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GLAMTLV2018/Submissions/State of the Wikisources (panel)

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State of the Wikisources (panel)

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Wikisource Community User Group

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  • Panel
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60 minutes
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Some statistics (WMCON 2018 poster).

In 2018, Wikisource turns 15! Created as one multilingual online library, there is now 68 linguistic versions which gather a total of 3,7 millions texts.

In 15 years, a strong community has grown and developed rules and habits. Some partnerships have been made and tools were built; first and foremost the ProofreadPage extension (that displays scanned page side-by-side with the transcription) but also tools for importing or exporting texts. Exciting things are happening in India. Slowly but steadily, Wikisources keep growing. But in order to go up, some challenges has to be resolved. Technical ones are fundamental as Wikisource can be a difficult platform to master (too much for attracting enough newcomers), socio-linguistic ones (a Wikisource can't exist without a healthy community) and GLAM-related one (attracting more libraries as they are natural allies).

After a general introduction, several wikisourcerors with different backgrounds will present their stories. Specifics about relationship with GLAMs and importance of the linguistic context (especially in India) will be presented.

Discussion about English Wikisource progress and culture (concentration on biographical dictionaries and encyclopedias, i.e. [1]; [2]) panelist may stray towards off-wiki transcription progress at Smithsonian Institution, National Archives and Records Administration, and Library of Congress.

What will attendees take away from this session?
  1. how Wikisources work,
  2. where Wikisource come from, in what state it is nowadays and where it goes.
  3. understand how Wikisource supports Wikimedia movement
  4. best practices from different Indic communities and how they can replicate them in their communities.
  5. working with the small groups in archiving digital knowledge.
  6. discuss the challenges among the Indic community members and how we can overcome them.
  7. how to approach institutions in countries with less awareness about digitisation.
  8. how Guerilla GLAM can be useful to liberate Public domain works and learn about the problems we are facing while we are doing this.
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