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Wikimedia Foundation Chief Executive Officer
Maryana Iskander, Direktur Eksekutif Wikimedia Foundation
Direktur Eksekutif adalah staf senior Wikimedia Foundation yang mengawasi pelaksanaan Foundation dan staf profesionalnya. Direktur Eksekutif melapor kepada Dewan Pengawas. Maryana Iskander menjabat sebagai Direktur Eksekutif sejak 3 Januari 2022.
Maryana Iskander menjadi Direktur Eksekutif Wikimedia Foundation setelah satu dekade sebagai Direktur Eksekutif Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator, sebuah perusahaan sosial nirlaba yang berkutat pada pembangunan solusi Afrika untuk mengatasi krisis global pengangguran kaum muda. Dia juga pernah menjabat sebagai Direktur Eksekutif Planned Parenthood Federation of America, gerakan sosial berbasis sukarelawan.

Maryana was born in Cairo, Egypt, before emigrating with her parents to the United States. Since then, she has lived and studied in the United States and Europe before settling in South Africa.

Her career has been shaped by work that melds people, impact, and technology to break down barriers and increase access to opportunity.


The function of this position is to run the business side of the Wikimedia Foundation so as to provide resources to keep the projects going. For the most part, the Chief Executive Officer will not be involved with how the community operates on individual projects.

Community engagement

To help inform the decision making of the Chief Executive Officer, they often participate in community events, host office hours, and send updates to the communities on their activities and the activities of the Wikimedia Foundation.

Public engagement

As the primary staff representative to the broader public, the Chief Executive Officer is often called upon to participate in, and sometimes speak at, events held by outside organizations.


The position was created in 2006 as the Wikimedia Foundation's workload expanded and required a growing staff to support the volunteer Board of Trustees.

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