

group activity


ramlös Fika (Tea and Coffee at Mezzanine Foyer)

11:15-11:45 Gender Diversity Mapping project / presentation

by Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight

introduced by Greta Doçi

Group discussion and Q&A
YouTube stream

Reflections and reactions
12:00-13:30 ramlösGROUP PHOTO

ramlösBuffet lunch (Sheraton Restaurant 360)

13:30-15:35 Wikimedia’s strategic direction: How can we move towards knowledge equity?

Big group dialogue

WikiCafé session starts

Introductions and instructions (by Sara Mörtsell, Nicole Ebber and Jaime Anstee).

This session takes a starting point in the strategic direction and is developed with the Movement strategy team.

15:35-15:55 ramlös Fika (Tea and Coffee at Mezzanine Foyer)
15:55-17:00 Big group dialogue

WikiCafé session continues

Interactive strategic discussions

with all participants

17:00-19:00 Venue open for meetups and discussions
19:30 ramlösConference Dinner at Sheraton (Gripsholm A+B)

Sunday 5 November[edit]

Time Main Hall (Drottningholm Room B)
09:00 Start of Day 2

Summary of day 1

Group activity

09:30-10:30 Lightning talks

Participants present
YouTube stream / Etherpad / Slides

10:30 Hosting inclusive Wikimedia events

by Kalliope Tsouroupidou
YouTube stream / Etherpad

11:10 ramlös Fika and transition (Mezzanine Foyer)
11:30-12:30 Skill sharing sessions
3 parallel sessions
1. Reaching diversity through technology
2. Scaling diversity campaigns and programs
3. Accessing resources to increase diversity
(Drottningholm Room B) (Mälar Room B) (Mälar Room D)
12:30-14:00 ramlösBuffet lunch (Sheraton Restaurant 360)
13:40-14:00 Extra Friendly space
14:00- The Way Forward session

Message summary


Action planning


15:00-15.15 ramlös Fika buffet (Mezzanine Foyer)
16:00 Closing session ends
16:00- 19:00 Venue available for last minute meetups and good byes

16.30-18.00, PokemonGo tour in Gamla stan, hosted by Ture and Bettobaba

After Conference[edit]

After Conference
Evening Local volunteers will advice on how to spend the evening in Stockholm, for those staying around.

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