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The Wikimedia affiliates, defined as Chapters, Thematic Organizations, and User Groups in good standing, select two members for the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees.

Next selection process[edit]

Please participate in the 2019 election process!

Please help develop documentation and the process for the election.

Previous selections[edit]

Note that board terms were two-years long until 2015, and are three-years long as of 2016.

History and process[edit]

This practice started with the Board restructuring of 2008, where the Board established the "chapter-selected Board seats." The Wikimedia chapters selected two members in 2008, 2010, and 2012.

Starting in 2014, consistent with the proposed change to the WMF bylaws, this process was modified to include thematic organizations in addition to chapters. Based on July 2015's resolution, starting in 2016 the term of trustees seats is 3 years.

Starting in 2019, consistent with Affiliate-selected Board seats/Resolution 2019, all affiliates in good standing, including user groups, are eligible to vote.

The affiliate-selected Board seats process is governed by a resolution of the chapters and thematic organizations.