Wikimedians in Residence Exchange Network/minutes 2018 11

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This meeting[edit]

Wednesday, ???
12:00 – 1:00pm Eastern Time (New York)


Agenda and notes[edit]

  1. Need for documentation
    1. Stakes are getting higher quickly
      1. new Wikipedia people being hired
      2. Lane reports that institutions are ambivalent about wiki core values of open, diversity, and wiki-community collaboration
      3. proposal - we need to draft something now, get in-group approval, float to general Wikimedia community, then this group needs to insist on shared values
  2. WikiConference North America report
    1. new people invited...?
    2. New Wikipedians in Residence being hired!
      1. Stanford University
      2. Internet ArchivealtName and branding
    3. request from ?? - how much do people like "Wikipedian in Residence" as a title?
    4. alternatives?
  3. Wikimedia Summit
    1. Wikimedia UK's offer to support LGBT+ Wikipedian funding at some other chapter
    2. chapter elections
    3. WREN usergroup
    4. other interests?
  4. Wishlist
  5. Project alerts
    1. New affinity group - Advanced technology
  6. Current state of reports per source
    1. Given a website, how to generate report of how many times and where anywhere on wiki cites / links to that website?
    2. Liam Wyatt used to do this in 2013?
    3. Jake Orlowitz requested this repeatedly?
    4. Can we do this easily?
    5. Lane did this with plain text search previously
  7. Wiki community + United Nations
    1. en:Sustainable Development Goals
      1. What could be the relationship between Wikimedia and the UN system and the SDGs (the things they want to make happen, not the legal construct)
      3. d:Wikidata:WikiProject Sustainable Development
      4. UN projects in NYC - opportunity?
      5. Copyright status
      6. Sustainability Initiative
        1. Wiki loves Vegan
      7. Daniel Mietchen speaking
      8. related Wikimania 2017 submission
  8. Wikidata staging?
    1. d:Wikidata:Dataset Imports
    2. d:Wikidata:Data Import Guide
    3. en:Zenodo
    4. en:Dataverse
  9. WMF relationship
    1. hire coordinator?
      1. Wiki LGBT+ wants
      2. The Signpost wants
      3. What constitutes critical mass?
  10. skill-sharing sessions and guest speakers
    1. Proposed speakers
      1. Nav Evans
      2. Maarten Dammers
      3. Skill share among regular participants