Wikisource Community User Group/2014 Report

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  • Preparations for Wikimania 2014: invitation sent to all Wikisource communities to the Wikisource Meetup.
  • Wikimania meeting:
  • Wikimania talks: Tpt, Charles Matthews, OA signalling
  • Wikisource representation in Wikimania Hackathon as part of scholarship application of Billinghurst
  • Wikisource Birthday proofreading contests [2]
  • We helped Siko in evaluating the IEG proposals related to Wikisource (I did).
  • We are maintaining the migration of WS related tickets from Bugzilla to Phabricator (thanks Billinghurst!), and looking to create a project ns to support the user group and aligned developments
  • We are discussing the perennial problem of structured data on WS (thanks all!)
  • The hidden but precious work of Phe, Tpt, Ricordisamoa and other coders who maintain the Proofread Extensions, do Wikidata things and more.
  • The creation of the "other project sidebar" beta feature
  • Progressing the updating of the patrol function of pywikibot-core
  • Re-implemented the webfonts on English Wikisource as a trial for Wikisources
  • Undertaking permissions clean-up as part of global project
  • Identified Wikisource-specific desired updates to Indexing tool and coordinated update
  • Working with Open Access project for Wikimedia-wide implementation of references (WPs), reference text (WSes), text images (Commons) and metadata (WD)
  • Created Oriya Wikisource
  • enWS prototyped an update to CirrusSearch to give emphasis to other namespaces as we utilise content namespaces in a broader sense than the WPs and a direct outcome of discussions at WM2014; this is available for all WSes.
  • Created BUB:book uploader bot tool for uploading books: Google Books (+other libraries) -> -> Commons uploads.


  • Development assistance in the development of Visual Editor for Wikisource (see T93525)
  • Review of the plan to standardise and reserve namespace configuration to a default set, and the migration of existing WSes to meet this standard


  • Some developments depend on other projects (Wikidata, Commons), so there has been a constant tracking on the needed features.
  • The growth of the Wikisource community is mainly volunteer-based, and as such we have relied mostly on GsoC projects for additional features.
  • In-person communication during Wikimania helped to develop trust and understanding between different language communities.


  • Continue tracking needed features
  • If possible organize a new WS meetup on Wikimania '15, or try to obtain help from any Chapter for a WS-specific meetup
  • Continue with the GsoC program
  • Plan the migration to Wikidata as soon as the needed features are ready (unconnected item access)
  • Ask the WMF for a dedicated developer (or even better, a team) helping volunteer devs in their work.