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विकिपीडिया झलकसभ,मई २०१४

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विकिमीडिया फाउन्डेसन रिपोर्ट आर विकिमीडिया इंजीनियरिंग रिपोर्ट मई २०१४ के झलकसभ जेमे विकिमीडियाके घटनासभ" मे सामिल अछी।

विकिमीडिया फाउन्डेसनके झलकसभ

"ज़ूमप्रूफ़" के डेमो भिडियो जे कि एकटा उपकरण छि जेमे आरमीनियाई विकि-श्रोत पर प्रूफ़रीडिंग आसान रहत - १२ नयाँ व्यक्तिगत व्यस्तता अनुदायी परियोजनासभ मे स एक

१२ नयाँ व्यक्तिगत व्यस्तता अनुदान

फाउन्डेसनके व्यक्तिगत व्यस्तता अनुदान (IEG) व्यक्तिसभ आ छोट समूहसभक वोहन परियोजनासभके समर्थन करेत अछि जे स कोनो प्रकारके आयोजन, निर्माण, खोज आ कोनो तरह से विकिमीडियाके स्वयंसेवकसभक कार्य आर निक राहत । २०१४ स पहिले दौरके १२ विजयता अनुदान ३० मईके घोषित केल गेल रह

बेनामी सदस्यसभक खाता खोलै के निमंत्रण दै वाला सन्देशके पाठ हुनकर एक सम्पादन करला के बाद देखायल गेल य (प्रस्तुति स्लाइड)

=अनामक सदस्यसभके विकिपीडिया समुदायमे शामिल कारवाबक लेल निमंत्रण

On the English, German, French, and Italian Wikipedias, the Foundation's Growth team conducted two experiments to test user interface changes for encouraging anonymous editors to create an account and join the community of registered users. In the first test, a recommendation to create an account was shown when the user clicks "edit", and in the second test, the invitation was displayed after the user saved an edit. Preliminary data strongly suggested a positive effect on new registrations.

दान वितरण समिति सुझावसभके दोसर दौरके एक सर्वोपरी दृश्य (प्रस्तुति स्लाइड)

दान वितरण समिति (एफ डी सी) सिफारिससभके घोषित केल गेल य।

In May, the nine-member Funds Dissemination Committee (FDC) met for its face-to-face deliberations and published its recommendations to the WMF Board of Trustees on proposals from four organizations (three chapters and the Foundation) on how to spend Wikimedia donation money. The Board will make its decision on these recommendations by 1 July. The Advisory Group to the FDC also met in Frankfurt for their final meeting, to provide the Executive Director of the WMF with a recommendation on whether or not the FDC process (begun in 2012) should continue, and if so, what modifications should be made. They unanimously agreed to recommend to continue the process.

तिथि आ आँकडा

अप्रैलके वैश्विक एकमात्र दर्शक:

४६५ मिलियन (-६.००% मार्चके तुलनामे; -९.९२% पहिल सालके तुलनामे)
:(कमस्कोर डाटा सभ विकिमीडिया परियोजनासभ के खातिर; कमस्कोर  मईके जानकारी जूनमे देत)

Page requests for May:

20.654 billion (-0.2% compared with April; -1.6% compared with the previous year)
(Server log data, all Wikimedia Foundation content projects including mobile access, but excluding Wikidata and the Wikipedia main portal page.)

Active Registered Editors for April 2014 (>= 5 mainspace edits/month, excluding bots):

75,364 (-2.25% compared with March / -7.25% compared with the previous year)
(Database data, all Wikimedia Foundation projects.
Note: These numbers were recently adjusted to correct a bug involving IPV6 addresses.)

Report Card (integrating various statistical data and trends about WMF projects):



वित्तीय जानकारी

३० अप्रैल २०१३ तक विकिमीडिया फाउन्डेसन वाईटीडी आय आ व्यय मुदा योजना
३० अप्रैल,२०१४ तक विकिमीडिया फाउन्डेसनद्वारा केल गेल खर्चा कार्यके विवरण

(Financial information is only available through April 2014 at the time of this report.)

All financial information presented is for the Month-To-Date and Year-To-Date April 30, 2014.

राजश्व ४,९१,९४,७८४
 अभियांत्रिकी समूह १,३८,००,६५८
 अनुदान-संचयन समूह ३२,०९,२९९
 अनुदान-निर्माणक समूह १४,७२,९०७
 कार्यक्रम समूह १४,९३,१६८
 अनुदान ४०,६६,४७२
 प्रशासन समूह ७,२५,५६५
 न्यायिक/समुदाय वकालत/संचार समूह ३२,५६,९१४
 वित्त/मानव संसाधन/प्रशासनिक समूह ५४,८४,५९२
कुल व्यय ३,३५,०९,५७५
कुल अधिशेष (१,५६,८५,२०९)
अमेरिकी डॉलर में
  • जूनके महीनामे आय चार लाख अस्सी हज़ार डॉलर छेला । इ योजनामे देल गेल दु लाख अस्सी हज़ार डॉलर स डु लाख पाँच हज़ार डॉलर (लगभग 74%) बैसी य ।
  • Year-to-date revenue is $49.19MM versus plan of $46.76MM, approximately $2.43MM or 5% over plan.
  • Expenses for the month of April is $3.19MM versus plan of $4.69MM, approximately $1.50MM or 32% under plan, primarily due to lower personnel expenses, capital expenses, internet hosting, FDC grants, and payment processing fees partially offset by higher legal fees, outside contract services, and travel expenses related to community convening events.
  • Year-to-date expenses is $33.51MM versus plan of $41.06MM, approximately $7.55MM or 18% under plan, primarily due to lower personnel expenses, capital expenses, internet hosting, legal fees, payment processing fees, staff development expenses, grants and travel expenses partially offset by higher outside contract services.

नगद आ निवेश - $५५/६MM जेनाकि अप्रैल ३०, २०१४

Video of the monthly Wikimedia Foundation metrics and activities meeting covering the month of May (June 5, 2014)

विकिमीडिया आन्दोलनके दोसर झलकसभ

२०१४ विकिमीडिया ह्याकाथन ज्युरिख)मे लेल गेल सामुहिक फोटो

बार्षिक विकिमीडिया ह्याकथान (ज्युरिख,स्विजरल्याण्ड)मे

From May 9-11, more than 150 developers, engineers, sysadmins, and technology enthusiasts gathered in Zürich for the annual European Wikimedia hackathon, organized by Wikimedia CH, the local Wikimedia chapter. Among many other topics of interest, participants focused on maps and geographical data, Flow (the new discussion system intended as replacement for wiki talk pages), and Wikidata.

"विकिडाटा खेल": एकटा मनोरन्जक तरिकासे विकिडाटाके सुधार

On May 20, Magnus Manske, a longtime Wikimedian and volunteers software developer, announced "Wikidata – The Game", a set of simple games, each asking the user to make a certain decision about Wikidata - for example, deciding whether two items describe the same topic, or whether an item describes a person or not. After two weeks, "643 players [had] made an astonishing 352,710 decisions through the game, many of which result in improving Wikidata directly".

विकि संसारके प्रेम करेत अछि बिश्वब्यापी भ गेल

Wiki Loves Earth is an international photography competition with the subject of natural heritage. Started in 2013 for the Ukraine by the local chapter, this year it extended to 14 countries, and attracted tens of thousands of submissions. Similar to Wiki Loves Monuments, juries will first determine national winners for each country, from which the global winners will be selected.

विकि संसारके प्रेम करेत अछि ब्राजिल स: इगुवासु झरनाके फोटो

यहो देखु

विकिपीडिया झलकसभ,मई २०१४

विकिपीडिया झलकसभ,मई २०१४