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Wikimedians from across the movement who are working to make Wikipedia and its sister projects more inclusive.

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Diversity conversation outcomes are ready - We need your input online![edit]

During the conference, we dedicated a full afternoon to discussing the strategic direction and what it means for the work on diversity in the Wikimedia movement. Compiling the outcomes of those conversations, we summarized the key problems and solutions identified, and we created a summary statement. But the conversation is far from over! We still need to hear from diversity ambassadors:

  1. what does working for diversity mean at your local context?;
  2. what are the needs that should be addressed;
  3. what resources are relevant for these identified needs?

We know that diversity gains meaning in context, and this is why we need to hear every voice. Please take a few minutes to go over to the diversity conversation page and add your comments.

Sara Mörstell

Throughout the month of March, I will be coordinating a series of conversations with community members about Women in the Wikimedia movement, and what their experience is like contributing to our projects.

Our conversations will focus on women within three strategic areas of our work: Programs, Technical Spaces, and Leadership positions. Each conversation will have two community members presenting on their work, and 15-20 minutes at the end for conversation, follow up questions, and discussion. The goal of these discussions is to foster understanding of challenges and inequalities that women face throughout our movement, and to engage with our communities to help better address them.

These conversations will be online events, streamed on our YouTube channel, and hosted on BlueJeans. If you would like to participate in these events, please add the event to your calendar, or sign up on wiki:

Presenters: Monika Sengul-Jones (OCLC Wikipedian in Residence) and Luisina Ferrante (Wikimedia Argentina education coordinator).
Co-host: Nichole Saad, Community Programs.
Presenters: Mervat Salman (Wiki Arabia 2015 organizer) and Natalia Szafran-Kozakowska (CEE Spring coordinator, and Polish Wikipedia sysop)
Co-hosts: Alex Wang and Marti Johnson, Community Resources
Presenters: Josephine Lim (Mediawiki contributor) and Ciell (organizer of all-women hackathon in the Netherlands).
Co-hosts: Srishti Sethi and Rachel Farrand, Technical Collaborations.

Please feel free to invite anyone you think might have something to add to the conversations.

Hope to see many of you online! María (WMF) (talk) 20:32, 6 March 2018 (UTC)[reply]

Add yourself

  • AWang (WMF)

    I support community projects focused on diversity efforts through grants and other resources.

  • Sara Mörtsell (WMSE)

    I was part of the organizing team for Wikimedia Diversity Conference 2017 in Stockholm.

  • shangkuanlc

    I am one of the board member of Wikimedia Taiwan, the chapter’s main focus is incubating Wikiprojects of small languages & WikiWomen

  • Netha Hussain

    I am a volunteer editor interested in increasing the diversity in content and participation in the Wikimedia movement.

  • Rosiestep

    I am a volunteer editor, WMDC VP, and co-founder of Women in Red, with interests in content and participation diversity.

  • Camelia.boban

    Wikip(m)edian, WMI and WMSE member and co-founder of WiKiDonne UG, interested in content and participation diversity in Wikimedia movement.

  • Jamie Tubers

    I am a founder-member of Wikimedia User Group Nigeria (WUGN). I'm also the founder of Ilorin Wikimedia Hub. My interests include content gaps and systemic bias, as well as awareness, readership and participation.

  • Youssefbhy

    My name is Youssef Ben Haj Yahia. I am a student and a volunteer in Wikimedia projects. I'm interested in diversity because I believe that our differences create our idendities

  • Pharaoh of the Wizards

    I am generalist volunteer editor interested in increasing the diversity in content

  • LucyCrompton-Reid (WMUK)

    I am Chief Executive of Wikimedia UK, where we are committed to addressing systemic bias and diversifying Wikimedia's content and contributors.

  • Megalibrarygirl

    I am an active member on Women in Red.

  • Afifa Afrin

    I am from Wikimedia Bangladesh. Active in commons and Bangla wiki.

  • Sofie Sigrinn

    I am a volunteer editor and a board member of WMSE, I work a lot with the gender gap, organizing edit-a-thons, lectures and a camp. I'm interested in all aspects of diversity.

  • Saileshpat

    I am a volunteer for Odia language Wikipedia, working as a Community Advocate at CIS-A2K, I have worked on bridging gender-gap in Odia community (In terms of participation & content), organiser of Women's History Month Edit-a-thon from 2015 and Sambad 100 Women Edit-a-thon, with interests in cross community collaboration and content collaboration.

  • Mardetanha

    Volunteer and editor from Farsi wikipedia, who has been working on bridging gender-gap in Iran and Afghanistan.

  • Dyolf77

    Volunteer editor, photographer and co-founder of the Wikimedia TN User Group (Tunisia)

  • Léna

    I'm a member of Wikimedia France and Wikimedia LBGT+. I'm also part of the Project Grants Committee.

  • Jetam2

    I am most active on Slovak Wikipedia (where I am an admin), Wikidata and Commons.

  • Pavanaja

    I am most active on Kannada and Tulu Wikipedias, Kannada Wikisource (where I am an admin), Kannada Wiktionary & Wikiquote, Wikidata and Commons. I am one of the founder members of Karavali Wikimedians User Group

  • Anass Sedrati

    I am a co-founder and board member of Wikimedia Morocco. Most of my work is towards Arabic and Berber languages.

  • Mompati Dikunwane

    My name is Mompati Dikunwane, I am the Co-Founder of Wikimedia Community User group Botswana, I am mostly active in Wikimedia commons and english Wikipedia. I am a member of Wiki project medicine

  • Jsamwrites

    My name is John Samuel, I am mostly active on Wikidata and work on Wikidata:WikiProject Informatics

  • Masssly

    My name is Mohammed S. Abdulai, I am most active on English Wikipedia, and then Wikidata and Incubator (where I try to build small languages). My interests on the projects are mainly to write female biographies into the encyclopedia. I recently competed in The Women in Red World Contest and placed 6th out of 17 winners, writing 104 start class articles in 3 weeks.

  • Janak Bhatta

    I am a volunteer editor interested in increasing the all aspects of diversity in Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects. I am most active on Nepali and Doteli Wikipedia's, incubation Wiki projects, Wiki data and Commons.

  • afek91

    I am a volunteer editor interested in increasing the gender gap in Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects, an education and wiki contests cordinator in Wikimedia TN User Group. I am most active on Arabic Wikipedia's and wiki Commons.

  • Chinmayee Mishra

    I am a volunteer editor from Odia wiki community and Odia wikimedian user group. I am active on wikimedia commons and wikipedia.

  • Astrid Carlsen (WMNO)

    I work as the Executive Director of Wikimedia Norge and we keep a strong focus in our programs on diversity.

  • Sidheeq

    I am volunteer editor interested in increasing the diversity in content and participation in the Wikimedia movement.

  • لا روسا

    I am a volunteer editor & admin, WEP leader, photographer, and co-founder of the Wikimedia EG User Group (Egypt), with interests in content and participation diversity in the Wikimedia movement.

  • Owula kpakpo

    My name is Justice Okai-Allotey, I am a member of Wikimedia Ghana User Group, I try to improve and create content relating to Ghanaian music, people, politics and culture. I believe without diversity it would be difficult to do some of the things we do in our user group.

  • [[File:|x65px|left]]


    I am a active editor & sysop, WEP leader and board member of the Wikimedia Bangladesh. I active mostly in Wikipedia, Wikidata & Wiki Commons. I am working on bridging gender-gap in Bengali community, my interests in content and participation diversity in the Wikimedia movement.

  • Kaizenify

    My name is Ayokanmi Oyeyemi, I am an integral member of Wikimedia User Group Nigeria, I work basically to document Nigeria and also Africa using pictures. I basically orientated the Nigeria populace about the opportunities of getting to know about Wikimedia projects off wiki by organising training sessions and editathons. I am presently the coordinator of Wiki loves women on radio; a radio program in Nigeria in collaboration with WFM 91.7 that sets to address gender systemic bias against women and promote Nigerian women better. I understand that diversity is essential as it aids any partnership or collaborations and hence boost more progress in eery user group.

  • Zeromonk

    I'm a volunteer editor in the UK, and also do some Wiki-activities as part of my role at Wellcome Collection - I'd like to do more to help with wiki-diversity

  • Manavpreet Kaur

    I am a volunteer editor, Co-founder of Punjabi Wikimedians User Group. I am actively involved in the outreach activities and was the Program Coordinator of WikiConference India 2016. I believe diversity creates affluence in opinions and I am interested in creating network and planning projects for including diversity in our movement.

  • Jaluj

    I'm a board member of Wikimedia Argentina, founder of Wikiproyecto Mujeres in Wikipedia in Spanish and Mujeres latinoamericanas en Wikimedia. I am mostly interested in increasing the diversity of our movement.

  • Jackiekoerner

    I am a volunteer, Wikipedia visiting scholar, and interested in developing awareness and solutions around the barriers to equity and true diversity in our movement.

  • Abhinavgarule

    I am an IT engineer, currently delved into new media studies. Striving for making Indian Languages more accessible on the internet through open source platform like Wikimedia projects, amara.org and Mozilla because I believe that, open source platforms has power to bring Unity in Diversity.

  • DDJJ

    I am Denise Jansen, GLAM coordinator for Wikimedia Nederland and I work together with a group of volunteers in the Dutch Gendergap project. I would like to exchange ideas and experiences on how to increase diversity in the Wikimedia projects

  • Jorid Martinsen (WMNO)

    I am Jorid Martinsen, project manager in Wikimedia Norge (Norway), working mostly with gender gap and education

  • Jon Harald Søby (WMNO)

    I am project manager in Wikimedia Norge, currently working on a project to add Sámi content to Wikimedia projects and revitalize the Northern Sámi Wikipedia

  • Houssem Abida

    I am a medical student from Tunisia, member of the Wikimedia Tunisia User group and the LGBT user group. I am interested in increasing the diversity of this movement in all ways possible.

  • Shypoetess

    I am a Volunteer Editor, Coordinator of the Hindi Branch of The Wikipedia Library and am actively involved Outreach targeted at decreasing the Gender Gap. I think diversity in both content and volunteers is essential for the holistic development of any Wikimedia project.

  • Barbara (WVS)

    I am a Visiting Scholar with the University of Pittsburgh, active in editing and creating Women's health content in the English, Haitian and French Wikipedias. I am also interested in closing the gap to include more older women.

  • Marajozkee

    I am a volunteer editor, founder of Wiki Pathshala, a Wiki Club, interested and working to increase the diversity in content and participation in the Wikimedia movement, organised WikiGap 2019, Kolkata, Interwiki Women Collaboration, India and member of Wikimedia LGBT+.