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Wikimedians of China continental es un grupo de Wikimedians que trabaja para promover el movimiento Wikimedia en China continental.

We have acknowledged current blockade on all languages of Wikipedia in mainland China. See our report of this on Qiuwen. Feel free to reach out our liaisons' email to discuss this issue.


  • Promoción del movimiento de Wikimedia en China continental.
  • Realización de actividades en línea y fuera de línea en China continental.
  • Ayudando a los novatos wikimedianos (principalmente de China continental) a estudiar cómo usar y editar sitios Wikimedia.

Consulte Constitución del grupo de usuarios para más detalles.


A meetup in Beijing
Physical printout of Qiuwen, the user group-runned news service


Las siguientes reuniones y otras actividades fuera de línea son realizadas por miembros del grupo o enlaces.

Coordinación de edición en línea

Otras actividades fuera de línea

  • Shanghai Photowalk, próximo

Online lectures

Since China is geographically diverse and hard to bring offline meetups to wherever newbies and potential contributors are, promoting Wikimedia movements online is also one of other major ways to introduce Wikimedia projects, as well as teaching basic editing skills and tips. By December 2017, we have successfully held 5 online lectures, with over 200 audiences in total. From the fifth lecture, we decided to put links and ways to attend it on a banner of Chinese Wikipedia a few days in advance, to attract more audiences.

After the latest one held on February 2nd, future lectures will be held regularly about every two months, thus the next lecture will be held in early April.



Total members: 203


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Any Wikimedia users can join our group freely, as long as you meet our criteria stated in our constitution.

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Contact our liaisons at liaisons(_AT_)


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