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This meeting[edit]

Wednesday, November 14
12:00 – 1:00pm Eastern Time (New York)

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  1. Lane Rasberry - taking notes
  2. Richard Knipel - Metropolitican Museum of Art, Commons importing
  3. John Sadowski, NIOSH
  4. Giovanna Fontanelle, Brazil Wikimedian at Museu Paulista (GLAM/Museu Paulista) and at CEPID NeuroMat for past 8 months doing Wikidata edits, Commons uploads and Wikipedia articles.
  5. John Cummings - UNESCO
  6. Dominic Byrd-McDevitt - at United States National Archives
  7. Rachel Helps Brigham Young University in the Library working with two students to develop Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, and Wikidata content on the special collections
  8. Mary Mark Ockerbloom - Science History Institute
  9. MichellevanLanschot (talk) 16:46, 14 November 2018 (UTC) - in Netherlands working with regional heritage institutions
  10. May Hachem93 (talk) 17:22, 14 November 2018 (UTC) --UN women regional office for Arab States organizing the HerStory campaign, ongoing 2 years

Agenda and notes[edit]

  1. User group approved 8 November 2018
    1. #103 user group! To be announced next week!
    2. hopefully we can use this to engage more formally in the Wikimedia movement
    3. who likes the name WREN for bird? Rachel, May, John Sadowski, Lane. Giovanna says no wrens in Brazil?
  2. The Wikimedian must have SLACK
    1. slack channel
    2. Thanks Wikimedia UK
    3. participation and projects, office hours
  3. question - how active is the Facebook channel?
    1. Richard says not so active ther
    2. Michelle said no Facebook account
    3. Dominic said that GLAM wiki discussions happen on Facebook
    4. John Sadowski said that it is nice to have both Facebook and Slack
    5. John Cummings said that Wikimedia UK is hosting us
  4. Need for documentation
    1. Stakes are getting higher quickly
      1. new Wikipedia people being hired
      2. Lane reports that institutions are ambivalent about wiki core values of open, diversity, and wiki-community collaboration
      3. proposal - we need to draft something now, get in-group approval, float to general Wikimedia community, then this group needs to insist on shared values
        1. Dominic says our role should be about developing models and best practices, not certifying who is and isn't a WiR
        2. Richard says we could write a mission statement; define COI for us as WiRs
        3. John Cummings suggested that Wikimedia UK as an organization would be likely to give comment and feedback on any documentation that we developed, they have a lot of experience with WiRs
  5. WikiConference North America report
    1. John asked who will host next year? Is Stanford possible?
    2. new people invited...?
    3. new people invited...?
    4. New Wikipedians in Residence being hired!
      1. Stanford University
        1. they don't actually have any Wikipedians who work for them--they're invested but it would be great if we had better guidance for them
        2. comment from Rachel--I started without any specialized Wikipedia knowledge--maybe their people can also learn on-the-job? definitely more documentation would be helpful (beyond adding links to things)
      2. Internet ArchivealtName and branding
    5. request from ?? - how much do people like "Wikipedian in Residence" as a title?
    6. alternatives?
      1. John Sadowski is "senior Wikipedian in Residence", where "senior" refers to someone with a PhD in his organization
      2. Rachel Helps says that she "coordinator of Wikipedia initiatives". She said that the Wikimedia Foundation and Alex Stinson was pressing to define a Wikimedian in Residence as someone who does outreach, so it was convenient that I wasn't a "Wikimedian in Residence".
      3. Mary said that her engagement with Wikimedia was a 50:25;25 split (Mission-driven editing about history of science; Outreach; Image release) I do a lot of editing around people and their careers, both living and dead, but I generally do not touch articles about companies, because of the potential there to be seen as doing promotional editing
      4. John raised the issue of the WMF documentation talking about outreach versus editing, when he did not have that experience. He asked who does direct editing. John said that he did editing often.
      5. Michelle answered John to say that she does not edit Wikipedia, but she does upload media to Commons and train others.
      6. Mary said that at her organization the motivation was to share science information with the public and that she did herself edit Wikipedia. Mary said that she often used information from other sources than her institution. (I generally find an article because of some cue at work, but what I do to the article depends on what it's like)
      7. John said that he also frequently cited publications which did not come from his organization but were instead the best that he could find from wherever they come.
      8. May said that they worked as consultants for other organizations to address the gender gap. They organize events
      9. Dominic and May both agreed that there are many correct ways to do Wikimedian in Residence roles.
      10. Giovanna said that she was more of a "Wikimedian in Residence" than a "Wikipedian in Residence", doing more with Wikidata and Wikimedia Commons. She spends most of her time editing metadata, but she would like to edit Wikipedia more.
  6. Wikimedia Summit
    1. Wikimedia UK's offer to support LGBT+ Wikipedian funding at some other chapter
    2. the LGBT+ project is a user group that isn't based around a location, which is similar to us
    3. chapter elections
      1. this is for board of trustees - the 10 people governing the WMF allocating the US$100 million -will happen in ~3 months
    4. WREN usergroup participation in 2020
      1. becuase of usergroup status
    5. GLAM and other potential usergroups
    6. other interests?
    7. WREN or WiREN
      1. WREN is a bird pun, us North Americans think that is clever and approve
      2. comes from a "birds of a feather" session at Wikimania 2017
      3. logo options from Noun Project and
  7. Fakepedians
    1. People who profess to be Wikipedians but have no relationship whatsoever to the website or community
    2. When they ask for endorsement to seek funding for large amounts of money in the name of Wikipedia, for projects that have nothing to do with Wikipedia, how should we respond?
  8. Upcoming ArbCom elections - what are candidates' views on paid editing? Is it important to us?
  9. GLAMTLV2018/Welcome (meetup)
    1. Giovanna organized a meetup? there; they exchanged tips and ideas and showed each other their work
    2. Giovanna says she wants to upload her slides from that
    3. FB discussion about a GLAM usergroup (link?)
    4. Wikidata representation of Wiki projects?
  10. Community Wishlist Survey 2019
    1. ones that we might be interested in?
    2. Rachel is interested in Visual Editor working on more projects
  11. Modeling WIR residencies on Wikidata: GLAM/Museu Paulista (Q52760835)
  12. Project alerts
    1. New affinity group - Advanced technology
  13. Current state of reports per source
    1. Given a website, how to generate report of how many times and where anywhere on wiki cites / links to that website?
    2. Liam Wyatt used to do this in 2013?
    3. Jake Orlowitz requested this repeatedly?
    4. Can we do this easily?
    5. Lane did this with plain text search previously
    6. Dominic, how do you do this? things from us or from other uploaders?
      1. we have an institutional template for sourcing institution and a larger category
      2. lots of work involved in making the data useful in an institutional setting
    7. Rachel uses hidden categories on Commons, other people (Mary; Giovanna) use categories
      1. GLAMorgan and baGLAMa
    8. John says GLAMorgan is a bit broken about looking at the past; it acts like the image has always been there
    9. Rachel developed some documentation on these tools for WikiConference NA
    10. we as WiRs would like a more accurate tool for this
  14. Wiki community + United Nations
    1. en:Sustainable Development Goals
      1. What could be the relationship between Wikimedia and the UN system and the SDGs (the things they want to make happen, not the legal construct)
      3. d:Wikidata:WikiProject Sustainable Development
      4. UN projects in NYC - opportunity?
      5. Copyright status
      6. Sustainability Initiative
        1. Wiki loves Vegan
      7. Daniel Mietchen speaking
      8. related Wikimania 2017 submission
  15. Wikidata staging?
    1. d:Wikidata:Dataset Imports
    2. d:Wikidata:Data Import Guide
    3. en:Zenodo
    4. en:Dataverse
  16. WMF relationship
    1. hire coordinator?
      1. Wiki LGBT+ wants
      2. The Signpost wants
      3. What constitutes critical mass?
  17. skill-sharing sessions and guest speakers
    1. Proposed speakers
      1. Nav Evans
      2. Maarten Dammers
      3. Skill share among regular participants
  18. Scheduling future meetings
    1. next meeting is December 12, the second Wednesday of the month at the same time
    2. we can also have Slack meetups or casual chat there
    3. anyone is welcome to start writing documentation on Wikimedian in Residence pages (on Meta?). A place to start would be on a mission statement.