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Regarding Our projects#Commons[edit]

The second sentence in the second paragraph is backwards and doesn't make sense as written. Please change:

In December 2012, it reached [// fifteen million] multimedia files, having surpassed 30 million in January 2016.


In January 2016, it reached 30 million multimedia files, having surpassed [// fifteen million] in December 2012.

Thanks! 14:03, 8 September 2016 (UTC)

The correct link is wmf:Our projects#Commons. I agree the formulation is poor. It happened in [1] by Steinsplitter (who corrected it to 30 million the next minute). commons:Commons:Milestones shows when each million is passed. PrimeHunter (talk) 02:00, 10 September 2016 (UTC)

Regarding Cancel or change recurring payments/ja[edit]


名前 川又章蔵 WIKIMEDIA8776009454



अमान खान रायसेन में रहते हैं वह राजीव गांधी कॉलेज में पढ़ते हैं उनका बीकॉम कंप्यूटर एप्लीकेशन वह एक बहुत ही ज्यादा ही स्मार्ट और इंटेलिजेंट लड़का है

File categories on[edit]

I was going to upload a .zip with some source files but didn't find proper categiroes to put it in. I see category for images but not other types of files, I see templates in categories for pages (which would be bad manners in content Wikimedia project), categories by languages where there are both pages named like 'Ways to Give/uk' and 'Місія' (instead of 'Mission/uk').
Q: Is it so just because no effort was made to create categories and name pages according to some rules or there is some agreement not to bring rules from projects to foundation-wiki? (I'm newbie on the wiki so if there is a page to read and get to know everything, point it to me, please). Will I be stopped when begin to rearrange numerous categories? Face-smile.svg -- Ата (talk) 09:57, 10 September 2016 (UTC)

Be bold! --MZMcBride (talk) 10:28, 10 September 2016 (UTC)


Upload your videos let's kickboredom to it's knees but if not interested don't condone this curiosity to De edge, for your record I'm only just showing you empathyism to engage with your imagination to this digital world.

Regarding Cancel or change recurring payments/en[edit]

<*The official statement of my/our wikidonations;are mistake/wrongfuly excluded/iliminated;for reasons unknown/unexplained:If its policy aviliated we should/will be notified in our notifications:Our payments/donations should not be sorsed to unreliability/mistrust Hence,participations and keeping Wikifoundation active/alive;There should'nt be any gross violation/neglegence/vandalism of/or copyrights/lefts,reverts,disruptions,tendentius:Avoid prejudice,arrogance,ignorence/gross negligence (DJS) >

Regarding Cancel or change recurring payments/en[edit]

<Can/could the official donors statements/receipts be visiable/vicious on our/my notifications to,enhence position/point of trust/transperancy to the Wikifoundatiom.And avoid prejudice/bias,ignorence,arrogance,streotypesy and gross negligence,reverts violations/vandalisms,tendentiuos and disruptive editings>{Dilkgosi Sejabodile}


<We/i sincerly comend the foundation on improvements already surfacing to our/my injoyment/pleasure,pledge in using this platform/forum to express knowledge,imagination,academia,profession/prophecies,educative and exclusively/excative approch to client and Wikipedeians/volunteers,advocating a position/point of trust:Sensetive:transparent,non prejudicial:But analatical,logical,scientific and Technological upraizals/heavals:The socia"edia addicts are missing:THE way & Truth >{Dikgosi Sejabodile}[edit]

  • Admin không còn tồn tại thi du an Lon gi
The deo nao chung may Ngu den muc nhu the .
Tao noi roi . Deo trang nao co admin tao cung deo phai la user , tao chi la guest thoi .
Admin thi tao cung deo biet nhu the nao , Chi biet chung may deo co admin
  • Cai dit me bon Bao quan vien Viet Nam no lai tuong no la admin ( Quan tri trang ) hai huoc VL
  • DM den trang microsoft con deo co admin thi chung may la cai lon gi dau .
Bo may tuyen admin thi phai Ngon gai , xin tien bo , me den tim tao day cho lam admin ( deo can hoc cao lam gi ) chi can Ngon gai , co tien la ok ( tao deo co tien )

Regarding Should we make it easier for blocked/banned/locked/sanctioned users to find amnesty and become reformed vandals and get on the community's good side again? + "Incorrect password" bug[edit]

Apparently, the way the WMF projects' community things work makes amnesty difficult to receive, especially when it comes to getting ambushed by mastadons coming at users like tons of bricks. It is easy for administrators to make unjust blocks such as over inadvertently climbing the Reichstag dressed as Spiderman or painting Mont Blanc red and digging a hole too deep for himself to get out of and then suffocating under a heap of trouble dumped in that hole to make sure the editor never comes back to Wikipedia again for what he has done, especially when it's just undesirable actions such as 'persistent disruption' or 'sockpuppetry' just because of a password bug preventing one from logging back in, and not vandalism, copyright infringement, personal attacks, threats or other violations. There is a bug with the passwords, when one logs out, he can't log back in because it thinks his password is wrong and thus he has to start a new account. But you'd say "he could've used email". But he doesn't do email. Historically, it may be compared to if someone reminded officials of a hypothetical terrorization of the Parliament while they were with a gang in the middle of terrorization of Parliament. There is an assertion that has been attributed to Albert Einstein; "If you teach a fish to climb a tree, the fish will feel stupid.", especially if you penalize the fish for failing every time. -- 17:50, 17 September 2016 (UTC) (a.k.a. Turkeybutt JC, a "disruptive editor who doesn't have the skills, competence or experience to edit any Wikis and therefore should've been blocked sooner", but that has already happened so sadly he can never be able to edit again or prove that he has became a 'reformed vandal', and is easily in trouble and is sad-mad because of sanctions that he feels are unjust, and thus he really wishes he could receive amnesty for his once-persistent mistake-making, and is worried that his pleas for amnesty may get censored (via deletion) just because he was blocked for being a very disruptive time-wasting editor on WP or just because this is off-topic or TL;DR, and also who can't log back in as Turkeybutt JC because the Wiki thing thinks that his password is incorrect. So if you're on any WMF, make sure not to log off or you'll have the same problem as he was getting too!)

Regarding Special:CreateAccount[edit]

Re: pirates of the Caribbean, locations where filmed. You have "pirates hung." Nobody - not even a pirate - can be hung unless trussed up like sack of sugar. Human beings - yes, even pirates - can only be hanged. Hanged Thanks for wonderful website. I use it frequently

rebecca bowers, editor

Thanks for the feedback, Rebecca -- but this page is only for feedback about organizational stuff, not specific Wikipedia articles. You should either make the change yourself, or bring it up on that article's talk page -- look for the "Talk" tab at the top of the screen. -Pete F (talk) 00:06, 23 September 2016 (UTC)

Murder of JonBenét Ramsey[edit]

This page is locked but should be edited. The ONLY "occupation" JonBenet had was "child"!

This page is not the proper venue for discussing specific Wikipedia articles. You should post this comment (and ideally, be prepared to discuss with anybody who disagrees) at this page: wikipedia:en:Talk:Murder of JonBenét Ramsey -Pete F (talk) 00:05, 23 September 2016 (UTC)

Regarding Board of Trustees[edit]

Chúng mày đã có quyền user chưa nhỉ ? Tao thấy chúng mày nên hỏi thằng tạo vừa test user hình như trước nó làm admin . chúng mày đứa nào có quyền user thì làm tuần tra viên

Regarding Template:VisionLang*calling a spate a spate isn't like an "eye foren eye"as we looking at magnifiying the "micrones"for a concern/content,codialy *((DJS))[edit]

«migration of knowledge/immagination,jaming on wordtraffiking day dreaming dreadfuls of the nextday, with boldness!.No fear of skeptism,also anxity driving on soldly:Wiki qoutes and no breach of promise or treats»


Bongwarrior.he blocks people i never had account here but yesterday i tried to go in wikipedia and this person blocks me.tell me how many people can get the same IP ADRESS as me? This service is very bad.i wanted to donate money for wikipedia but since Bongwarrior blocked me and disrespected me i will not donate anymore so if you guys want to blame someone blame Bongwarrior thanx and good ridence

Regarding blocking[edit]

Bongwarrior.he blocks people i never had account here but yesterday i tried to go in wikipedia and this person blocks me.tell me how many people can get the same IP ADRESS as me? This service is very bad.i wanted to donate money for wikipedia but since Bongwarrior blocked me and disrespected me i will not donate anymore so if you guys want to blame someone blame Bongwarrior thanx and good ridence'No BlocksBold text'



Regarding Terms of Use/de[edit]

There's a formatting error in section 7, causing the numbering to differ from the original document. Item (b) (which currently consists of an empty line) should be removed, so that (c) becomes (b), (d) becomes (c), etc. as in the original. — Pajz (talk) 13:26, 29 September 2016 (UTC)

Done. --Steinsplitter (talk) 13:32, 29 September 2016 (UTC)


==Hi after finding it hard to comply with the rules/regulations,directives:laws instructions of the foundation and sister/brother organisation.I'm pleased to rich/reach the mission statement,that stretchs is hope to a century.good of any living person to be part of the wikifamily of enthusiastic/athountic writers/editors of the century.'Am appauled and overwhelmed so far,after suffering reverts, blockerds and mercyless attarences like disruptive and unconstructive edits:But =Template:Dikgosi Sejabodile

سایت تحلیلی جهانشهر[edit]

سایت جهانشهر یک سایت تحلیلی تخصصی در زمینه سیاست گذاری و خط مشی گذاری عمومی در ایرن است. متون تخصصی برای تحلیل و نقد سیاستها و خط مشی ها در حوزه های مختلف علم، اقتصاد، سیاست، اداره، شهر، توسعه و آموزش و تربیت است. پیش از این، این نوع تحلیل مسائل در سایت مجله سوره اندیشه شروع شد و اکنون در سایت جهانشهر توسط جمعی از آن نویسندگان تداوم یافته است.

Special:Upload → Special:UploadWizard[edit]

Do they use the same instance of UploadWizard that is on Commons? If not it would be nice to add to UploadWizard on WMF-wiki lines about fair use and change "Upload file" link on the sidebar to the wizard. Is it too much to ask? Face-smile.svg -- Ата (talk) 12:07, 15 October 2016 (UTC)


Prezados, Boa tarde , Vossas excelências

 Com   enorme  prazer  e  gratidão    o  prazer  de  mostrar  o  relatório   pelas  companhias  mais  ricas  do  mundo   ao  qual   em  diversas  reuniões  e  encontros   mostram  a  falta   de  ética  moral  com  toda  a  população  americana, demonstrando  totalmente  desonestidade  quanto  ao  valor  que  tenho  para  receber  referente  ao  pagamento  que  até o  prezado  momento  nada saiu  apenas  enrolação  entre  as duas  maiores  companhias  de informatica, os  diretores   supra  citados, o  banco    aumentanbdo  todo  o  seu  superfaturamento  roubando  principalmente os cargos   de  confiança,  e  a  companhia  de  investimento.Aqui   no   Brasil  ninguém  sabe mas  se  aquele  diretor  da  companhia  pensa  que   vai  me  roubar  está   totalmente  enganado, eu  mostro  realmente  a  ele  quem  é  o  General  e  que  a  sua  localização  só  tem  uma  é  a  cadeia  ele  e  sua  máfia  juntamente.

Regarding Special:CreateAccount[edit]

michael gibson


You need to look at how the attack on Benghazi has been written. It is very wrong, and does not even come close to the description of the incident made by an eyewitness, made under oath. The attack took place apx 9:42 local time, it lasted 11 minutes. No shots were fired, 70-120 men, chanting, carrying weapons, tires, and cans of diesel fuel walked into the compound, unopposed because unarmed guards at the gate fled, then the 6 or so militia hired to protect the Ambassador, fled. Zero shots were fired, zero shots were fired to protect Ambassador Stevens. The Ambassador and Sean Smith were moved to a safe room, and their guard left them there to find an access to the roof. When their personal guard returned, the smoke in the safe room was so dense and so acrid that he could not locate the Ambassador in the safe room (Ambassador Stevens and Sean Smith were still in the safe room, but overcome by the smoke). So, their personal guard reported them missing at 10:15. The 2 CIA operatives died hours later when mortar shells rained down on the CIA Annex. What your description states is garbage. I pulled my information from Trey Gowdy committee's report, where Ambassador Stevens personal guard testified under oath. I give far, far more credence to the Gowdy committee report. Something that is far more accurate than what Wikipedia states.

Regarding Resolution:Wikimedia Foundation Guiding Principles[edit]

<WikiKing advanancing educational edits,writting authoritatives for knowledge/imaginating the universe of those traped from political ignorence predujice arrogance and gross neglegence of rich/reach the platform forum audiance visiual touch selflessness of the stereotypical communicative global earthly analatic,logical audits,numerical strength energetic power capables of the #fees must fall leting wisdom refiner'sfire purifier like fuller's soap free speechl Wikiversity prove>{Dilgosi Sejabodile}


Please make all encyclopedias offline

Regarding Resolution talk:Licensing policy[edit]

I am an OTRS volunteer and we have received a ticket (2016101910008882) inquiring why there is no German version of this statement/ resolution. Can we get one? Please advise. Thanks! KDS4444 (talk) 00:06, 25 October 2016 (UTC)

KDS4444, most of the translation of Foundationwiki takes places here, on Meta. It looks like the de version was just never finished, and thus never copied over. See Translation requests/Licensing policy/de. Killiondude (talk) 23:34, 22 November 2016 (UTC)

Regarding Talk:Problems donating/fr[edit]

Bien les amis, je ferais volontiers un don mais vraiment je ne sais pas comment faire et vos pages d'explications sont abscons. (Wikipedia n'a pas de N° IBAN???? D'autre part, je parles FRANCAIS et je constate que sous vos pages nommée POINT FR, de plus en plus de textes sont en anglais....Normal ???? Meilleures salutations. Eric Genève -- 00:09, 28 October 2016 (UTC)[edit]

Committee on judicial affairs I am Fonder Member Inoue. I take User:sym90 and the gang to relentlessly and not my devastating WEB attack 4 asked BLOCK action six months. Only mean for ongoing attacks. Do I quit wiki. Next auction to the private sector if such a thing seems to Yahoo Auctions Wikimedia. I have not. sym90 1 year block. Naoki Inoue



On the page satanisme is noticed that Christians believe that trough the dead and ressurrection of Jezus the power of satan is not broken! This is wrong! Jesus defeaded satan by raising from the dead. That's why God rose Jesus from the dead!! Satan is powerless until men gives him power.

Regarding Matching Gifts[edit]

Typo in section "Combined Federal Campaign", second sentence. "part of the Educat America!" -> "part of the Educate America!"

Yes, fixed. Thank you. Killiondude (talk) 23:31, 22 November 2016 (UTC)


Am confused!Does wikimedia head wikipedia?Thanks! MORT. UDALL

Re.Complaints again Wiki Editors![edit]

How do9es one file a complaint again Wiki Editos? They seem to BLOCK any user from expessing their oponions! Bascialyy left politics views! Thabks! D.Wellermort.[edit]


Hello ,

  Is it possible to to get you to stop running ads for George Soros to hire full time people to work for him , he is the creator of hiring all of the rioters since the election to protest , riot , kill people since the election . It is causing a lot of people destruction of property, bodily harm etc. He is not a good man , i ma sure you know of him . We need your help to help stop all this violence , destruction of property and harm to the elderly. You would be a great help to America right now . 

Thank you, Joyce Putman

Joyce, very few people have accounts with the ability to edit pages, but one of those accounts was hacked this morning, and the hackers went wild. Wikimedia doesn't run ads for other people. Nyttend (talk) 13:49, 12 November 2016 (UTC)

Regarding Local chaptersSOFIAN[edit]


Longest war in history[edit]

Third Punic War 149 b.C.-February 5, 1985. (final peace treaty) signed between Ugo Vetere, the mayor of Rome and Chedii Klibi, mayor of Tunis (Carthage). The Roman victory in 146 B.C. did not include a final peace treaty.

(1) How is this something relevant to (2) Such a treaty was just for show, not a real thing; treaties to end wars are only signed when both parties remain independent states, not when one is conquered and destroyed. You don't need a treaty when you physically reduce your enemy's city to rubble and sell all the survivors into slavery — there's nobody left with whom to sign the treaty. Nyttend (talk) 23:04, 20 November 2016 (UTC)





   plz add myanmar language,thz.

real an legal resolutions[edit]

legal procedures

Regarding Matching Gifts/form[edit]

I just made a donation and saw the page at the end where you can see if your company matches them. Cox Automotive came up in the list so I sent an email to the contact person listed to get the details. I just heard back though and apparently the budget for this year is used up and it's the last year of the program, so you would probably want to remove them from the list.

Regarding FAQ/en add links to the form 990s?[edit]

Maybe you should add links to the form 990s?:

  • 2014-2015

  • 2012-2013


I'd really love to donate as the fundamental idea of this program is unparalleled in a ubiquitously connected world. However your organization seems to let far left extremists control the editing and information flow of non scientific articles. It makes me sick. I will not donate to your "cause", but I will use the resources you provide that are not tainted with cultural Marxism.

Do you have any concrete examples? --Vogone (talk) 22:15, 6 December 2016 (UTC)


 I will contribute nothing until you stop allowing feminists to control and edit your site with blatantly false propaganda. I am not alone in this, why do you think everyone now calls it wackypedia?[edit]

Hi, please fix contact info for Wikimedia Czech Republic at this page. Te new info is:

Wikimedia Česká republika
Slovenská 1705/21
12000 Praha 2
Czech Republic

Also see this page as proof. We moved :). Thanks, --Vojtěch Dostál (talk) 14:28, 6 December 2016 (UTC)

Done[2]. --Vogone (talk) 22:15, 6 December 2016 (UTC)


Happy Holidays!

I received an email from Jimmy Wales on 21 Nov asking for donations. I sent a reply that I will definitely do that. I love wiki, and used it a lot when earning my Bachelor of Science and my Master's degree. I'm having problems with this site in trying to donate; all I get is a spinning icon. Anyway, I will not give up in trying to donate. However, I will not likely donate until I get paid this Thurs., that way I can donate more.

Keep up the great job@ I really appreciate you gals/guys.


Regarding Special:CreateAccount[edit]

Wickimediafoundation is a very good opportunity to find important history entries. Tanja Jade Gräfin von Marck Gräfin von der Ahé.


Allow anonymous donations without emails or names - you might actually raise revenue !


Okay you got me. I would love to donate some cash. Unfortunately thats what i deal in is cash. I dont have credit cards or a bank account. Can i use some sort of prepaid debit or gift card? Please let me know. This site has been my go-to for decent information for a long time. I would hate to have that stop!


When I donated and questions about wikipedia and I saying it is running and the past and present and future that is ahead.Perhaps I should of said it is like black matter that science is having fun with. Wikipedia is always running in all conceivable movement that it like black matter that is and science wants to play with it and learn. it is a plane like a vast ocean which is real and it is depth and in every direction that can be moved in and also sensed but knowing and every action of sense you know is you and yet you know you are and can be but it is black and the depths of its own light that is always running and endless. a vast ocean which ripples even when it is perfectly still because it is endless and even when it is in fact always there and moving.I smile when science at every level is ow playing with the theoretical construct of black matter and trying to prove it is also something or some thing that can be moved! It's cute and I smile and in a fond way. Here today and was yesterday and will always be tomorrow and always still and a endless ripple that already exist but cannot yet be understood but is some how matter. virtualay there and endlessly running and sustaining it self. time ripple or light so fast it is and it is not and yet it is wikipedia!relative to the fact that it is always a ripple and wikipedia is also running is it not? of course it is[edit]

Just sent you $20. keep up the good work. Will contribute again after start of year!

Regarding Template talk:User info[edit]

Given the User info template allows you to set the text for "About me", "About my work", and "Contact me", shouldn't users be able to set the label for the Disclaimer? Many users will use these settings to support translation when there is no user info box that supports their language. Without a setting to change the "Disclaimer" label it cannot be translated. Please add a "Disclaimer label" feature. AnotherPoint (talk) 04:37, 12 December 2016 (UTC)

Regarding Problems donating[edit]

I have just paid you £10, why now the hassle?[edit]

Je ne comprend pas lenglais et je ne le parle pas mes je sais une chose ces que votre pays est en danger il y a bien des année jais rêver a ce qui ce passe aujourdhui et je sais que le président qui va être élue ne vas semer que désastre et désespoir autour de lui jais bien essayez davertir MME Clinton et Mme OBahamas mes personnes na crue bon de me croire il est soutenue par la Russie et plus encore moi cette année je vais faire un dernier voyage car je sais très bien que dans les année a venir sa va être la gerre pas faute essayez de vous avertir jais bien essayez de rejoindre MMe Obahamas et Mr Clinton et sa femme mais riens na fonctionner bonne chance le monde moi je fait mon voyage et après je vais me cacher avec ma famille je savais depuis que javais 7 ans que ce président allait être élue .


I had no idea that you are a not for profit organisation dependent on donations until I was undertaking research today and the panel came up explaining your structure and asking for donations. Why don't you have a subscription for access with the level of subscription a function of the number of times you access the system?

The whole philosophy of the Wikimedia movement is free access to information. QuiteUnusual (talk) 13:18, 16 December 2016 (UTC)

Regarding Wikimedia movement affiliates[edit]

In Thematic Organizations Amical Wikimedia is listed as "Catalonia". Neither Amical or WMF recognize this framework, It should be "Catalan speaking areas". Many thanks. --Lluis tgn (talk) 09:33, 14 December 2016 (UTC)

Regarding Ways to Give[edit]


    Stock donation

Suggest changing

    To move stock from your brokerage to ours, please give the broker our name and account number.


    To move stock from your brokerage to ours, please give your broker our name and account number.


    Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. 
    Bank of America


    Wikimedia Foundation's broker: Bank of America


    DTC Eligible Securities
    The Depository Trust Company (DTD)
    Account Number: 0955
    Ref: #66-16-200-2942639/ Wikimedia Foundation – Gift Account


    DTC Eligible Securities
    The Depository Trust Company (DTD)
    Receiving Firm Name:       Bank of America
    Receiving Firm DTC Number: 0955
    Receiving Account Tittle:  Wikimedia Foundation – Gift Account
    Receiving Account Number:  #66-16-200-2942639


Stop pestering me for money. I pay annually but this year paying on my laptop means my desktop PC and others keep pestering me.


I already gave. Tired of the popups.

Regarding Special:CreateAccount[edit]

'Italic text--2607:FB90:4AA5:54AE:728:EDE2:899C:D8B4 11:19, 26 December 2016 (UTC)Bold text''Im wondering why I'm blocked on this website? Whoever MR. Graham is needs to explain why YOU bocked me for disruptive editing which I don't recall ever doing I ask that you Graham explain in detail your allegations against me , reply asap please I would like to resolve this at once thank you you can email me at asap


This is an email just to state a view of Wikipedia from a user and not an everyday user but one that uses the website any time I want to get get the true and accurate facts about anything I mad looking for. To me Wikipedia gives the unbiased true and accurate information of anyone source on the Internet and I am writing this note just to show my appreciation to you for maintaining thise site open to,the public. I do make a small donation every year to this site, even though it is small it is all I can afford at this time, however when I am able you will be the first I will reward with my donations as your importance to the public for information is valuable to all from students to CEO's and all in between. Thank you for your continued effort to provide us with your services.


Gerald Bailey


I would like to thank you for all you do to give the public factual information. Your publication to me personally is priceless. Please keep up the great work you do on behalf of all of us. My name is Dave Berry have a great day and a fantastic 2017.

Regarding Template:Recentchangestext[edit]

{{The error of judgement vesus focus'consentration,vision,version, plagarism,copyrights,vandalism,violation and freedom of commitement to,associate determine action,congregate sugget on,common consensus with good faith also fear to fil/feel cowardish/blamed/acussed of the guil/offending the editorial masses/myraids,the silent majority panic.The foundation should not be puting most work on Bots as they are mechanical and might loose power,energy elecrified for nuclea perplex in this perilious mo }}

Regarding Talk:Home[edit]

كرة القدم




Regarding Special:CreateAccount[edit]

{{The exclamation,YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO EXCUTE/edit or not logged in is a total sabotage to the intrest/entres of authontic/inthusiastic ,editors of our modern day world/universe as it hempers ,impede and adjudicate the sharing of important imformation received online/timeline to valued editors,and gives prejudicial judgement to suggestions of the latter and the organization.Please harmonise these edits and never be offended by spiling/speling.The system of things may halt, }}[Dikgosi Sejabodile]

Regarding wikipedia decision to delete articles[edit]

To Whom it may concern:

I am stunned that Wikipedia has deleted two articles, "The People's Cube" and "Communists For Kerry." These two websites are a part of Americana and both have received widespread and international recognition. From the discussion pages regarding the deletions, it is clear that the decision to delete was made for entirely political purposes; the editors disagree with the positions espoused by these satirical websites and so decided to cut them. Shame.

I am a professor of history at the University of the Cumberlands in Williamsburg, KY. I have informed my students that they are to avoid your websites at all costs because you cannot be trusted to be objective.

Melvin C. Smith Professor of History University of the Cumberlands

Regarding Talk:Home[edit]


Pelan Suara Hati Johor merupakan satu pelan pencapaian berlandaskan pemantauan, ukuran dan berstrategi bagi menangani fokus utama keperluan dan kehendak rakyat seperti keselamatan, perumahan mampu milik, kos sara hidup dan kesejahteraan rakyat, infrastruktur, agama islam, kesihatan, ekonomi, keusahawanan dan telah dilancarkan pada 31 Mei 2014.

Pelan ini adalah kesinambungan dari inisiatif rundingan rakyat Kajian Suara Hati Johor yang telah dijalankan hasil kerjasama antara Kerajaan Negeri dan Universiti Teknologi Malaysia bagi mendapatkan maklumbalas permasalahan pembangunan rakyat di negeri Johor.

Ia perlu dilaksanakan demi mempertingkatkan keyakinan rakyat terhadap keupayaan dan kecekapan Kerajaan Negeri mentadbir serta menyokong setiap usaha-usaha yang telah dirancang demi kebaikan rakat dan generasi yang akan datang.

Matlamat Pelan adalah membentuk Kerajaan Negeri berteraskan pencapaian dengan halatuju yang jelas berpegang pada muafakat pembangunan dan pengagihan, keterangkuman berkerajaan sambil mendukung tiga gagasan utama.

Kajian telah dihasilkan daripada kesinambungan dari inisiatif rundingan rakyat Kajian Suara Hati Johor yang telah dijalankan hasil kerjasama antara Kerajaan Negeri dan Universiti Teknologi Malaysia bagi mendapatkan maklumbalas permasalahan pembangunan rakyat di negeri Johor.

Tempoh perlaksanaan berterusan sehingga tahun 2018.

Regarding Special:CreateAccount[edit]

My name is kirish Laxman.I'm 24 years old. I'm coming from srilanka.I'm living in Germany


{The wiki foundation has been the best platfom/forum past year,althou little space is given for editing.we aproch the relevent athourity to take heed of this challenge/problem and give us the promised harmony of editing/writing the wiki adventure as the world passby.its uniquely adoured by the universal majority,but question might not be answered for a sow eye,dumb ear andvocal tongue:freedom of speech/expresion and editing as a hobby for the elderly is spiritual enhancement.[Dikgosi Sejabodile]

Regarding Contact us[edit]

how do i delete you do not want wilkimedia


Suggestions to your information pages:

1. Put a search box at the bottom of the page. I am lazy. On long articles I have to scroll back to the top of the page to do another search.

2. Has there been any discussion to put an audio link on each page to help users actually hear the correct pronunciation of a word, name or phrase in their respective language?

Thank you.

Regarding Special:CreateAccount[edit]

Keny presisa da vosa ajuda para criar uma conta no commos

Regarding Special:CreateAccount[edit]

Keny presisa da vosa ajuda para criar uma conta no commos

Regarding Talk:Home/Archive 1[edit]

Heading textSubscript text[edit]

Regarding Privacy policy/Glossary of key terms[edit]

Link to Linux website in "Operating System" should be this one, the present one is broken. Thanks. --Lluis tgn (talk) 14:12, 14 February 2017 (UTC)



Regarding Talk:Thank You/de[edit]

"Finden Sie heraus, ob Ihre Firma ein Matching Gift Programhat."

Ein Leerzeichen fehlt vor "hat".

Regarding Special:CreateAccount[edit]

Template:Use mdy dates Template:Infobox person

A.B.M. Abu Saif Akash (born August 9, 1989) nick name Akash, is a simple regular guy from a not so known country called Bangladesh.

Early life[edit]

Saif lives in Mirpur at the capital of Dhaka, with his family. His father (Md. Abul Kalam) died on February 18, 2012 for lung and asthma troubles. He was a banker and Government employee for more than 40 years. Saif's father also was a freedom fighter, who fought on 1971's war with Pakistan. Saif's mother (Kamrun Akter) is also a government employee. She works at Jiban Bima Corporation (Life Insurance Corporation). Saif has one elder sibling, his brother (A.B.M. Abu Siddik Bappy) who is a businessman.

Career and Hobby[edit]

Saif completed his B.B.A. from Stamford University of Bangladesh and currently working as Trainee Merchandiser at Styletex Trading BD, a buying house. Doing a small online business called Dagger Inc. where he is a Co-owner with his best friend Rafat Imran Rishith. They are very dedicated on their business and they have bigger plans. Saif loves music, movies, soccer, travelling, hanging out with friends, browsing, playing musical instruments. He used to have a Music Band of his own. Which was broke for internal conflicts between members. The band was active for seven years. Now Saif enjoys a lot of movie and Tv-series, which he also collects. Saif loves all kind of movies but in particular he loves Superhero films. Because he used to read a lot of comics of them when he was a kid.[edit]

I m creaitive comminons Of the Executive Director. It is never subjected to such abuse here.

提出は、2017 年 3 月 6 日Happysailor (話) で、下落しました。

このサブミッションはウィキペディアに適していません。詳細については'何ウィキペディアではない'をお読みください。 あなたはこのページの上部にある「編集」タブをクリックして改善をするよう奨励されます。追加が必要な場合ください記事作成のヘルプ デスク、校閲者を求めるあなたの提出を拒否した質問をまたは経験豊富な編集者から私たちのライブ チャットのヘルプでヘルプを得る。 源を見つける: 「サンド ボックス」 -ニュース ·新聞·書籍·学者·HighBeam·JSTOR·無料画像·無料のニュース ソース·ウィキペディア ライブラリ·ニューヨークタイムズ·WP 参照。 減Happysailor 9 分前。9 分前にHappysailorによって編集最終更新。レビュワー:通知著者。 再送信 問題が修正されない場合案は拒否されること再度注意してください。

提出は、2017 年 3 月 6 日MatthewVanitas (話) で、下落しました。

これは、英語の言語版ウィキペディア;英語で書かれた記事のみ受け付けております。サブミッションの高品質の英語翻訳を提供してください。ウィキペディアのホームページを訪れたか。おそらくあなたの言語版の Wikipedia を検索できます。 17 時間前MatthewVanitas減。








trigger g musiq


Good evening,I believe my coming online everyday is a non-profitable action,if you have anything to say about this please, tell me.Thanks.

Regarding File:Rosana Fiengo v. Wikimedia Foundation lower court dismissal.pdf[edit]

In the description, it says "Portuguese judgment ...", but this is not a Portuguese judgment, this is a Brazilian judgment (written in Brazilian Portuguese). --Diego Queiroz (talk) 14:44, 13 March 2017 (UTC)

Regarding Social media[edit]

<There is nothing like anti competive editing here,moreover the monopoly ofcomplynce my not be over emphasised>{Djs}


寄付します その上で、寄付しようとしているものに「Waning」とか、失敬にもほどがある。とはおもわないのか。 ここでLoginを後でするがhackerにじゃまさせないように。元白い箱

Regarding Talk:Wikipedia Zero[edit]

The page on the Wikipedia Zero project is lacking a concise explanation of what Wikipedia Zero actually is all about.

While this can probably be gleaned from studying all of the text provided on the page, it would save time and probably be appropriate for a non-profit organisation to cut some of the promotional language in favor of a more matter-of-factly and comprehensible description of the project, such as:

"Wikipedia Zero is a project of the Wikimedia Foundation aiming to establish a collaboration with mobile service providers (in the global south?) to provide free access to Wikimedia sites for all ... "

At least that's how I've understood the concept.

Also adding a short statement of the current state of affairs would be helpful to clarify whether the project is actually still being continued. The last major contributions to the page seem to have happened some years ago.

Otherwise simply transcluding the English Wikipedia page on Wikipedia Zero might be a good alternative as this seems to be more up to date and distinctly more to the point.

thank you for your efforts, --KaiKemmann (talk) 21:23, 18 March 2017 (UTC)

Regarding Talk:妖怪ネコ娘ニャン太ロ香[edit]


My name is Tomoka Kaneko,and I am called Tomcat or Tomboy from my friends.

If you read TOMOKA KANEKO you will find out KA is double. And tomokaneko writes sometime something. Tomokaneko is Tomoka猫. Yes,my name is like A Cat.

It is one of the reason I say of myself I AM A CAT. I have experienced to write many things for people but I have no experience to earn money in Japan. Very Mistery. Miterious.

My name is written 金子知香 in Japanese. First name is 知香 Tomoka. Last name is 金子 Kaneko.

Maybe this is Challenge. I am Challenged.

I have many Pen-names.

And I wrote something. All has passed.

But soon start or started.

Thank you. Bold text

Regarding File talk:Screenshot of a map on Wikivoyage displaying San Francisco's Financial District.png[edit]


Regarding Template:Middot[edit]

<\delete/all/opt-out/permanenet> <\delete/all/opt-out/permanenet>

Regarding Talk:Problems donating[edit]

Sorry, didn't get a direct page to issue my comment. My question is: why cant i pay with iDeal without submitting billing information, like names and adress, is there any way tyo just donate anonymously?

Suggestion for mr. Director ms. Director or responsible of Wikipedia[edit]

I don't speak English(i'm form South America), but i will try to speak something:

I suggest, I think Wikipedia should bring some excellent ideas to make easier the Wikipedia in the World. There is examples, models like German Wikipedia, another some regions, graphics, layout, caracthers, strings to improve Wikipedia etc...

  • In some countries some people thinks the encyclopedia is left-wing ou right-wing depending of the text but i think there are some controversial material. I don't know if these affirmations are true, but i think Wikipedia should study about the subject.
  • Wikipedia in EU and another countries, for example, there are different ideas, solutions, skills. I know: that all costs something, no one is obligated to agree about my suggestions including mr. Director ms. Director or writer i only suggest study about change, but i know there are logistics, structure, "one philanthropic supply and demand" in these cases and study layout in Wikipedia, fonts in Wikipedia, but study typeface, resolution, etc... I think all versions of Wikipedia could try to learn and learn solutions, layout, fonts
  • Editing on Wikipedia is difficult, because the grafics, layout, the fonts should(suggestion) be larger and sober like Encyclopedias by date, bring some new excellent ideas we can see different ideas on German Wikipedia, Britanica, and another languages, countries and you can change experiences. I don't think the Wikipedia should change rules about editing, but there are examples in versions of Wikipedia and we(the Wikipedia) can improve. Why don't Wikipedia study those stuffs(i said one time there are costs, logistics, sometimes it looks unreal, but...). More spell checker to edit texts in any language. I talk about Nobody is obligated to agree about the subjects that i wrote. I suggested the Wikipedia became easier(easy to find articles, editing articles without problems, control problems, bring some innovation, why not Wikipedia? Thank you!--Ultragp7 (talk) 04:16, 24 March 2017 (UTC)