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Wikimedia Russia / Wikimedia RU is an approved chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation for Wikimedians living in Russia.

Full name: „Not-for-profit Partnership for the Advancement of Encyclopedic Knowledge «Wikimedia RU»“.
Abbreviated name: NP «Wikimedia RU».


Non-Commercial Partnership of promotion of distribution of encyclopedic knowledge Wikimedia RU (in Russian: Некоммерческое партнерство содействия распространению энциклопедических знаний «Викимедиа РУ») was approved by WMF on 2008-05-24, and registered by the state on 2008-11-21. The Partnership operates within Russian Federation. It supports and promotes Wikimedia projects in all languages; however, most efforts are put into projects in Russian and in other languages of Russian Federation. There are 12 members in the Partnership now, about 4 of which are active.

The main actual activities of the Partnership are:

  • Carrying of Wiki-Conferences (something like local Wikimanias).
  • Lobbying of free licenses, freedom of panorama and similar changes in legislation.
  • Providing of grants and other support to participants of Wikimania.
  • Participation in global fundraising.

...and other.


Postal address: 120105, Russia, Moscow, ul. Nizhnjaja Syromjatnicheskaja, 11.
Web: (wiki)
Mailing List: wikimediaru-l
Email: or

Key dates

  • WMF approves Russian Chapter: 2008-05-24
  • State registration of Wikimedia RU: 2008-11-11

Founding & historic documents

First steps

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