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Wikisource Community User Group/2019 Report

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Report of the Wikisource Community User Group for 2019.

Written by Ernest-Mtl, Jon Harald Søby, MJL, VIGNERON, Balajijagadesh, Bodhisattwa, Slowking4, Satdeep Gill, Gurlal Maan and Ankry.


Wikimedia Summit 2019[edit]

Gurlal Maan was elected to represent the Wikisource Community User Group at Wikimedia Summit 2019.


Rabindranath Month Proofreading Contest[edit]

First prize of the contest
First prize of the contest

West Bengal Wikimedians User Group organized a 3-months long proofreading contest from May 9, 2019 to August 8, 2019 on Bengali Wikisource celebrating the occassion of birth and death anniversary of Nobel laureate author Rabindranath Tagore, 16 books written by the said author were selected for the participants to proofread and officials of CIS-A2K and Wikimedia Bangladesh chapter later distributed prizes to the winners.

Wikisource workshop at Salem, India[edit]

Women participants in the workshop
Participants of the workshop

Two day residential wikisource workshop for Tamil Language wikisource (ta.wikisource.org) was held at Salem, India on 8th and 9th June 2019. The event was organised by CIS-A2K. The trainer for the event was Jayanta Nath. The community organisers were Balajijagadesh and Parvathisri. There were total 28 participants. Out of which 15 participants were female participants. The workshop was aimed at people who have at least minimum introduction to wikis and wikisource. In terms of participation this is the biggest wikisource workshop in India. The detailed report in Tamil can be seen here.

Celtic Knot 2019[edit]

Wikisource presentation.

Jon Harald Søby and VIGNERON held a presentation about Wikisource at the Celtic Knot language conference in July 2019 in Penryn, Cornwall, UK (proposal and slides, video on YouTube).

Unapersona did a presentation about Promoting and managing small sister projects and mentionned Wikisource in Catalan (Viquitexts), it's challenges and lessons learned (slides and video on Youtube).

Estevoaei wrote a post in Galician and Castilian on Wikimedia España blog.

Wikimania 2019[edit]

Presentations and Wikisource meetup at Wikimania 2019 in August.

WikidataCon 2019[edit]

There was a lightning talk presentation (slides and video) and a meetup during the WikidataCon 2019 in October.

Tpt, VIGNERON, Bodhisattwa, Sannita, Satpal Dandiwal and Satdeep Gill were present at this conference and for the meetup. A lot of subject were discussed, mainly with a technical background.

  • The Wikisource Extension will hopefully will be deployed soon (maybe 6 months). The interwiki language links would work with Wikidata, linking edition and edition of properties to provide sitelinks in Wikisource.
  • Global gadgets/template for Wikisource will be possible. Use translatewiki to translate the parts. But it will also make it harder to change things.
  • SDC will get metadata about the manifestation and item level
  • Wikisource will display the data on Wikidata/Commons
  • Structured Table of Contents - Autogenerated main namespace pages.
  • Long term idea : going toward a Structured Data on Wikisource ?
  • New Transclusion system only works if page doesn't exist.

Wiki Advanced Training 2019[edit]

Participants at Wiki Advanced Training 2019, Pune

CIS-A2K organized Wiki Advanced Training 2019 which was focused on Wikisource for this iteration. The event had 21 participants from 9 Wikisource communities across India. SGill did a workshop with the participants to surface 5 major pain points for the Indic Wikisource community.

Źródłosłów 2019[edit]

Presentation "Wikiźródłowe włóczęgi" (Wikisource tramps) at the Źródłosłów 2019 conference organized by Wikimedia Polska was about various Wikisource interactions and cooperations. There was a dedicated track related to Wikisource at this conference.

EMLex Wiktionary HackFest 2019[edit]

Presentation "Wikisource + Wiktionary" about how these projects can work together during the EMLex Wiktionary HackFest 2019.

Wikiconference North America 2019[edit]

Presentation "Wikisource year in review"


Community Wishlist Survey 2020[edit]

Community Wishlist Survey 2020 was focused on Wikimedia projects other than Wikipedia, Commons and Wikidata. 4 out of top 5 proposals were submitted by the Wikisource community and the 5th one was submitted by the Wiktionary community is also focused on Wikisource.

Rank Proposal Category Proposer Phabs
1 Improve export of electronic books Wikisource Candalua 89 T178803
2 New OCR tool Wikisource Jan.Kamenicek 65 T161978, T228594
3 Migrate Wikisource specific edit tools from gadgets to Wikisource extension Wikisource JAn Dudík 62
4 Inter-language link support via Wikidata Wikisource Beleg Tâl 60 T138332, T128173, T180304, T54971

Related: T236502

5 Insert attestation using Wikisource as a corpus Wiktionary Noé 57 T139152, T157802


Some things that happened on the Wikisource projects.



Every month, the community is offered a list of book indexes to proofread and validate (optional), in many spheres, and the objective was to obtain a milestone of 5000 pages proofreaded within the month, trying to promote specific areas such as DP2019, women in literature, M&S books, first title from an author on FRWS, ecology oriented, and pendent opera interrupta. In order for the challenge to proceed to the next month, 5000 pages was to be attained (and we did!). While the fear at the begining was to drive the users from their regular books within the challenge finally showed us that the challenge brought and increase in the non-challenge books _AND_ increase the proofreading within the challenge itself. Proofreading in the regular titles on FRWS got a notable increase of +8.6% compared to 2018 and the challenge itself generated additional 75829 proofread pages, +27672 validated pages and 315 new books published.

From January to December, the range of the challenge brought sometimes quite nice results, going from 107.72% (5386 pages in April) to 176.78% (8839 pages in June) of the 5000 pages challenge within the month.

The challenge revealed to be a full increase in the contributions on FWSR and contributors were proofreading these pages and their regular projects, thus, not affecting the usual operation of the main project itself. The community of FRWS decided in November to pursue the Défi 5000 in 2020 on the same terms we have now.

Year # pages proofread # pages validated # books released/published
2018 178714 55961 218
2019 269895 82372 589
% Increase +51% +47% +170%
# Increase 91181 26411 370
Within challenge 75829 27672 305

Project Nigandiam was started in Tamil wikisource. Nigandiam loosely translates into lexicography. User:Neechalkaran has initiated the project along with Thamizhpparithi Maari and Balajijagadesh. The project is in collaboration with Valluvar Vallalar Study circle. Ingersol Selvaraj is the point of contact from Valluvar Vallalar study circle. The aim of the project is to do proofreading of various dictionaries in Tamil wikisource. Later transferring the content into Tamil wiktionary and possibly wikidata lexemes. As on 6 December 2019, 51 people have participated in the proofreading. Majority of them are new users. Till now 3 books have been proofread. science dictionary, sports dictionary, computer dictionary. Other books are being proofread. The projects were covered in Tamil language newspapers.

This proofreading contest in it.source took place for the first time in 2013 during the tenth anniversary of Wikisource and has came back every year since then.


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