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Executive Director




Job Description


Katherine Maher, the Wikimedia Foundation's Executive Director
The Executive Director is the chief executive officer of the Wikimedia Foundation, overseeing the operations of the Foundation and its professional staff. The Executive Director reports to the Board of Trustees. The Wikimedia Foundation's current Executive Director is Katherine Maher.

Katherine Maher is the Executive Director of the Wikimedia Foundation, the nonprofit organization that supports Wikipedia and its sister projects.

Throughout her career, Katherine has been an advocate for global open communities, culture, and technology. Before joining the Wikimedia Foundation, Katherine directed advocacy for the international digital rights organization Access Now in Washington DC, where she worked on global policy issues related to freedom of expression, access to information, and privacy.

Katherine is an expert on the intersection of human rights, tech, democracy, and international development. She has supported the efforts of citizens and governments around the world to embrace transparency and civic technologies in her work with the World Bank, National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, and UNICEF.

Katherine was appointed Executive Director in June 2016. Previously at the Wikimedia Foundation, she served as interim Executive Director and Chief Communications Officer. She is a fellow at the Truman National Security Project and a member of the advisory board of the Open Technology Fund. She lives in San Francisco.



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The function of this position is to run the business side of the Wikimedia Foundation so as to provide resources to keep the projects going. For the most part, the Executive Director will not be involved with how the community operates on individual projects.

Community engagement[edit]

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To help inform the decision making of the Executive Director, they often participate in community events, host office hours, and send updates to the communities on their activities and the activities of the Wikimedia Foundation.

Public engagement[edit]

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As the primary staff representative to the broader public, the Executive Director is often called upon to participate in, and sometimes speak at, events held by outside organizations.


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The position was created in 2006 as the Wikimedia Foundation's workload expanded and required a growing staff to support the volunteer Board of Trustees.

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