Wikimedia Foundation elections/Board elections/2007/Reports/Day 7

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2007 board elections

Committee reports

On July 4, 2007


  • [Sorry, not qualified] Not every vote we received may be valid - the Election Committee found today a bug in the counting program which had made the threshold 201 edits instead of 400 edits (which is the published requirement, at this rule). So, some people were allowed to vote by the software who shouldn't have been.
    The bug has been fixed. The votes from unqualified voters be retroactively struck, and Committee expects to make an announcement very soon. The list of struck votes will be found at the list of struck votes. We would like to apologize to every affected Wikimedian.

Community activities[edit]

  • [Official?] There are some activities on the community information provided by email, or by other methods to motivate people to vote. Election Committee appreciates the interest in this Election but would like to clarify that those activities - other than those signed by Election Committee members and published in the name of the committee - are not official WMF communications.