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What is the Wikimedia Foundation doing for Wikipedia 20?[edit]

WP20Symbols puzzleglobe2.svg

We want to use this anniversary as a celebration of the 20 years that have brought us here, and share in the anticipation of what’s to come. We are celebrating how humans made Wikipedia what it is, and only humans can help sustain and grow it. We are celebrating 20 years human!

When is this taking place?[edit]

The 20th birthday celebrations will begin in January 2021 and continue throughout the year 2021 with different activities and a single, unifying theme: “20 Years Human”.

What is the objective?[edit]

Increase public awareness and understanding that Wikipedia is part of a movement, and celebrate how humans made Wikipedia what it is.


What is being developed and when is it going to be released?[edit]

October 2020[edit]

  • A set of 20th birthday designs for unified visual consistency and guidelines for how to customize and make your own

November 2020[edit]

December 2020[edit]

  • Wikipedia 20 Rapid Grants to support community birthday celebrations
    • Applications are accepted between the 1st and 15th of each month.
    • If you are planning to submit a grant application for a Wikipedia 20 event taking place on or around January 15, please make sure to do so by midnight UTC on 15 December 2020. For those planning to host Wikipedia 20 events after January through the end of 2021, Rapid Grants will continue to be available in the following months.
  • Press outreach begins
  • Press and social media toolkits with sample messaging for communities
  • Guidelines for holding virtual events
  • CentralNotice banner campaign
    • To remind community members of upcoming Wikipedia 20 milestone and direct them to get involved
    • December 17 - December 19

January 2021[edit]

WP20Symbols FIREWORKS.svg
  • A set of 20th birthday pages on
    • Launch January 15
  • Press
    • Launch January 15
  • CentralNotice banner campaign (see more details here)
    • January 15 - January 21
  • Social media campaign (see more details here)
    • Teasing - launch January 1
    • Celebrating - launch January 15
  • Digital swag pack - presentation template, zoom backgrounds, GIFs, and digital stickers
  • A birthday video summarizing the humans of Wikipedia in 2 minutes for use across media, events, and the birthday web hub
    • Launch January 15
  • Promotion of birthday celebration videos through paid digital media across a variety of non-Wikimedia websites to reach existing Wikipedia readers in Nigeria and the United States
    • To inform them about the Wikimedia movement and increase awareness of the humans that power the Wikimedia sites
    • January 15 ~ February 12
  • Birthday swag
    • Launch January 15
  • A global virtual party featuring remarks from community members about how they have seen the movement grow over the 20 years and their wishes for the future, as well as from Jimmy Wales and Katherine Maher
    • January 15 at 16.00-17.00 UTC
  • Wikipedia 20 Rapid Grants to support community birthday celebrations

February 2021[edit]

March 2021[edit]

April or May 2021[edit]

  • Continue the celebrations on social media and through press to remind the world that we are celebrating the 20th birthday of Wikipedia throughout the year
  • Wikipedia 20 Rapid Grants to support community birthday celebrations
  • 20th birthday apparel collection release

August 2021[edit]

  • Tentative: Celebration with the community members at Wikimania

October or November 2021[edit]

  • Tentative: 20th birthday event to close out the year of celebration

Who is working on this at the Foundation?[edit]

WP20Symbols OWL OF ATHENA.svg

Wikipedia 20 project core team within the Communications department, led by Khanyi Mpumlwana, Creative Director (vision lead) and Lena Traer, Creative Project Manager (project lead), with the support and guidance of the steering committee from across the Foundation and a liaison from the Communications Committee.

Wikipedia 20 project core team[edit]

Full team of leads working on the 20th birthday activities within the Wikimedia Foundation's Communications department:

  • Khanyi Mpumlwana - Creative Director - Vision lead
  • Lena Traer - Creative Project Manager - Project lead
  • Samir Elsharbaty - Brand Associate - Community strategy and grants
  • Blanca Flores - Design Associate - Design
  • Hang Do Thi Duc - Multimedia Designer - Birthday web hub
  • Tas Elias - Brand Collaborations Lead
  • Lauren Dickinson - Senior Communications Manager - Communications lead
  • Sam Lien - Senior Communications Manager - PR & media lead
  • Greg Varnum - Senior Strategist - Birthday web hub & Meta-Wiki community strategy
  • Aubrie Johnson - Communications Associate - Social media
  • Ed Erhart - Audience Engagement Content Strategist - Social media
  • Brooke Camarda - Audience Engagement Growth Manager - Paid media
  • Nadee Gunasena - Lead Executive Communications Manager - Birthday event
  • Nino Hemmer - Senior Insights Manager - Research, Strategy and Metrics

Steering committee[edit]

To help the core team plan the project, build campaigns and take action, we’ve assembled a working group also known as the “party” committee:

  • Megan Hernandez - Vice President of Fundraising, Advancement
  • Yael Weissburg - Director of Strategic Partnerships, Advancement
  • Alex Hollender - Lead UX Designer, Product Design
  • Lucy Blackwell - Senior Design Manager, Product Design
  • Allison Davenport - Senior Public Policy Counsel, Legal
  • Joe Sutherland - Senior Trust & Safety Specialist, Legal
  • Deborah Tankersley - Senior Program Manager, Technology
  • Aubrey Williams - Diversity & Inclusion Program Associate, Talent and Culture
  • Joël Letang - Senior Event Strategist, Operations
  • Ryan Merkley - Chief of Staff, Office of the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director
  • Anusha Alikhan - Senior Communications Director, Communications
  • Lauren Dickinson - Senior Communications Manager, Communications
  • Sam Lien - Senior Communications Manager, Communications
  • Greg Varnum - Senior Strategist, Communications
  • Zack McCune - Director of Brand, Communications
  • Debby Zierten - Senior Director of Audience Engagement, Communications
  • Brooke Camarda - Audience Engagement Growth Manager, Communications
  • Ed Erhart - Audience Engagement Content Strategist, Communications
  • Virginia Díez - Communications & Public Policy Manager, Wikimedia España - Communications Committee liaison

The project is being supported by:

Get in touch[edit]

Project core team can be reached at wikipedia20(_AT_) or on this talk page.