Wikimedia Diversity Conference 2017/Skill sharing 2

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Skill sharing session 2:


Scaling diversity campaigns and programs[edit]

This session will look at designing a program or campaign with diversity goals in mind. Often in the Wikimedia world, many aspects of diversity can get conflated into a single "gap." Is it content? Is it contributors? The answer is usually both, but that makes it hard to design a program to solve all aspect at once. We will recommend focusing on a primary goal which will impact how you make decisions about implementing your activities. This session will not tell you which goal is most important -- that part is up to you!

Participants will be introduced to putting together a process map to visualize the different aspects of implementing their program or campaign. This will allow them to identify where parts of the process could be improved, where challenges exist, and where tools can help scale. We will give examples of how you can use the Programs and Events Dashboard to help run your program or campaign, and we ask participants to also bring useful tools to share with their colleagues to take back to their communities.

Session overview[edit]

  • Start by identifying your main goal. Is it content? Is it contributors? How will you know if you have been successful?
  • Making a process map. How will you implement your program or campaign based on your main goal?
  • How would you scale this activity x3? What would it take to increase your impact?
  • What tools can help? The Programs and Events Dashboard is a useful tool for running programs and campaigns. What other tools do you use? Do you have a challenge that could be addressed with an existing tool?

This will be a structured 60 minute session. Participants will be asked to fill in a worksheet to answer these prompts based on their experience, and share back with the group.


Interested attendees[edit]

If you are interested in attending this session, please sign below. Please come ready to discuss programs or campaigns you are involved with!

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