Wikimedia European Affiliates Cooperation/European Regional Event March 2022

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Discussing the implementation of the 2030 recommendations

We are planning a fifth Wikimedia European Affiliates Cooperation event which will take place virtually on 24 March 2022, 18:00-21:00 CET. This is a follow-up event of the first four Wikimedia European Affiliates Cooperation Events.

Organizers: Alice Wiegand (WMDE), Jan-Bart de Vreede (WMNL) and Philip Kopetzky (WMAT)


Apart from updates from previously presented initiatives, we would like to specifically invite you to contribute your own agenda items… what do YOU want to discuss? In addition, we will organise a follow up on the European Hub discussion from our last session in November. Since then there has been a meeting and those interested are convening again for a workshop in February. We will spend a part of our meeting bringing everyone up to date with regards to the latest developments.

The topics on the rest of this meeting are still open. Please feel free to add your suggestions below.

Your suggestions for a topic to discuss[edit]

Short update/report on Wikimedia UK's work on 'Cluster H' of movement strategy implementation - high impact topics and content gaps


To follow


Please add your name below; we will then send you a calendar invite before the meeting:

Friendly space policy[edit]

Note that the Wikimedia friendly space policy applies to this meeting, and that we will have a friendly space officer in the meeting to ensure that the policy is adhered to.