Wikipedia Asian Month User group 2019-2020 annual report

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Annual Report

Here is the Wikipedia Asian Month User group 2019-2020 annual report. From 2019 to 2020, Wikipedia Asian Month held the Wikipedia Asian Month 2019 (WAM2019) and prepare for Wikipedia Asian Month 2020 (Current event). We also work on reframing our projects and looking for more cooperations.

Past events[edit]


  • There were 59 Wikipedia projects involved in WAM2019. We have a total number of 783 participants who submitted at least 1 article. Out of those, 470 submitted more than 4 articles. Our participants have contributed 10,135 articles. 9,381 of those fit our standard and were accepted.
  • We had 3 Affiliated Events:
  1. Swedish Wikipedia’s Asian Week 2019
  2. Swedish competition Food and beverages III
  3. Finnish Wikipedia’s Kaakkois-Aasia
  • In consideration of a week-long internet block in Iran, Wikipedia Asian Month 2019 contest has been extended for another week past November. The articles submitted till 7th December 2019.
  • In addition, we enact Rewarded Participants’ Data Privacy Statement. This statement describes how and when Wikipedia Asian Month Internal Team collects, uses, and stores the information we receive from the rewarded participants.
  • We created a website to present the final outcomes and statistic result for WAMs, the website was firstly used in WAM 2019.
  • To protect international team member’s privacy and storage our previous document, we now have the email accounts for team members (eg: and for general contact (




The Problems We Faced and the Potential Solutions[edit]

We do notice there are some problems we meet this year. The contain below describes the problems we faced and potential solutions:

  • Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are a lot of countries’ international postal systems not reopened.
Solution: We send all the participants digital postcards (front, back) and digital certifications for organizers to the email address they provided for postcard progress tracking. At the same time we are still trying our best to send out paper postcards, certifications and gifts to participants.
  • Some participants cannot receive their postcards smoothly and ask the progress several times.
Solution: We are designing the specific report channel including all the information related to postcards certification (e.g progress report, deliver failed list, reporting channel ) for participants. This report channel will firstly be used on Wikipedia Asian Month 2020.
  • Some teams are not familiar with the usage of Fountain tool and they didn’t understand the regulations of Wikipedia Asian Month. It’s a pity that some precious articles were not recorded during the WAM 2019.
Solution: We will send out the invitation and regulations of WAM, also the usage guidance of Fountain tool by MassMessage before the event starts.
Solution: To protect participants’ data ,we will use a more trustworthy platform for data collection and try to translate to different languages for different participants.

Safety issue[edit]

We notice that there are some members from an Affcom-unrecognized group, Wikimedians of Mainland China User Group, who have tried to reach out to the WAM international team, seeking for cooperation and access to private discussion. However, after turning down their application and request due to privacy concerns and the fact that we had already found the partner, they then turn to attacking and harassing members of WAM at one of their own events which concern and disturb many of us. The statement they made accused our members as fraudsters, making decisions based on political purpose and threatened our members to better leave the community.

Future Plan[edit]

  • This year we will hold the Wikipedia Asian Month 2020 as usual, and also work on dealing with the problems we faced (especially COVID-19 pandemic), to make sure WAM’s quality and momentum can be improved.
  • We encourage our partners to hold more diversity, cross domain and creative events in the future. However, the organizing team for the events should understand the core spirit, regulation and goal of WAM, and also provide reasonable proposals and regulations of their events for all participants.