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In the Wiktionary projects the pronunciation is an aspect that is often given attention. Pronunciation are something that we would like to have with every word and phrase.

How to represent pronunciations[edit]

In the lexicological world the traditional way of working with pronunciation is either by transcription to the character set of the language or by transcribing it in a phonetic script. There are inherent problems with all these options. Transcriptions are often done once and not for the language that the user speaks. The phonetic scripts are not universally understood and, the way they are implemented is often language dependent.

The best way to represent pronunciations is by offering them as a soundfile. The Wikimedia Foundation uses the .ogg format as its exclusive format for sound.

How to save soundfiles for usage in the Wikimedia projects[edit]

As there are many Wiktionary projects all aiming to have all words in all languages, the recorded soundfiles should be saved in Wikimedia Commons. It is vitally important that the content is saved with appropriate license information. Without it, there is a good chance that this content will be removed from the Commons project. When a file is saved, it is expected to conform to a naming convention. The name is in three parts: xx.yyyyy.ogg; where xx is the language code and yyyyy is the word or phrase that was pronounced. When the language is not typical, it can be extended to indicate an accent or a dialect. These extensions need to conform to the same standard because otherwise it would be chaos. It would make a valuable resource worthless.

Local wiktionary standards[edit]

As many wiktionaries do not cooperate there are many different ways of including the pronunciations on the wiktionary itself. Please have a look how this is done on a particular wiktionary.

See the wikt:Wiktionary:Pronunciation and its interwikis for written pronunciation and wikt:Help:Audio pronunciations and its interwikis for audio pronunciation.

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