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Info Les élections sont terminées depuis le 11 juin 2017. Les votes ne sont plus acceptés.
Les résultats seront annoncés le 19 juin 2017. Vous pouvez envoyer votre avis concernant les élections de 2017 sur la page bilan des élections.
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We ask voters to leave no more than 4 non-duplicative, brief and strictly relevant questions. Questions which do not directly relate to candidacy in the FDC Election will be removed at the discretion of the elections committee. Please be respectful of the time that candidates must spend answering, and the time other voters must spend reading.

Please do not use the question pages to link to other pages with more questions (to ask further or non-eligible questions, contact the candidates on their talk pages or via email). You can ask your question in any language; if necessary, the election committee will try to find translators.


It is strongly suggested that answers to questions do not exceed approximately 1600 characters per question (not counting spaces). Please do not link to another page containing an extended answer, although relevant links used for descriptive purposes are fine. Due to the number of voters and candidates, this is necessary to keep these pages readable, informative and therefore useful for voters.


For readability, the questions page will be broken up into subpages, each containing five questions and the answers by the candidates.


  1. What professional qualifications do you bring?
  2. Organisational support of smaller affiliates
  3. WMF
  4. Langues
  5. Accountability of non-APG chapters / Beyond Grantees
  6. Movement Strategy
  7. How can the FDC improve the communication with grantees?
  8. On boldness