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Learning and Evaluation Portal

What is program evaluation? How can it help you understand the impact you have through programmatic activities? Find resources to learn the basics of evaluation, create a logic model and other tools to plan and evaluate your next program.

Contact: Jaime Anstee and Maria Cruz

Learning patterns

If you learned something new implementing a Wikimedia program or running an activity, capture this on a learning pattern and share it with the movement. Alternatively, if you are about to start a new project or activity, find advice, tools and ideas on how to troubleshoot through some of the most common problems.

Contact: María Cruz

Reporting and Storytelling

If you are a program or project leader, and struggle to get your story across in reporting, this is your chance to learn a few tricks and resources to build a narrative. Through some key strategies you can improve the way you share about your efforts, the impact of the work in advancing the movement, and how others might benefit from your experience.

Contact: María Cruz

Surveys and Program Tools

Surveys help you take the pulse of your local community and evaluate different ways in which your programmatic activities are having an impact in your local community. Find resources and direct support to create your own survey, as well as tools that can help you run your program.

Contact: Edward Galvez


IdeaLab is an incubator for people to share ideas to improve Wikimedia projects and to collaboratively develop them into plans and grant proposals.

Contact: Chris Schilling

Community Capacity Development

Community Capacity Development is an initiative that aims at identifying needs and ways to build capacity in different Wikimedia communities, and then initiating specific actions to build specific capacities in specific interested communities.

Contact: Asaf Bartov

Inspire Campaigns

Inspire Campaigns are month-long events to focus collaborative efforts on some of the most pressing challenges of the Wikimedia movement. Each campaign focuses on a unique theme and participation is open to everyone.

Contact: Chris Schilling

Survey Support Desk

Get help with developing and implementing surveys

Training modules

Develop better skills and learn best practices for dealing with behavioral problems, both online and at events.

Contact: Joe Sutherland

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Evaluation reports

In the program reports, you will find aggregate data on standard Wikimedia programs from 2014 and 2015, and how to use this data.

Program Toolkits

The program toolkits condense a series of lessons on how to start, run and evaluate your program.

Using photos from Wikimedia Commons

A simplified guide for reusing images from Wikimedia Commons

Contact: John Cummings

This is a community-originated resource

Page design and formatting

This page is to collect examples of visually appealing page layouts with examples, ready to use blanks and links to related documentation and other useful resources.

Contact: John Cummings

This is a community-originated resource

Extracting graphics from open license publications

Noun Project image icon 212472 cc.svg

This guide provides information on how to extract vector graphics from compatible license publications in pdf

Contact: User:John Cummings

This is a community-originated resource


A vast collection of high-quality, freely licensed, user-generated informational material about Wikimedia projects. Here are cheatsheets, pamphlets, videos, brochures, and other things.

This is a community-originated resource