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FindingGLAMs minor grant program[edit]

FindingGLAMs has small grant funding available if you want to run related events in your local community.


We can fund events that improve the quality and quantity of data related to galleries, libraries, archives and museums (GLAMs) and other cultural institutions on Wikidata and other Wikimedia projects. This could include, for example, events to train librarians to add information to Wikidata, research events with historical societies to find lists of cultural institutions in your country, transcription projects for Wikisource etc. The focus of the project is making more material available on the Wikimedia platforms rather than creating new material (such as by purchasing scanning equipment and digitizing books).

Funds can not be used to cover the event participants’ time or lost income from other work. Applications to cover trainers’ or organisers' time or lost income from other work have to be filed with and transferred through a local Wikimedia affiliate.


The funding is aimed primarily at user groups and smaller Wikimedia chapters; participants from the Global South are especially encouraged to apply.


The event needs to be completed by February 29, 2020, which is when Wikimedia Sverige's FindingGLAMs project officially ends. Note that if you want to run your event during the international FindingGLAMs crowdsourcing campaign, we will announce the dates of it later.

How much?

We are primarily expecting to fund projects up to €500. But we will also take into consideration great ideas that require a larger budget, so don’t hesitate to apply or contact us directly.

What to do after the event?

After the event, you will be reimbursed for the costs involved in organizing it (costs of transferring the funds will be covered by Wikimedia Sverige).

In order to do that, you will have to fill out the Accounting section in your application. You will be informed how to send your receipts to us. We also ask you to provide a short report from the event – how many people participated, what contributions they made to the Wikimedia projects (Commons files, wikisource pages, Wikidata items…) and how it went in general.

Any questions?

Ask on the discussion page or e-mail alicia.fagerving(_AT_)

Start your application by entering a short descriptive title in the box below, for example Wikidata training for Librarians in Cape Town. You will receive a template that shows the outline of an application.

Please submit your application in English or Swedish/Norwegian/Danish.

You might have to purge the cache to see recent applications.

Ongoing applications[edit]

These applications are being discussed and are awaiting a decision.

Accepted applications[edit]

These applications have been accepted and the project can be started or is ongoing right now.

Completed projects[edit]

These projects have been completed. They are reported on the relevant page or are going to be reported soon.

Discontinued projects[edit]

These projects have been discontinued. No compensation will be requested.

Archived applications[edit]

These applications have not been awarded a grant for reasons listed on the application page.