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The nomination form is written in English and the answers are reviewed by the Coolest Tool Academy which is composed by a group of individuals that speak several languages, but not all.

In this page you can see the form questions in different languages, so that you are able to understand the nomination form in your own language, and some advice for translating your comments to English so that the Coolest Tool Academy members are sure to understand them.

Translating answers from your language to English[edit]

There are many online translation services, with different supported languages and privacy policies. You can pick one and translate your comments to English and put them on the form after the comments on your local language. Here is a list of services:

Form questions[edit]

Here you can see the form contents in your language. Please help translate them to your local language if you can.

The second edition of the Coolest Tool Award is looking for nominations! To nominate a tool, please fill out the form below by October 14, 2020. The information you share in this form about yourself, the tool and its owner will not be shared publicly unless you explicitly give permission; it will be reviewed only by this year’s Coolest Tool Award committee. For more information, please see the privacy statement: If you’ve any questions, please contact us at Thank you for your nomination(s)!

Your wiki username

(Required) Name of the tool you would like to nominate for this award

Tool web link or URL

Link to the code repository of the tool

(Required) What is this tool about?

(Required) Why are you nominating this tool?

Please describe in a few sentences why the tool is useful to you and what makes it awesome.

Wiki username of tool developer(s)

Additional comments

(Required) Can we publicly share your answers and comments about the tool?

Your comments about the tool (anonymized) are very helpful and could be used for the award ceremony presentation and other documentation like the wiki page about the awards.

Yes, you can share my comments anonymously

No, keep my comments private