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This meeting[edit]

3rd Wednesday of the month at 12 noon New York time.
Wed March 18 12pm – 1pm Eastern Time - New York
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Agenda and notes[edit]

Items for every meeting
This meeting
Special COVID-19 quarantined edition!


  1. Richard / Pharos - Wikipedian in Residencea the Met, which is closed down. I was already planning things with groups of interns this summer. With Andrew I was thinking of setting up more video and audio publishing.
  2. Lane - considering how we might use Zoom as part of Wikipedia online culture, or whether we can find a free and open alternative.
  3. Rachel Helps - the university library is still open but the university is encouraging as many people as possible to work from home. Suddenly all my colleagues want me to do Zoom FAQs
  4. Michelle Boon Gebruiker:Michelle_Boon - I live in the Netherlands. This is my first time attending this meetup! I am not really a Wikimedian in Residence. I am in a Linked Open Data Project which is not yet announced publicly. In the past I worked at Wikimedia Netherlands
  5. Esther Jackson - the New York Botanical Garden is closed! I had more experience through Wikipedia in doing online events and my colleagues have been asking me about this. We were planning a collaboration with the Smithsonian and the Bioheritage Diversity Library for "Earth Optimism" where people would edit Wikipedia articles on endangered species. We want to keep social contact with everyone, talk about plants, and bring people into Wikipedia and the collaboration university
  6. Hillary Thorsen - based at Stanford University, working from home, doing the Linked Data for Production project. Our county is the epicenter of COVID-19 so we are all sheltering in place for the next three weeks. My position expires in June 2020. I am not expecting to have funding to contribute to the Wikidata and Wikibase portion of it.
  7. Jeffrey Keefer - Wikipedian in Residence at PCORI, a health organization in DC. I am sheltering in place at home in upstate New York. We had a couple of editathons in late January. One of them we recorded and we used that recording to come up with a tutorial for health and medical research. I think we need to continue with this online model of event outreach, regardless of COVID-19. I have seen a huge uptick in Wikipedia vandalism
  8. Jamie Flood - Wikipedian in Residence at the National Agriculture Library! we at the National Agriculture Library organized an online meetup. Some of our staff are not accustomed to working online and I want to provide more options for them to contribute to Wikipedia in the content of the quarantine. We considered the models of various other organizations having Wikipedia programs. Not all government agencies around DC are closed but many are moving this way. School is out, people are home.
  9. Kelly - at home in London, working as a Wikimedian in Residence in a project called "Making African Connections" funded by Susses University and the UK government. We are looking at the possibilities of Wikipedia and Wikidata to decolonize collections and the media around connections. The museums have closed down here. I am interested in hearing from people who run virtual events.
  10. Andrew - the Met had their 3-year anniversary of their open access release. The Smithsonian recently had a big content release of many files in an open access release. There is a group called CROW which is Conference Remote Options for Wikipedia where 80+ people seek online options to participate in Wikipedia. Some issues we are trying to balance is whether to commit to Zoom and their commercial development but problematic policies, or the free and open alternatives which better match Wikipedia values but which are less technologically developed. I am with a team which is trying to teach people to use OpenRefine, perhaps in a model of a series of 5-minute videos.
  11. Luca - Things are good here in Rome. We have queues outside supermarkets because we have regulations about how many people can be in the same building at the same time. I am mostly staying at home. Unfortunately in North Italy things are becoming dire. I am hearing bad news. Two provinces and the hospitals in two cities in Lombardy do not have room. We are counting hundreds of deaths, mostly older people who have pathologies. We just heard of a 29-year old person in Rome who has COVID-19 but he should do okay for being otherwise healthy. Our medical professionals are contracting the virus. Here in Europe we hear about country after country locking down, except for the UK, which is an odd case and I do not wish to discuss it. Last weekend was a crazy 48 hours where stricker rules were decided day by day. It started with a red zone, then the closing of a region, then three regions, then a national lockdown. Psychologically we are doing fine. We follow the rules, cleaning hands.
  1. Andrew: CROW and WikiProject remote event participation links:
    1. Meta page:
    2. Telegram chat:
    3. Jeffrey: When you were mentioning the Weekly podcast I was thinking of the two audience - there are insiders who want to talk about certain things, then people outside the wiki movement who need a different sort of content.
    4. Andrew: Agree we need both newbie and experienced content
    5. Jamie: I am HERE for learning nuggets - they've worked really well with my agriculture institutional partnerships! we've done ours in 45 minute increments but they've worked well. I think smaller could still be brilliant - especially in terms of WikiData

Andrew: That in a nutshell was the focus of two years of Capacity Building Working Group functions. Like most things in the Movement, this is up to US to do. That is US, NOT U.S.

    1. Kelly: How are you expecting this to be produced? Would this be a broadcast?
    2. Andrew: When we first tried this in 2006 there was little online video. Nowadays we could do this differently. There is no one-stop shop for all this programming in our community. For our first program we are thinking of doing this with YouTube Live and Facebook Live.
  1. Lane: Should we record and publish these montly WREN meetings? Who supports, who opposes?
    1. Esther: This seems okay.
    2. Andrew: Generally like the idea, but maybe we should have a private executive session which is not recorded so people can talk openly
    3. Jeffrey: I agree, some portion of the meeting which is not recorded explicitly for the regular attendees should happen.
    4. Michelle - for the volunteer support network we have a safe space portion of our meeting which is private
    5. Richard: since we are Wikipedians in Residence we know each other, and can arrange for this
    6. Lane: Can we record the next WREN meeting?
    7. (some support, no opposition, some quiet)
  2. Wikimedia Foundation project grant proposals
    1. Mcbrarian at en:McMaster University seeks funding for a Wikimedian in Residence in Grants:Project/McMaster University Health Sciences Library Faculty & Researcher Engagement Effort
    2. Grants:Project/Geogap in South Asia and Dutch Caribbean on Wikimedia projects
      1. Michelle: I am the contact for this project
      2. Lane: Should we support it?
      3. Michelle: Yes!
      4. (How should we evaluate these kinds of proposals? When should we support? What does it mean to support?)
  3. Annual report overdue
    1. post it at Wikimedians in Residence Exchange Network/2018 and 2019
    2. already some content there
    3. let's do calendar year reporting
    4. The best advice for everyone:
      1. Document what you do as Wikimedian in Residnece in your own way in your own place, preferrably on wiki
  4. Online Meet-ups coming up
    1. Hilary: LD4 Wikidata Affinity Group
      1. Wikidata Working Hour
      2. Friday, March 20, 2020 at 11:30am PDT / 2:30pm EDT / 18:30 UTC / 7:30pm CET
      3. Zoom to join:
      4. Topic: likely seeing if we can contribute to the Wikidata WikiProject COVID-19
    2. Wikidata Call
      1. Tuesday, March, 24, 2020 at 9am PDT / 12pm EDT / 16:00 UTC / 5pm CET
      2. Agenda:
      3. Topic: Wikidata and Wikipedia Tool Add-on in Google Sheets
  5. Request for rep for Brand project