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Our Objectives
Objectives and goals of the society

Currently involved Wikimedia Chapters, User groups and individuals language community

Current Activities
The projects we're working on

Get Involved
If you are interested to join us please read this page

Activity Showcase
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Currently Four Chapter/Communities/User group(s) are signed for this collaborative initiative. If you're from South Asian language community and want to participate Wikimedia SAARC then please feel free to add your Chapter/language community/user group name in the following list and click here to know more how to get involved.


  1. Wikimedia Bangladesh (Bengali language (bn))
  2. Wikimedia India (Hindi and other local languages)
  3. Wikimedia Nepal (Nepali Language)
  4. Wikimedia Pakistan (Urdu language)
  5. Wikimedia Sri Lanka (English, Sinhala, and Tamil languages)

Language Communities[edit]