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2007 board elections

The Board Election Steering Committee consists of members appointed by the Board of Trustees to organize the Wikimedia Board of Trustees Election. Any user may volunteer to serve as a committee member for an election following the advertisement of the post on the Foundation-l mailing list. The Board will choose one or more members from the pool of those volunteering for the role.

Election Committee members are editors of one or more Wikimedia projects. They must not be standing in the election themselves and may not vote in the election they are presiding over.

The Election Committee manages the details the organization of the Election within the capacity delegated to them by the Board; they may also give advice to the Board about the Election.

The 2007 Election Committee initially consists of:

Before the Election, Benjamin Mako Hill ceased his role as an election official in order to avoid any perceived conflict of interest due to his role on the advisory board. He is still collaborating with the Committee as advisor and the liaison for the Software in the Public Interest, our third party partner which hosts the Election website and will tally and audit the voting.