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Wikisource Community User Group/2024 Report

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Report of the Wikisource Community User Group for 2024.

Written by VIGNERON, Samwilson, ...


Online meetings[edit]

Wikisource Community meetings
  • 24 February 2024 (17 persons)
  • 30 March 2024 (16 person registered, 18 participants), discussion about the hackathon, Wikimania, the Wikisource conference and various other technical subjects.
Persian Wikisource: Zero to Hero by Darafsh

Wikimedia Hackathon 2024[edit]

Wikisource intro session

TBD Several wikisourcerors were at the mw:Wikimedia Hackathon 2024, including Sam Wilson, VIGNERON and many others. Among other things:

  • Albertoleoncio worked on a new magic words for pages not needing scans
    • 1026897: Special:PagesWithoutScans excluding
  • Jon Harald Soby worked on finishing the import/creation of 3 new Wikisource language editions (Georgian, Burmese, Malay)
  • Sohom worked online on a new Match and split https://matchandsplit.toolforge.org
  • OCR
    • 1024985: Wikisource OCR popup focus fixing
    • 1027486: Switched the OCR toolbar loading to the new 'secondary' section
  • Some people (Sohom, Anmol) worked remotely (please add more details)
  • User: Wassan.anmol migrated the tool to Cloud VPS (phab:T364175). The tool can now be accessed at https://bub2.wmcloud.org. Other fixes for BUB2 tool were also done - phab:T364176 and phab:T358358
  • Discussion about Dark Mode on Wikisources (with Jdlrobson)
  • Side-discussions about re-merging all the Wikisources together again (big discussion, both on technical and social sides, will need many discussions with the each and every community)
  • Other projects maybe useful for Wikisource :
  • Various tools and gadgets

Wikimania Katowice[edit]

Other meetings[edit]

Some of the participants of the 3rd session
  • February: Nicolas (with the help of Nanour and others) did 4 sessions of training of trainers for the West African Réseau @pprendre. It was especially important as Africa is a major blind spot and knowledge gap for Wikisource. See also Diff post
  • February 15: Satdeep Gill did a presentation about Wikisource Loves Manuscripts at the 7th International Sanskrit Computational Linguistics Symposium, video ou YouTube


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