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Wikisource Community User Group/2018 Report

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Report of the Wikisource Community User Group for 2018.

Written by VIGNERON, Satdeep Gill and Tpt.


Participants at Wikisource Meetup during Wikimedia Conference 2018

Wikimedia Conference 2018[edit]

17-22 April in Berlin : Wikimedia Conference 2018/Wikisource Community User Group, poster, lightning talk and a meetup.


18-22 July in Cape Town : Wikisource Meetup at Wikimania

Nelson Mandela diary were made available during the Wikimania[1].

GLAMWiki Conference[edit]

3-5 November : State of the Wikisources (panel)

WikiCite 2018[edit]

27-29 November : Discussion on Etherpad


Outside of the usual maintenance of ProofreadPage and ToolsForge tools heavily used by Wikisource (wsexport, ia-upload...) some technical improvements have been done in 2018:

Community Wishlist Survey 2019[edit]

The Wikisource community took part in the Community Wishlist Survey 2019 and cast 455 votes from 170 contributors for 11 Wikisource-related proposals[2] (on a total of 212 proposals). The top five are:

Rank Proposal Proposer Votes Phabs
4 Improve export of electronic books Consulnico 113 T178803
32 Offer PDF export of original pagination of entire books Alex brollo 58 T179790
39 Create integrated interwiki mechanism for Wikisource Ankry 53 T128173, T180304
Related: T180303
43 XTools Edit Counter for Wikisource Jayantanth 49 T173012
73 Interface to display two (or more) different text from same (or different) wikisource side by side C933103 37

It's the first time that a Wikisource proposal make it to the top ten. The involvement of the community was also more high than the previous years, a lot of message were sent through multiples channels (mailing list and social media) and there is now high hope for technical solutions.


Some things that happened on the Wikisource projects.



The post on the Wikimedia Foundation blog Meet some featured Wikimedia volunteers from India (by Krishna Chaitanya Velaga, July 3rd, 2018) mentions several times Wikisources.

Bengali Wikisource awareness campaign videos

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